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Ordis trop 'smart'...

Sucker Bait: a lure (such as the promise of easy money or some other benefit) to attract a person to be swindled...

"Everyone Is Affected": Why The Implications of The Intel "Bug" Are Staggering. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 4/1/2018)

Une faille de sécurité dans des processeurs Intel menace la performance des ordinateurs. (Elsa Trujillo - Le Figaro - 3/1/2018)

A Major Security Vulnerability Has Plagued 'Nearly All' Intel CPUs For Years. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 3/1/2018)

How the Major Intel ME Firmware Flaw Lets Attackers Get 'God Mode' on a Machine: Researchers at Black Hat Europe today revealed how a buffer overflow they discovered in the chip's firmware can be abused to take control of a machine - even when it's turned 'off.' (Kelly Jackson Higgins - Information Week/DarkReading - 6/12/2017)

Recent Intel Chipsets Have a Built-In Hidden Computer, Running Minix With a Networking Stack And a Web Server. (Glyn Moody - TechDirt - 9/11/2017)

HP Accidentally Ships Laptop Audio Driver With Keylogger Installed. (Joel Hruska - ExtremeTech - 11/5/2017)