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Stratégies de gestion Covid alternatives?

Les articles sont en ordre chronologique croissant (plus vieux d'abord)

Suède: l’épidémie se termine même sans confinement. (Covidinfos - 23/4/2020)

Et si le confinement n’avait servi à rien pour éviter les morts du COVID-19 ? La Suède pourrait en apporter la preuve. (Jeanne Smits - 30 avril 2020)

Science and liberty over power: Ron DeSantis delivers for the people of Florida. Can anyone say Ron DeSantis for president in 2024? (Daniel Horowitz - The Blaze - 21/5/2020)

Where are they Now? Updates on 3 Churches that Defied Stay-at-home Orders. (Pulpit and Pen - 13/5/2020)

How a Free Society Deals with Pandemics, According to Legendary Epidemiologist and Smallpox Eradicator Donald Henderson. (Edward Peter Stringham - American Institute for Economic Research – 21/5/2020)

Why they hate Sweden: Sweden’s civilised and open approach is an important challenge to lockdown mania. (Fraser Myers - Spiked - 25/5/2020)

No Coronavirus Outbreak Increase After Denmark Reopens Schools and Daycare. (John Nolte - Breitbart - 29/5/2020)

« Un résultat similaire avec ou sans confinement » selon une étude de l’Institut norvégien de santé publique. (Covidinfos - 1/6/2020)

Sweden Had It Right All Along: Whitney: Looks Like Sweden Was Right After All. (Mike Whitney - Prophecy Update - 11/7/2020)

Rand Paul: Lockdowns Were A ‘Big Mistake’: "We've crippled the economy..." (Paul Bois - DailyWire - 22/7/2020)

Why we aren’t wearing masks in Sweden: Anders Tegnell, architect of a unique response to the pandemic, defends his approach. (Freddie Sayers - UnHerd - 24/7/2020)

Covid-19 en Afrique : les chiffres reflètent-ils la réalité ? (Jean-François Etard, et al. - InfoChrétiennes - 27/7/2020)

South Dakota’s Feisty Governor Noem: ‘Our Kids Are Going Back To School On Time’. (Hank Berrien - DailyWire - 29/7/2020)

Dutch Government Will Not Mandate Masks, Says ‘No Proven Effectiveness’: "There is no proven effectiveness of masks..." (Paul Bois - DailyWire - 30/7/2020)

Sweden’s Top Epidemiologist Says ‘We See No Point In Wearing Masks’ As COVID-19 Cases Drop. "Not even on public transport." (Paul Bois - DailyWire - 3/8/2020)

New Study Finds Sweden’s Refusal To Lock Down Saved The Economy Without Sacrificing Lives: Sweden has an intact economy, a citizenry with greater immunity to COVID-19, and a death rate per million lower than Italy's — all with no lockdown. (Sumantra Maitra - The Federalist - 10/8/2020)

Open letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19. (George C. Fareed, MD; Michael M. Jacobs, MD; Donald C. Pompan, MD - The Desert Review - 13/8/2020)

Questions for Dr. Fauci: Why such opposition to Hydroxychloroquine? An open letter. (George Parry - The American Spectator - 17/5/2020)

Sweden’s Top Infectious Disease Doctor Says Face Masks Alone Aren’t Enough to Stop Coronavirus Spread. (Ashe Schow - DailyWire - 20/8/2020)

Why Are Medical Authorities Playing Games With COVID Treatments?: We can no longer avoid questions about the elevation of Remdesivir and suppression of hydroxychloroquine. (Deborah Hutchins - The Federalist - 27/8/2020)

Gov. Kristi Noem breaks down her freedom-first approach to handling COVID-19. (The Blaze - 3/9/2020) -> vidéo

In Last 10 Days, Sweden Has Averaged 1 Death Per Day From COVID-19. (Hank Berrien - DailyWire - 10/9/2020)

Sweden has exposed the cruel folly of lockdown: Sweden’s strategy was subjected to a global smear campaign, but now it’s showing results. (Fraser Myers - Spiked - 21/9/2020)

Sir Graham Brady: I can’t vote for another lockdown.
(Freddie Sayers - UnHerd - 18 minutes - 22/9/2020)

DeSantis Reopens Florida With Vow of Never Turning Back. (NewsMax - 25/9/2020)

Sweden has destroyed the case for lockdown: Predictions of mass death never came to pass. It’s now clear we can manage the virus without extreme measures. (Christopher Snowdon - Spiked - 1/10/2020)

NBC News actually reports Sweden never implemented a COVID-19 lockdown but is faring better than other nations, asks if it could be the 'pandemic roadmap' for the US: 'It looks like the world we lost'. (Chris Field - The Blaze - 2/10/2020)

No Spike in Florida Coronavirus Cases Despite Lack of Enforceable Mask Mandate. (Hannah Bleau - Breitbart - 9/10/2020)

Prof Tim Spector: hopes of a vaccine will lead to more lockdowns. (Freddie Sayers - UnHerd - 11/11/2020)

Belarus: the land Covid forgot: Its autocratic president and his opponents have all resisted pandemic panic. (Daniel Hardaker - Spiked - 16/11/2020)

Why South America’s long lockdowns failed: Poverty and inadequate healthcare systems make shutting down society unworkable. (Luke Taylor - UnHerd - 18/11/2020)

No Excess Deaths in Sweden This Year – Study. (Lockdown Sceptics - 9/12/2020)

Hospitals should reevaluate restrictive visitation policies during the pandemic - 'It feels like suffocation': Doctor describes Covid-19 working conditions. (Gina Piscitello - CNN - 12/12/2020)

Towards a fearless future: To break out of our locked-down world, we must dare to live freely again. (Frank Furedi - Spiked - 25/12/2020)

#6 Story of 2020: Amid a Pandemic, Wisdom from C. S. Lewis. (John G. West - Evolution News - 27/12/2020)

California Has Worst Coronavirus Outbreak in U.S. — and Some of the Tightest Restrictions. (Joel B. Pollak - Breitbart - 28/12/2020)

Lockdowns do not work – why are we having another?: After a year of unprecedented restrictions, Britain’s Covid epidemic is worse than ever. (Fraser Myers - Spiked - 5/1/2021)

In the Asian Flu of 1957-58, They Rejected Lockdowns. (Jeffrey A. Tucker - American Institute for Economic Research - 12/1/2021)

Mexique : López Obrador dit que les verrouillages pandémiques sont la tactique des dictateurs ! (Salim Laïbi - Le libre penseur - 16/1/2021)

Pétition : OUI à la protection des personnes vulnérables, NON aux mesures inutiles de confinement. (Jean-Denis Michel - 19/1/2021)

Postcard From Paraguay. (LockDown Sceptics - 23/1/2021)

Coup de tonnerre : Poutine lève les restrictions Covid ! (Boris Karpov - Riposte Laïque - 25/1/2021)

Suède : Halmstad interdit les masques à l'école. (Fawkes News - 24/1/2021)

Lettre ouverte au Dr Fauci concernant l'utilisation de l'hydroxychloroquine. (Bible & Science Diffusion - 14/2/2021) -> médecins américains

The Other Sweden. (LockDown Sceptics - 9/3/2021)

Texas school district has never required masks or distancing — and students are thriving: 'It's not that difficult if you really put the needs of kids first': Defying the 'experts'. (Chris Field - The Blaze - 10/3/2021)

Postcard From Itoshima. (LockDown Sceptics - 13/3/2021) -> Covid management in Japan.

Florida is Already Making Up for Lost Time. (Michael Curzon - LockDown Sceptics - 15/3/2021)

Swedish School Sends Pupil Home for Wearing Face Mask. (LockDown Sceptics - 17/3/2021)

DeSantis Says Florida Won't Require COVID-19 Vaccine Passports. (Charlotte Pence Bond - DailyWire - 19/3/2021)

Covid-19 : Inde, un pays qui soigne Vs France, un pays qui boude tout traitement. (Aguelid - Le libre penseur - 21/3/2021)

If Lockdowns Work, Why Has Florida Done Better Than California? (LockDown Sceptics - 22/3/2021)

Deux semaines après que le Texas ait mis fin à son obligation de porter un masque, les cas sont… en baisse ? (Aguelid - Le libre penseur - 22/3/2021)

Sweden Had Lower Excess Mortality Last Year Than Most of Europe. (Toby Young - LockDown Sceptics - 24/3/2021)

How the Founding Fathers tackled the plague: We can learn much from the response to the yellow fever epidemic of 1793. (Andrea Seaman - Spiked - 25/3/2021)

Two Weeks After Texas Lifted Its Mask Mandate, COVID Cases Are Spiraling Downward. (Madeline Osburn - The Federalist - 25/3/2021)

The Land of the Free Shows it's Time to Lose the Lockdowns. (LockDown Sceptics - 28/3/2021)

Texas Manufacturing Smashes Expectations with Record-Breaking March Surge. (John Carney - Breitbart - 29/3/2021)

Newsom, Biden Engage in Neanderthal Thinking on Texas Mask Mandate. (Tristan Justice - The Federalist - 30/3/2021)

Which US States Have Lifted COVID-19 Restrictions? (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 31/3/2021)

The Texas Neanderthals were right Texas ditched the mask mandate and opened up – and it's all fine. (Sean Collins - Spiked - 1/4/2021)

Texas COVID-Positivity-Rate Plunges To Record Low After Mask-Mandate Lifted, Restaurants Back To Pre-Crisis Levels. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 1/4/2021)

Florida Reports Fewer Coronavirus Cases Per Capita Than New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan. (Hannah Bleau - Breitbart - 10/4/2021)

Cheap, Safe Treatment Cuts Serious COVID-19 by 90%, Oxford Study Shows. (LockDown Sceptics - 11/4/2021)