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Floating car data. (Wiki)

Self-Driving Cars Won't Just Watch the World - They'll Watch You. (Jack Stewart - Wired - 13/2/2017)

7 Imminent IoT Threats: Connected Cars. (Jai Vijayan - Dark Reading - 21/10/2016)

Team of hackers take remote control of Tesla Model S from 12 miles away. (Olivia Solon - The Guardian - 20/9/2016)

Pourquoi les données qu'enregistre votre voiture sur vous intéressent tant les géants du web. Les données collectées lorsque les conducteurs conduisent semblent mener à une ruée vers l'or pour Google et Apple. En réaction, certains constructeurs automobiles, comme Renault, développent leurs propres systèmes internes et applications. (Atlantico - 14/7/2016)

Volkswagen Created A 'Backdoor' To Basically All Its Cars... And Now Hackers Can Open All Of Them. (Mike Masnick - TechDirt - 25/2/2015)

The Jeep Hackers Are Back to Prove Car Hacking Can Get Much Worse. (Andy Greenberg - Wired - 1/8/2016)

The real prize and threat of the driverless car revolution is data: ‘The car knows a lot about you’. (Claire Brownell - Financial Post 20/5/2016)

Feds Urge Caution On Aftermarket Devices That Plug Into Vehicle Diagnostic Ports: Vulnerabilities in such products could give attackers a way to access and control critical vehicle systems, the FBI, DOT, and NHTSA warn. (Jai Vijayan - Information Week - 18/3/2016)

Mandated car communication spells windfall for chipmakers. (Wayne Cunningham - Road Show - 7/3/2016)

Nissan Forgets Security Exists, Opens Leaf Owners To Remote Attack. (TechDirt - Karl Bode - 25/2/2015)

Géolocalisation d’une voiture de fonction : attention à la collecte des données. (Guide d'achat France)

Newsflash: Car Network Security Is Still A Horrible, Very Dangerous Joke. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 21/7/2015)

Cars Are Delivering Tons of Driving Data to Manufacturers With Minimal Security And Even Less Transparency. (Nearly 100% of 2014 vehicles record and transmit driving history.) (TechDirt - 2015)

Connected cars perfect for harvesting personal data, report warns: Cars generate data extremely valuable to insurers, governments, law enforcement agencies, companies. (CBC - 2015)

What private information is your car sharing with others?: Advance of in-vehicle computer systems raises some important privacy issues, warns B.C. group. (Driving - 2015)

Car Companies Are Collecting Drivers' Location Data: Privacy advocates fear how such information may be used, new report says. (AutoBlog - 7/1/2014)

Télématique : la géolocalisation prend son envol. (Flottes automobiles - 25/3/2013)

Propagande techno écervellée / Brain-Dead Tech Propaganda...

Toyota the next automaker to launch vague data-centric company: Toyota Connected plans to extend its services to just about every corner of human existence, and it's expanding a partnership with Microsoft to do so. (Krok - RoadShow - 4/4/2016)

Toyota and Microsoft Want to Free You From In-Car 'Tyranny of Technology'. (Gizmodo - 5/4/2016)