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Des artistes et athlètes se défendent.
Artists and Atheletes Fight Back

I believe a man is happier, and happy in a richer way, if he has 'the freeborn mind'. But I doubt whether he can have this without economic independence, which the new society is abolishing. For economic independence allows an education not controlled by Government; and in adult life it is the man who needs, and asks, nothing of Government who can criticise its acts and snap his fingers at its ideology. Read Montaigne; that's the voice of a man with his legs under his own table, eating the mutton and turnips raised on his own land. Who will talk like that when the State is everyone's schoolmaster and employer? Admittedly, when man was untamed, such liberty belonged only to the few. I know. Hence the horrible suspicion that our only choice is between societies with few freemen and societies with none.
Again, the new oligarchy must more and more base its claim to plan us on its claim to knowledge. If we are to be mothered, mother must know best. This means they must increasingly rely on the advice of scientists, till in the end the politicians proper become merely the scientists' puppets. Technocracy is the form to which a planned society must tend. Now I dread specialists in power because they are specialists speaking outside their special subjects. Let scientists tell us about sciences. But government involves questions about the good for man, and justice, and what things are worth having at what price; and on these a scientific training gives a man's opinion no added value. Let the doctor tell me I shall die unless I do so-and-so; but whether life is worth having on those terms is no more a question for him than for any other man.
(CS Lewis - Is Progress Possible? Willing Slaves of the Welfare State - 1958 - Etext)

Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I find. It is small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.
(Tolkien - The Hobbit - 1937)

Ought we to be surprised at the approach of 'scientocracy'? In every age those who wish to be our masters, if they have any sense, secure our obedience by offering deliverance from our dominant fear. When we fear wizards the Medicine Man can rule the whole tribe. When we fear a stronger tribe our best warrior becomes King. When all the world fears Hell the Church becomes a theocracy. 'Give up your freedom and I will make you safe' is, age after age, the terrible offer.
(C. S. Lewis - Letter to Dan Tucker - 8 Dec 1959)

Dossier Covid19

Les vidéos affichant cet image Censored by YouTube ont été censurés par YouTube depuis leur mise en ligne....

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(Mononc Serge - YouTube - 1 minute - 3/4/2020)

T'as voulu voir le salon. (Les Goguettes, en trio mais à quatre
YouTube - 21/4/2020 - 3 min.) -> confinement, perspective française décapante...

Out of Touch... (Kevin James Short Film – YouTube - 8/5/2020 - 2 min.)

C’est vraiment LE HIT du temps des fêtes et du jour de l’an!! Bonne écoute
(Benoit Conscient - YouTube - 3 minutes - 22/11/2020)

Pierre Perret - Les confinis
(YouTube - 3 minutes - 9/6/2021)

Bo Burnham's Netflix Special 'Inside' is a Darkly Comic Look at Quarantine 'Inside' is an engaging look at an artist's relationship with his work, his sanity, and himself. (Paulina Enck - The Federalist - 16/6/2021)

Confessions of a California Quarantine Outlaw: My latest crime: Singing in Church. (Rob Crisell - The Federalist - 12/7/2020)

Van Morrison calls on musicians to reject COVID-19 'pseudo-science,' 'save live music'. (Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times - 25/8/2020)

Van Morrison’s anti-lockdown stance is a relief – rock needs more contrarians: Forget the pearl-clutching about ‘dangers to the public’. A great musician will never be told what to do, think or say. (Ella Whelan - The Telegraph - 25/9/2020)

Dear Emperor Gavin Newsom’: Comedian Rob Schneider Blasts California Governor Over Thanksgiving Rules: “Can I throw a slice of turkey from the window?” (Joseph Curl -  DailyWire - 18/10/2020)

Kevin Sorbo Mocks Gavin Newsom Curfew: ‘I Almost Got Covid’ but Made It Home at 9:58 PM. (David Ng - Breitbart - 19/11/2020)

Country Star Morgan Wallen Blasts COVID-19 ‘Hypocrisy’: ‘Time to Start Booking Shows’: "If it's ok for us to party in the streets with no 'social distancing' then we can book shows...". (Amanda Prestigiacomo - DailyWire - 9/11/2020)

Broadway Actor Who Survived COVID Takes Flak For Planning To ‘Respectfully Disobey’ State Church Lockdowns. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 16/11/2020)

Van Morrison, Eric Clapton Protest Government Lockdowns In New Single. (Harry Khachatrian - DailyWire - 27/11/2020)

Proof That Lockdowns Are Working!
(JP Sears - YouTube - 7 min. - 5/12/2020)

‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson: ‘Politicians Put People Out of Work, Killed Small Businesses’. (Paul Bois - DailyWire - 22/12/2020)

Actor Kirk Cameron Organizes Christmas Caroling Event to Protest CA Lockdowns. (Warner Todd Huston - Breitbart - 23/12/2020)

As Christmas Approaches, Actor Kirk Cameron Continues ‘Caroling Protests’ Against COVID-19 Orders. (Jeffrey Cawood - DailyWire - 23/12/2020)

Rapper Pitbull issues warning about communism, says Fidel Castro would have been jealous of lockdowns: 'My family comes from communism, they fled communism, they had everything taken away from them'. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 6/2/2021)

Mick Jagger's rock'n'roll fightback against lockdown The Rolling Stones frontman is still kicking against the pricks. (Henry Williams - Spiked - 16/4/2021)

Eric Clapton: Exclusive & Uncensored
(Oracle Films - YouTube - 24 minutes - 13/6/2021)

Eric Clapton says his musician friends cut him off after he spoke out about his 'disastrous' vaccine side effects: 'I just don't hear from them anymore'. (Dave Urbanski - The Blaze - 16/6/2021)

Morrissey vs the Conformist Cult: This charming man. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 6/7/2021)

British Rock Star Refuses to be Part of "Government Experiment" Festival: "The festival was informed over 10 days ago that I wouldn't be playing once it had become part of a government testing programme". (Steve Watson - Summit News - 9/7/2021)

Eric Clapton Says He Reserves 'The Right to Cancel' Shows at Venues That Require Proof of Vaccination: "Unless there is provision made for all people to attend, I reserve the right to cancel the show." (Megan Basham - DailyWire - 21/7/2021)

'F*ck Your Mask': Busta Rhymes Says 'Stop Trying To Take Our Civil Liberties Away'. (Katie Jerkovich - Daily Caller - 2/8/2021)

Offspring Drummer Writes Viral Post Opposing Vaccine Mandates After Band Parts Ways With Him Over Medical Inability to Get Shot: 'I do not find it ethical or wise to allow those with the most power (government, corporations, organizations, employers) to dictate medical procedures to those with the least power'. (Megan Basham - DailyWire - 3/8/2021)

Joe Rogan warns vaccine passports take America 'one step closer' to dictatorship as outrage mob tries to cancel him again. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 7/8/2021)

Country Star Travis Tritt Rails Against Vaccine Mandates With Call For 'Unified Front Against Them' AUGUST 20, 2021 By Gabe Kaminsky Country music singer and songwriter Travis Tritt is calling for freedom amid governments and private companies mandating COVID-19 vaccines. (Gabe Kaminsky - The Federalist - 20/8/2021)

La fable du lion malade et des renards. (Jean-Yves Jézéquel/ - Les Moutons Enragés - 21/8/2021)

Eric Clapton chante sa lassitude avec "This has gotta stop". (FranceSoir - 30/8/2021)

Michael Bond "Hydroxychloroquine"
(YouTube - 2 minutes - 3/9/2021)

Alain Robert, "Spider-man" français contre "le tout-sécurité". (FranceSoir - 10/9/2021)

La comédienne Anne Casabonne fait réagir avec une publication devenue virale. (Anne Casabonne - FaceBook - 10/9/2021) -> Québec

"L'artistique et la santé n'ont rien à voir", Kendy, chanteuse. (FranceSoir - 14/9/2021)

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine blasts mask mandates during concert: 'This is called tyranny!' (Carlos Garcia - The Blaze - 14/9/2021)

'What's Going On Is Tyranny': Rock Superstar Dave Mustaine Slams Mask, COVID-19 Restrictions During Concert. (Katie Jerkovich - Daily Caller - 20/9/2021)

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes refuses vaccination in defiant social media post: 'I will not be forced to take the shot'. (Carlos Garcia - The Blaze - 21/9/2021)

"Les artistes ne peuvent plus travailler" avec le passe sanitaire : témoignages. (FranceSoir - 29 minutes - 21/9/2021)

Un microbiologiste répond à un médecin qui s'attaque à Anne Casabonne
(Heureux Les creux - YouTube - 28 minutes - 22/9/2021)

Non vacciné, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge s'attire des ennuis. (Hugo Dumas + Patrick Lagacé - La Presse - 23/9/2021)

A Handful of NBA Players Have Become The Voice of Reason In The COVID Vaccine Debate: The fact that 24-year-old Jonathan Isaac can speak more cogently about COVID and freedom of conscience than the entire corporate press is an astonishing development. (John Daniel Davidson - The Federalist - 7/10/2021)

Australian Tennis Legend: "Government Doctors Are on the Payroll, Be Wary of What They Preach" "I do my research. I'm not having a politician or TV doctor who's on the payroll tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing with my health," said tennis legend, Pat Cash. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 9/10/2021)

Pro-surfer Health Nut, Kelly Slater, Labelled an Anti-vaxxer for Defending Informed Consent: Another pro-health professional athlete has been defamed as an "anti-vaxxer" after defending informed consent. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 28/10/2021)

Ice Cube gives up major movie role — and $9 million payday — after refusing to get COVID vaccine. (Chris Field - The Blaze - 29/10/2021)

"Le Covid est le produit parfait, on assiste à la grande braderie du diable" Michael Bond. (FranceSoir - 6/11/2021)

Alex Jones Declares War On Gene Simmons – Warning: Strong Language. (Alex Jones - InfoWars - 10 minutes - 12/11/2021)

A List of World Class Athletes Who Died Or Suffered Severe Injuries After COVID-19 Vaccine. (The COVID World - 7/11/2021)

Matthew McConaughey Opposes Vaccine Mandates For Kids: "Right Now I'm Not Vaccinating Mine". (The COVID World - 11/11/2021)

A List of Actors Who Died or Suffered Severe Injuries After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine. (The COVID World - 15/11/2021)

Conor McGregor Trolls Immunologist: "I Know Nothing of Health…This Guy Does": UFC star responds to vaxx controversy backlash. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 23/11/2021)

'General Hospital' Actor Steve Burton Says He Was Fired From Soap Opera After 29 Years For Refusing to Get Vaccinated. (Christine Sellers - Daily Caller - 24/11/2021)