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Not OK, Google. (Natasha Loma - Tech Crunch - 5/10/2016)
At its hardware launch event in San Francisco yesterday, Alphabet showed the sweeping breadth of its ambition to own consumers  personal data, as computing continues to accelerate away from static desktops and screens, coalescing into a cloud of connected devices with the potential to generate far more data and data of a far more intimate nature than ever before.

Google Maps Supercharges Location Sharing, Begins Drooling Over Your Data. (Aarian Marshall - WIRED - 22/3/2017)

Google Media Lab et First Draft: Le nouvel Ordre Médiatique Mondial. (Thierry Meyssan - VoltaireNet - 7/3/2017)

Google Media Lab and First Draft: The New Media World Order. (Thierry Meyssan - Voltaire Network - 7/3/2017)

Is your [Android] smartphone listening to you? Why your conversations might not be as private as you think. (Stephen Armstrong - The Telegraph - 12/3/2017)

14 eyebrow-raising personal details Google knows about you. (JR Raphael - MacWorld 15/12/2016)

Google Deepmind: Should patients trust the company with their data?: Google's artificial intelligence unit DeepMind is getting serious about healthcare - with ambitious plans to digitise the NHS - but first it needs to convince patients to hand over their medical records. (Jane Wakefield - BBC News - 23/9/2016)

Google backs off on previously announced Allo privacy feature: The app will log conversations by default after all. (Russell Brandom - The Verge - 21/9/2016)

Yes, Google Tracks Most Everything You Do. (About Tech - 30/6/2016)

Ce que pense Stallman de Chrome OS et du Cloud Computing. (Framablog - 2011)

Embrasser ChromeOS, c’est accepter de perdre le contrôle de ses données, nous avertit Richard Stallman, fondateur de GNU. (Traduction Framalang : Olivier Rosseler - 2011)

Google Drive: Half-Baked Cloud, With Scary License. (Network Computing - 2012)

Google patents 'creepy' internet toys to run the home. (Leo Kelion - BBC - 2015)

Google Collected Data on Schoolchildren Without Permission. (Wired - 2015)