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Smart Phones.

Sucker Bait: a lure (such as the promise of easy money) to attract a person to be swindled...

Google Maps Supercharges Location Sharing, Begins Drooling Over Your Data. (Aarian Marshall - WIRED - 22/3/2017)

Is your smartphone listening to you? Why your conversations might not be as private as you think. (Stephen Armstrong - The Telegraph - 12/3/2017)

Apple iPhone Secretly Uploading Call Logs when iCloud is Enabled? (Lloyd Chambers NewsBlog - 18/11/2017)

Apple Uploading Call Data, Including From Third-Party Call Apps, To Users' iCloud Accounts. (Tim Cushing - TechDirt - 17/11/2016)

Teenagers 'checking mobile phones in night'. (Katherine Sellgren - BBC News - 6/10/2016)

Google backs off on previously announced Allo privacy feature: The app will log conversations by default after all. (Russell Brandom - The Verge - 21/9/2016)

'It Looks Like You're Trying To Harvest Cell Phone Data...:' Quick-Start Guides For IMSI Catchers Leaked. (Tim Cushing - TechDirt - 21/9/2016)

University Tracks Students' Movements Using WiFi, But Says It's OK Because It's Not Tracking Students. (Glyn Moody - TechDirt - 16/8/2016)

Apple exec reveals how your iPhone data is used to improve Maps. (Buster Hein - Cult of Mac - 10/8/2016)

FBI Still Wants Encryption Compromise Where None is Possible. (Bryan Chaffin - MacObserver - 2/8/2016)

Why hackers love health apps: Most health apps don't have good privacy or security safeguards. (Xuanyan Ouyang - MacWorld - 26/7/2017)

New Apple Patent Could Stop You From Taking Photos and Videos at Concerts. (Royel Edwards - 28/6/2016 - Gizmodo)

NSA spying through Angry Birds, Google Maps, leaked documents reportedly reveal. (Fox News - 27/2/2014)

Silverpush Stops Using Sneaky, Inaudible TV Audio Tracking Beacons After FTC Warning. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 13/4/2016)

If FBI Can Get Into A Device Running iOS 9, Why Does It Say It Still Needs Apple's Help To Get Into One Running iOS 7? (TechDirt - Mike Masnick - 29/3/2016)

Owning a cell phone doesn’t mean consenting to police tracking: Maryland Court. (Joel Hruska - ExtremeTech - 93/2016)

Maryland court bars evidence from cellphone tracking device: Use of warrantless technology limited. (Andrea Noble - The Washington Times 9/3/2016)

Alternate Titles: Apple Now Looking To Close The Backdoor The FBI Discovered. (TechDirt - Mike Masnick - 25/2/2016)

No, The FBI Does Not 'Need' The Info On Farook's iPhone; This Is Entirely About The Precedent. (TechDirt - Mike Masnick - 22/2/2016)

NYPD has used cell tracking technology 1,000 times since ‘08. (Colleen Long - The Washington TImes - 11/2/20016)

Prosecutors Argue Cell Site Location Data Is Something Every User Shares With 'The Rest Of The World'. (TechDirt - Tim Cushing - 5/2/2016)

City cops in Disneyland’s backyard have had “stingray on steroids” for years: Pentagon: DRTBox can usually nab phone's crypto session keys in under a second. (Cyrus Farivar - ArsTechnica - 28/1/2016)

California Legislator Says Encryption 'Threatens Our Freedoms' Calls For Ban On Encrypted Cell Phones. (TechDirt - Tim Cushing - 22/1/2016)

City to Track Hundreds of Thousands of Cellphones During Super Bowl Week. (Carly Hoilman - The Blaze - 21/1/2016)

New York bill would ban strong encryption, mandate backdoors in all devices. (ExtremeTech - 2016)

Low-cost IMSI catcher for 4G/LTE networks tracks phones’ precise locations: $1,400 device can track users for days with little indication anything is amiss. (Dan Goodin - ArsTechnica - 28/10/2015)

Comment savoir si vous faites l’objet d’une surveillance par IMSI-Catcher? (Korben - 14/4/2015)

Que sont les IMSI-catchers, ces valises qui espionnent les téléphones portables ?: Le projet de loi sur le renseignement veut légaliser l'utilisation par les services de ces systèmes de surveillance téléphonique. (Martin Untersinger - Le Monde - 31/3/2015)

There are secret cell towers in London that fool phones into giving up private call data? (FoxNews - 2015)

The Great SIM Heist: How Spies Stole the Keys to the Encryption Castle. (The Intercept - 2015)

The covert cellphone tracking tech the RCMP and CSIS won’t talk about. (Matthew Braga - Globe and Mail - 15/9/2014)

New Eavesdropping Equipment Sucks All Data Off Your Phone. (Jeff Stein - NewsWeek - 22/6/2014)

How much privacy can smartphone owners expect? (Wheeler - BBC - 2011)