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The PC is dead, long live the PC: At Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), the company declared that we are living in a "post-PC world. (BBC - 2011)

"About 10 years ago we had one of our most important insights. That was that the PC was going to become the hub of your digital life." That model Mr Jobs said has broken down as mobile devices became more powerful
"All these new devices have communications built into them and they can talk to the cloud whenever they want. Now if I get something on my iPhone, it sends to the cloud immediately. We are going to demote the PC to just be a device. We are going to move the digital hub, the centre of your digital life, into the cloud."
Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils the unveiled the iCloud service at the company's annual developers' conference in San Francisco.
That means software updates will be delivered over the internet. There will be no need to plug an iOS device like your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into the PC or Mac to activate it. Photos, music, documents, e-mail, contacts and so on will be automatically synced and backed up to the cloud. "It just works," said Mr Jobs as iCloud stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices.

La question se pose, sera t-on assez naïfs et imbéciles pour embarquer dans cette galère?? Évidemment Apple n’est pas le premier à avoir pensé au "Cloud computing", mais il semble en position de pouvoir l’imposer... Évidemment, il y aura des "bugs" de sécurité, mais on peut penser que ça sera "réglé". Ces trucs me ouvrent la porte à la tentation de contrôle de plus en plus poussée des réseaux et des agissements individuels.

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