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On prépare une Apartheid sanitaire?
A Medical Apartheid coming down?

“Ne fais jamais rien contre ta conscience, même si l'Etat te le demande.”
(Albert Einstein: Source)

[in a discussion on the rise of the Kmer Rouge in Cambodia]
There is no need to repeat what has been said about the similar practice of labelling people in China. Such a system of strict social categories that consigns vast portions of the population to inferiority as class enemies, often because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, produces a sense of massive despair and hopelessness. It also encourages constant denunciations and searches for "bad" backgrounds. These categories become the basis of social competition, and to be classified in an unfavorable way may mean death, or, at best, increased suffering for oneself and one's family. (...) Only if one believes it is possible for people to be utterly selfless, devoid of ambition except for the collectivity, and entirely uninterested in helping their families can one seriously believe that application of such social categories can lead to anything other than a vicious struggle for survival at all levels of the society, to denunciations, and to cruelty and persecution.
(Daniel Chirot - Modern Tyrants: The Power and Prevalence of Evil in Our Age. 1994, Princeton University Press - p. 224)

Passeport sanitaire : la création d'une classe de citoyens de seconde zone avance à grands pas... Exit la tolérance, le respect, la diversité.... la liberté, la démocratie, les droits de la personne et la paix! Souvenons-nous que les mêmes autorités médicaux qui exigent que le Covid19 soit une maladie exposée au regarde de tous au point d'envoyer en exile les non-vaccinés, ces mêmes autorités ont retiré le le SIDA de la liste des maladies à déclaration obligatoire (pour des raisons de discrimination) tout en considérant négligeable le fait d'avoir causé par ce geste la contamination de centaines de milliers de personnes...

Il devient manifeste que les élites postmodernes prennent leurs dispositions pour mettre en place une Apartheid planétaire.
Les non-vaccinés, deviendront bientôt des citoyens de seconde classe, mais payant toujours leurs impôts à 100%... (avec le passepart vaccinal devenant une mesure comparable à l'étoile jaune des nazis?)

Universities may require COVID vaccine when it comes out, begin requiring flu shot. (Jessica Resuta - The College Fix - 16/7/2020)

Qantas Says COVID-19 Vaccination Will Be Mandatory for Travel. (Caldron Pool - 24/11/2020)

The Vaccine is Not Compulsory but… (LockDown Sceptics - 1/12/2020)

Dr. Guillemant, CNRS : Le Principal But de la Vaccination n'est pas d'ordre sanitaire. (Fide Post - 4/12/2020)

'No Vaccine, No Work' - Employers Discuss Making COVID Immunity Mandatory For Workers. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 6/12/2020)

I Don’t Want to be in The COVID Vaccine Line, But Government And Corporations Will Force us Through it: The same businesses that successfully coerced an entire populous into covering their faces for nearly any normal activity will be able to apply the same logic to vaccines. (Kylee Zempel - The Federalist - 7/12/2020)

Israël: le vaccin ne sera pas obligatoire, mais... (Keren Israël - 7/12/2020)

«Passeport Vert» pour les vaccinés: comment rendre indispensable un vaccin non obligatoire. (Adrien Peltier - Sputnik News - 18/12/2020)

Les anti-vaccins ne devraient pas être soignés en priorité, selon un médecin allemand. (TVA Nouvelles - 20/12/2020)

World Tourism Chief: Mandatory Vaccines Will "Kill" Travel Industry. (Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - Steve Watson/Summit News - 21/12/2020)

Les non vaccinés futurs «citoyens de seconde zone» ? Un nouveau projet de loi fait polémique. (RTFrance - 22/12/2020) -> Déposée à l'Assemblée par Jean Castex, une disposition de la loi visant à pérenniser les mesures d'urgence sanitaire fait craindre à ses détracteurs l'assimilation des non vaccinés à des «citoyens de seconde zone».

British Government Contracts Firms To Make COVID ‘Freedom Passports’: Still claims there are no plans for ‘immunity’ waivers. (Steve Watson - Summit News - 22/12/2020) -> The British government has contracted two firms to develop COIVD ‘freedom passports’, that would be used to segregate society between those who have been tested or vaccinated against COVID and those who have not.

French Law Would Ban People Who Don’t Get COVID Vaccine From Using Public Transport: Opposition politicians savage “health dictatorship.” (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 22/12/2020)

Former CDC Director Says COVID-19 ‘Immunity Passports’ Could Help U.S. Get ‘Back To New Normal’: "...could make it possible to ratchet down protective measures..." (Joseph Curl - DailyWire - 24/12/2020)

Airline Officially Launches COVID Passport Ahead of “Global Deployment”: “The experience gained helps prepare for the eventual global deployment of the Travel Pass”. (Steve Watson - Summit News - 24/12/2020)

'New Normal' Arrives - Singapore Airlines Launches COVID-19 "Digital Health Passport" For Passengers. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 26/12/2020)

Fauci Speaks: Vaccines Might Be Mandatory For Travel, School. (Jackie Salo- New York Post - 1/1/2021)

Major U.S. airlines back 'global' COVID-19 testing requirements -letter. (David Shepardson - Reuters - 4/1/2021)

Smartphone Apps Under Development For Global Vaccine Passport. (Dr. Joseph Mercola - Technocracy - 5/1/2021)

Covid-19 : les patrons américains tentés par la vaccination obligatoire. (Les Echos - 7/1/2021)

‘No Vaccine, No Job’ Declares Anti-Brexit Pimlico Plumbers Boss. (Victoria Friedman - Breitbart - 15/1/2021)

Big Tech Coalition Is Developing a Digital COVID Vaccination Passport: A coalition of tech and health organizations including Oracle, Microsoft, and the Mayo Clinic, is reportedly working to develop a digital COVID-19 vaccination passport that would allow businesses, airlines, and governments to check if individuals have received the vaccine. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 15/1/2021)

The World’s Most Powerful Passport. (LockDown Sceptics - 17/1/2021)

Congressman accuses CDC of misleading the public about need for vaccine for those already recovered from COVID-19: Why? (Daniel Horowitz - The Blaze - 2/2/2021)

Biden Summons Troops To Help With COVID Vaccinations, Expands DPA. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 5/2/2021)

Nouvelles de la VÉRITÉ BRUTALE #4
(Amélie Paul - YouTube - 16 minutes - 6/2/2021)
-> à partir de 6 min. 36 sec. sur les dérappages de vaccins au Québec

Enforce quarantine by tracking phones, says Sage. (Chris Smyth - The Times - 8/2/2021)

The dangers of compulsory vaccination The 'no jab, no job' debate has parallels with the fight over free speech. (Adam King, barrister - UnHerd - 11/2/2021)

Les hôpitaux de Brest et Morlaix suspendent la vaccination AstraZeneca des soignants. (Le Télégramme - 11/2/2021)

Vaccine refusers will be kept to 'supermarkets, pharmacies' when Israel opens up Crackdown planned for businesses that serve those without vaccines; PM says refusers 'endanger us all,' risk health system; fewer than 1,000 seriously ill for first time in a month. (Sue Surkes - Times of Israel - 11/2/2021)

Biden Says No Domestic Flight Covid Test Mandate For Now on Friday, the Biden administration announced it would not impose a negative coronavirus test requirement for domestic travelers in the United States. (Charlotte Pence Bond - DailyWire - 13/2/2021) -> not yet, later...

The tyranny of vaccine passports The vaccine itself can set us free. But 'vaccine passports' will remove people's rights. (Fraser Myers - Spiked - 17/2/2021)

Vaccination : Les employés du Vatican refusant l'injection contre le Covid-19 risquent le licenciement. - Et les candidats à un poste au sein du Vatican pourraient également ne pas être embauchés en cas de refus. (20 Minutes avec AFP - 18/2/2021)

Michelle Malkin with Dr Simone Gold: COVID experimental agents. (John Hartnett - Bible Science Forum - 20/2/2021)

Millions Marched against Mandatory Vaccinations today in Australia. (John Hartnett - Bible Science Forum - 20/2/2021)

Vaccine passports are a terrible idea Coercing people into receiving the Covid vaccine is a mistake. (Emily Hill - Spiked - 22/2/2021)

Australian Health Minister admits COVID experimental injections are a massive vaccine trial. (John Hartnett - Bible Science Forum - 22/2/2021)

Israël officialise l'apartheid sanitaire et l'étoile de couleur qui l'accompagne. (Karine Bechet-Golovko - Réseau international - 21/2/22021)

Breaking! Pastor James Coates Trial set for May 3. (Protestia - 24/2/2021) -> Alberta Canada

Israel's 'Green Passport' vaccination program has created a 'medical Apartheid,' distraught citizens say The Israeli government announced a number of new rules on March 6 in a statement released jointly by the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transportation. (Celeste McGovern - LifeSite - 9/3/2021)

What is the point of vaccine passports? The government's obsession with safety could prove to be dangerous. (Laura Dodsworth - Spiked - 22/2/2021)

Why the travel ban must be lifted: Banning holidays won't stop new variants. (David Livermore [professor of medical microbiology] - Spiked - 29/3/2021)

Biden's Vaccine Passport Plan is A 'Dystopian Nightmare' Cloaked in COVID Safety-Speak: Critics on both sides of the political aisle continue to weigh in on privacy risks and potential invasions if Biden moves forward with a vaccine passport. (Gabe Kaminsky - The Federalist - 30/3/2021)

Vaccine passports: the end of liberty as we know it Britain could become a two-tier, papers-please society. (Mark Johnson - Spiked - 31/3/2021)

Church Segregates Congregant Seating Based on Vaccination Status. (Protestia - 31/3/2021)

International Air Transport Association announces development of COVID vaccine passport app: Here we go. (Leon Wolf - The Blaze - 1/4/2021)

Report: After Volcano Erupts On Caribbean Island, PM Says Only Vaccinated Can Board Evacuation Ships, Others Sent to Safety Elsewhere. (Ian Haworth - DailyWire - 11/4/2021)

Thousands Flee Volcano, But Only the Vaccinated Allowed to Evacuate on Cruise Ships. (Caldron Pool - 13/4/2021)

Vaccine passports will divide society: This dangerous measure would turn the unvaccinated into an underclass. (David Thunder - Spiked - 26/4/2021)

Want That Job Offer? A Covid-19 Vaccine Is Now Required. Employers are starting to mandate shots before candidates are hired. It's a new rule some managers are rolling out for existing employees, too. Houston restaurant employees waited in line earlier this month to get vaccinated. (Chip Cutter| - The Wall Street Journal/Achive Today - 26/4/2021)

Biden's Pandemic Coordinator: CDC Will 'Allow' Vaccinated People 'More Privileges' to Take off Mask. (Daily Wire News - 9/5/2021)

OUTRAGEOUS: Mainstream doctors are REFUSING to see or treat vaccine-damaged patients because they don't want to get involved in "controversial" diagnoses. (Ethan Huff - News Target - 17/5/2021) -> doctors abandonning vaccined patients...

Pass sanitaire, pass de la honte. (Claude Janvier - - 19/5/2021)

In order to go maskless into business or church in Oregon, individuals must first present proof of COVID-19 vaccination. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 20/5/2021)

Oregon Governor Taking Advantage of New CDC Mask Guidelines to Impose Vaccine Passports and a Vaccine Caste System. (Adam Dick - Ron Paul Institute - 26/5/2021)

As Students Leave Campus For Summer, Colleges Are Requiring The COVID-19 Vaccine if They Want to Return This Fall. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 27/5/2021)

'It Will be the End of Freedom': Oregon Gov. Requires Proof of COVID Vaccinations to Enter Churches, Businesses. (Andrea Morris - FaithWire - 1/6/2021)

Passeport Sanitaire : quels risques pour nos libertés ? (Géopolitique Profonde - AgoraVox - 1/6/2021)

PM Announces Proof of Vaccination Certificates, Kelly Says: "War Has Been Declared". (Caldron Pool - 4/6/2021) -> Australia

Two Tiered Society: Tony Blair Calls for Only Vaccinated People to Get More Freedom. (Kurt Zindulka - Breitbart - 6/6/2021)

Report: Unvaccinated Students 'Numbered' with Sharpie and Tracked at High School Prom. (Dr. Susan Berry - Breitbart - 9/6/2021)

Coerced Vaccines and Medical Passports Are Forms of Medical Apartheid. (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 13/6/2021)

This Tennessee College Is Hitting Unvaccinated Students With A $1,500 Charge. (Gabe Kaminsky - The Federalist - 15/6/2021)

Texas judge gives child rapist just 180 days, while forcing a father to get experimental vaccine before seeing his kids. (Daniel Horowitz - The Blaze - 16/6/2021)

Cole Beasley Rips the NFL's Strict Rules for Unvaccinated Players. (David Hookstead - Daily Caller - 18/6/2021) -> Medical Apartheid in American Football...

Government Considering Exempting Fully-Vaccinated Brits From Quarantine Rules after Contact with Covid Carriers. (Lockdown Sceptics - 19/6/2021)