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Don't be Evil...

«Fake News» = Point de vue non-approuvé par l'Inquisition postmoderne. (Anonyme)

Is big tech becoming Big Brother?: First Amendment | Liberal groups and Google show an inclination for internet censorship. (Bonnie Pritchett - World Mag - 6/11/2018)

Does Google's anti-conservative bias affect its products and services? (Wintery Knight - 15/10/2018)

'THE GOOD CENSOR': Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for 'Safety And Civility'. (Allum Bokhari - Briebart Report - 9/10/2018)

'Creepy Line' Film Examines Facebook, Google's Influence; Director Talks 'Scary' Way They Use Censorship. (Michael Gryboski - Christian Post - 3/10/2018)

Google's Chinese Search Engine Will Censor Results, Provide Gov't-Approved Pollution Data. (Tim Cushing - TechDirt - 17/9/2018)

Google and Apple's Systems to Track you in Person: What the Media Isn't Telling You. (Michael Kwet - CounterPunch - 6/9/2018)

Google AMP Can Go To Hell: Google wants websites to adopt AMP as the default approach to building webpages. Tell them no. (Polemic Digital - 5/9/018)

Google, Mastercard partnership secretly tracks purchases, raises privacy questions. (Teri Webster - The Blaze - 2/9/2018)

Zucked: It's time to start paying attention to Facebook and Google and what they're doing to shape our society. (Scott McKay - Spectator - 6/4/2018)

Cops Wanting to Track Movements of Hundreds of People Are Turning To Google For Location Records. (Tim Cushing - TechDirt - 19/1/2018)

YouTube Secretly Using SPLC To Police Videos: YouTube is getting help from the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center in its effort to identify extremist content. (Peter Hasson - Daily Caller - 27/2/2018)

Social Media Becomes the New Big Brother: Governments were to be feared before 1984, and still are, but these days giant corporations are watching you. (David F. Coppedge - CEH - 14/1/2018)

Who will Google silence next? (The Blaze - 7/2/2018)

Alexa, What Are You Doing with My Family's Personal Info?: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and several smart-home technologies that debuted at last week's CES add convenience but also raise privacy concerns. (Larry Greenemeier - SciAm - 15/1/2018)

The Constant Pressure For YouTube To Police 'Bad' Content Means That It's Becoming A Gatekeeper. (Mike Masnick - TechDirt - 19/1/2018)

Google vous écoute en permanence. Voici comment trouver les enregistrements! (Paroles de Dieu - 16/1/2018)

Google now censoring conservative news, while giving leftist propaganda a free pass. (Wintery Knight - 15/1/2018)

James Damore sues Google for discriminating against white men: The fired engineer says the tech giant uses "illegal hiring quotas" to fill its staff with women and minority candidates. (Dara Kerr - CNET - 8/1/2018)

Que font les géants du Web contre les fausses informations ?: Alors que M. Macron veut une loi pour « responsabiliser les plates-formes », Google, Facebook et Twitter avaient déjà, ces derniers mois, annoncé plusieurs mesures. (Morgane Tual - Le Monde - 5/1/2018)

Why Google Should Not Rule the World. (Bruce Bialosky - Jewish World Review - 4/12/2017)

Android Users: Google's Collecting Your Location Data Whether You Like it Or Not. (Patrick Lucas Austin - LifeHacker - 21/11/2017)

Fooling Amazon and Google's voice recognition isn't hard: If your roommates sound like you, they might be able to use your smart speaker to access your info or make purchases. Here's how you can protect yourself. [Google Assistant and Alexa] (Andrew Gebhart - CNET - 21/11/2017)

Facebook, Google, and Amazon Aren't Consumer Choices. They are Monopolies That Endanger American Democracy. Can users of what is essentially privatized social infrastructure really log off? (Matt Stoller - Tablet - 12/10/2017)

PragerU Takes Legal Action Against Google and YouTube for Discrimination: Press Release. (PragerU - October 2017)

Not OK, Google. (Natasha Loma - Tech Crunch - 5/10/2016)
At its hardware launch event in San Francisco yesterday, Alphabet showed the sweeping breadth of its ambition to own consumers' personal data, as computing continues to accelerate away from static desktops and screens, coalescing into a cloud of connected devices with the potential to generate far more data and data of a far more intimate nature than ever before.

The Google Docs Lockout Fiasco & The Failed Promise of The Cloud. (Mike Masnick - TechDirt - 2/11/2017)

Google's censorship will affect us all. (Paul Price - CMI - 18/8/2017)

Google Maps Supercharges Location Sharing, Begins Drooling Over Your Data. (Aarian Marshall - WIRED - 22/3/2017)

Google Media Lab et First Draft: Le nouvel Ordre Médiatique Mondial. (Thierry Meyssan - VoltaireNet - 7/3/2017)

Google Media Lab and First Draft: The New Media World Order. (Thierry Meyssan - Voltaire Network - 7/3/2017)

Is your [Android] smartphone listening to you? Why your conversations might not be as private as you think. (Stephen Armstrong - The Telegraph - 12/3/2017)

14 eyebrow-raising personal details Google knows about you. (JR Raphael - MacWorld 15/12/2016)

Google Deepmind: Should patients trust the company with their data?: Google's artificial intelligence unit DeepMind is getting serious about healthcare - with ambitious plans to digitise the NHS - but first it needs to convince patients to hand over their medical records. (Jane Wakefield - BBC News - 23/9/2016)

Google backs off on previously announced Allo privacy feature: The app will log conversations by default after all. (Russell Brandom - The Verge - 21/9/2016)

Yes, Google Tracks Most Everything You Do. (About Tech - 30/6/2016)

Judge Rejects Google's Deal to Digitize Books. (Miguel HELFT - NY Times - 22/3/2011)

Ce que pense Stallman de Chrome OS et du Cloud Computing. (Framablog - 2011)

Embrasser ChromeOS, c’est accepter de perdre le contrôle de ses données, nous avertit Richard Stallman, fondateur de GNU. (Traduction Framalang : Olivier Rosseler - 2011)

Google Drive: Half-Baked Cloud, With Scary License. (Network Computing - 2012)

Google patents 'creepy' internet toys to run the home. (Leo Kelion - BBC - 2015)

Google Collected Data on Schoolchildren Without Permission. (Wired - 2015)

The Lighter Side of Paranoia?

New Google Technology Autocorrects Users' Thoughts. (Babylon Bee - 8/8/2017)