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Le chantage vaccinal

Vaccine Blackmail

Tant de gens ont cédé au chantage vaccinal "Parce que les dirigeants politiques ne peuvent pas mentir...", "Parce que les grands médias ne peuvent pas mentir...", "Parce que les dirigeants du système médical ne peuvent pas mentir...", "Parce que poser des questions sérieuses est ennuyeux...", "Parce qu'ils voulaient juste aller au resto...", "Parce qu'ils voulaient juste aller au cinéma...", "Parce qu'ils voulaient juste voir un spectacle...", "Parce qu'ils voulaient juste voyager...", "Parce qu'ils voulaient juste visiter ses vieux parents dans un foyer...", "Parce qu'ils voulaient juste garder leur boulot...", "Parce qu'ils voulaient juste accéder à une intervention chirurgicale pouvant sauver leur vie...", "Parce que...", "Parce que...", "Parce que...", "Parce que...", "Parce que..."
(Paul Gosselin)

Under modern conditions any effective invitation to Hell will certainly appear in the guise of scientific planning’—as Hitler’s regime in fact did. Every tyrant must begin by claiming to have what his victims respect and to give what they want. The majority [of people] in most modern countries respect science and want [government] to be planned. And, therefore, almost by definition, if any man or group wishes to enslave us it will of course describe itself as scientific planned democracy.
(C. S. Lewis 1982: 74-75 - On Stories and Other Essays on Literature. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich)

Je pense que j'aime mieux faire affaire à un Hells Angel ou un sbire de la Mafia qui me menace de me casser une jambe si je ne paie pas10,000$ par année pour ses services de protection plutôt que de traiter avec un technocrate hypocrite qui affirme se préoccuper de ma santé ou de la santé de la communauté tout en me privant de ma liberté ou de moyens de mettre du pain et du beurre sur la table. Le Hells Angel, qui ne prétend pas avoir de grands objectifs altruistes, me semble malgré tout plus honnête dans ses affirmations... Un Hells Angel qui menace de me casser une jambe si je ne paie pas pour la "protection" me semble donc plus honnête que Legault, Dubé ou Arruda...

« Vous ne pouvez plus dire que se vacciner est un acte d'amour, car un acte d'amour sans consentement et sous chantage s'appelle un viol. » (Jan van Elzen)

Dossier Covid19

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Chantage médical / Medical Blackmail as a motivator...

Chantage économique / Economic Blackmail as a motivator...

Harcèlement juridique / Legal harrassment


Le chantage dans le système d'éducation / Educational BlackMail...

University of Notre Dame to Require COVID-19 Vaccinations For Students. (Charlotte Pence Bond - DailyWire - 9/4/2021)

Open Letter from Physicians to Universities: Allow Students Back Without COVID Vaccine Mandate. (Paul M. Kempen, M.D., Ph.D. – AAPS President - 24/4/2021)

American Universities Order Students to Take Covid Vaccine before Returning to Classes. (Lockdown Sceptics - 28/4/2021)

Some college students balk at COVID vaccine requirement. (Joseph Silverstein - Cornell University/The College Fix - 17/6/2021)

Indiana University sued by students over its vaccine requirement. (Alex McKenna - The College Fix - 26/6/2021)

TPUSA Launches 'No Forced Vax' Campaign: 'It's Time America's Students Had Someone in Their Corner Fighting for Their Freedom to Choose'. (Charlie Kirk - 8/7/2021)

University Contradicts Student's Doctor, Says She Must Receive Vaccine or Find Another School, Despite Her Serious Medical Condition: Olivia told Caldron Pool that attending BYUH had been her dream and that she had turned down a $200,000 scholarship to enrol at the university. (Evelyn Rae - Caldron Pool - 19/7/2021)

Federal judge rejects bid to block Indiana University vaccine mandate Students sued over the requirement, which offers exemptions, for reasons including concerns about developing acne. (Politico - 19/7/2021)

BYU Hawaii refuses to grant student exemption from vaccine that could paralyze her. (Hannah Lalgie - The College Fix - 19/7/2021)

Les non-vaccinés doivent « se bouger le cul », sinon ils auront « une vie de merde » : faut voir comme ils nous parlent ! (Frédéric Sirgant - Boulevard Voltaire - 21/7/2021)

Segregation returns to America as universities threaten, harass, intimidate unvaxxed students. (Leo Hohmann - 22/7/2021)

Instant karma! After forcing students to get vaccinated, Indiana U president gets COVID. (Daniel Horowitz - The Blaze - 23/7/2021)

Unvaccinated Students Will Not Be Able to Attend Lectures Under Government Plans: "Like something out of Huxley's Brave New World where people with vaccine passports will be engineered into social hierarchies". (Steve Watson - Summit News - 26/7/2021) -> the movie GATTACA... -> England

'Jabs for lectures' is a dangerous policy Making vaccinations mandatory for students is impractical, illiberal and discriminatory. (Joanna Williams - Spiked - 27/7/2021)

Nation's Largest 4-Year Public University System Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine For Students And Faculty. (Jeffrey Cawood - DailyWire - 28/7/2021)

Vaccinated pupils in France to stay in school if class has Covid case: Unvaccinated students will have to study from home in the same scenario under new health rules to be introduced in schools from September. (Joanna York - The Connexion - 28/7/2021)

Los Angeles Unified School District will require mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing for all students, employees despite vaccination status. (Sarah Taylor - The Blaze - 30/7/2021)

Stanford [University] Reverses Policy, Will Now Require Weekly COVID-19 Testing Regardless of Vax Status. (Jeffrey Cawood - DailyWire - 13/8/2021)

University Affirms 'QAnon Conspiracy' On COVID Spreading Through WiFi. (Gabe Kaminsky - The Federalist - 18/8/2021)

OSHA Vaccine Rule Is a Scam and It's Working. (M. Dowling - Independent Sentinel - 8/10/2021) -> manipulation of company policies via fine threats...

Student expelled for declining Covid injection, files human rights complaint against NAIT. (Canadian Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms - 9/5/2022)

Western University students speak out against vaccine mandate. (Keean Bexte - The Counter Signal - 24/8/2022)

WATCH: Dr. Julie Ponesse reacts to Western University's booster mandate Dr. Julie Ponesse, from The Democracy Fund, analyzed the motives and morality behind Western University's new booster mandates. (Rebel News - 5 minutes - 26/8/2022)

Unvaccinated Coast Guard Cadets Ordered to Vacate Campus Within 24 Hours. (Jim Hoft - The Gateway Pundit - 29/8/2022)

UC Berkeley to Force Unvaccinated Students to Wear Face Masks During Flu Season. (Niamh Harris - News Punch - 31/8/2022)

Washington D.C. 'No Shots, No School!': vaccine program having devastating impact on youth Ayo Kimathi, an activist and parent in Washington D.C., has been trying to tell parents about the dangers of the vaccine. (Jeremy Loffredo - Rebel News - 27/10/2022)

The Importance of Remembering. (Serena Johnson - The Brownstone Institute - 20/11/2022)

The Elite, Expensive Colleges Are Still Mandating The Vaccine — And Their Students Have Had Enough. (Alexa Schwerha - Daily Caller - 17/12/2022)

"No Vaccines, No Education," California Drives a Wedge in Family Medicine Podcast. (Dr. Peter McCullough - America Out Loud - podcast, 55 minutes - 20/12/2022)

Will universities ever admit they were wrong about COVID policy? (Matthew G. Andersson - American Thinker - 7/1/2023)

Watch: Rand Paul Grills School of Nursing Head On Student COVID Vaccine Mandate: "If you exclude everybody from being a nurse who believes in basic immunology, you're gonna exclude a lot of smart people". (Steve Watson - Summit News - 17/2/2023)

'Horrific' ruling: SCOTUS refuses to hear case of NY students denied vaccine health exemptions 'Our most fundamental right is to protect ourselves and to protect our children from harm. None of us should take these alarming policies lying down,' attorney Sujata Gibson said. (Emily Mangiaracina - Life Site - 23/3/2023)

La vaccination au collège est illégale: Le gouvernement prévoit d'organiser la vaccination hpv de tous les élèves de 5eme dans le cadre scolaire. (Profession Gendarme - 13/7/2023)

More Than 100 Colleges Are Still Enforcing Vaccine Mandates: Report. (Amanda Prestigiacomo - DailyWire - 1/8/2023)

No Jab, No Education? Big Pharma's influence on Irish and British schools. (Gavin O'Reilly - OffGuardian - 5/10/2023)

@Harvard just announced that student mandates for flu and C19 will remain in effect for fall 2024. Faculty & staff have no such systemwide mandates. (No College Mandates - Thread Reader - 6/2/2024)

Chantage médical / Medical Blackmail as a motivator...

Les anti-vaccins ne devraient pas être soignés en priorité, selon un médecin allemand. (TVA Nouvelles - 20/12/2020)

OUTRAGEOUS: Mainstream doctors are REFUSING to see or treat vaccine-damaged patients because they don't want to get involved in "controversial" diagnoses. (Ethan Huff - News Target - 17/5/2021) -> doctors abandonning vaccined patients...

Covid-19: The countries that have mandatory vaccination for health workers. (Chris Stokel-Walker - British Medical Journal - 29/6/2021)

CNN: Segregate Unvaccinated, Make Them Pay For Tests Every Day. (Steve Watson/Summit News - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 24/7/2021)

Medical Apartheid Is Now Upon Us: Health discrimination is creating a two-tiered society. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 5/8/2021)

Heartless in Seattle: Patient Dropped From Heart Transplant List Over Refusal to Take Vaccine. (Jason Rantz - Technocracy.News - 19/8/2021)

5 Months Pregnant, I Face Losing My Job And Health Care For Choosing Not To Get A COVID-19 Injection: The state of Oregon is forcing me to contradict what I think is best for myself and my baby or face losing my job and health coverage when I need it most. (Lori Fisher - The Federalist - 20/8/2021)

Progressives Applaud Alabama Doctor Who Refuses to Treat Patients Unvaccinated Against COVID-19. (Dylan Housman - Daily Caller - 20/8/2021)

Will Doctors Refusing Service For Unvaccinated Patients Also Refuse Treatment For Obese People? (Tristan Justice - The Federalist - 25/8/2021)

Cleveland Clinic Bans Severely Ill Ohio Man From Kidney Transplant Because The Donor Isn't Vaccinated The Cleveland Clinic appears prepared to condemn some patients to death with its requirement that transplant donors accept a Covid-19 vaccination. (Nathaniel Stewart - The Federalist - 13/10/2021)

Les hôpitaux devraient-ils prioriser les patients vaccinés?: Interview avec le Dr François Marquis. (TVA Nouvelles - 14/10/2021)

"On nous refuse des soins parce qu'on n'est pas vaccinés", Stéphanie, atteinte du cancer. (FranceSoir - 4/11/2021)

Singapour ne va plus payer les frais médicaux des non-vaccinés. (TVA Nouvelles - 9/11/2021)

HEARTBREAKING: 7-year-old refused critical medical care over valid mask exemption 7-year-old Zander suffered a complete fracture of his shoulder, and his mother is struggling to access adequate treatment because of health-care providers' refusal to accommodate her son's medical mask exemption. (Tamara Ugolini - Rebel News - 16/11/2021)

The Left would sacrifice the unvaccinated: What happened to the principle that everyone deserves healthcare? (Kat Rosenfield - UnHerd - 20/12/2021)

If the unvaccinated should pay for their own healthcare, then why not smokers, addicts, and obese people? Would Winnipeg gastroenterologist Dr. Charles Bernstein argue that obese people or smokers should be barred from entering grocery stores and supermarkets? (John Carpay - Post Millennial - 28/12/2021)

Unvaccinated parents and their 4-year-old leukemia patient son to be evicted from Ronald McDonald House over vaccine status NEWS 'Some kind of crazy evil like I've never seen in my life'. (Sarah Taylor - The Blaze - 13/1/2022)

When People Are Denied Basic Health Care Because of Their Personal Choices, We Have Moved Into Full-Tilt Tyranny: "The surgery has now rung my parents and said that he cannot have the surgery unless he has a 1st dose of the vax. Wow. They would just leave him to die of cancer instead." (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 15/1/2022)

Family Fights for Ivermectin for Dying Loved One, Courts Say 'No'. (Kevin Downey Jr. - PJMedia - 16/1/2022)

Man with prior infection denied kidney transplant for refusing to get COVID shot. (Daniel Horowitz - The Blaze - 18/1/2022)

Boston hospital takes dying patient off heart transplant list because he's unvaccinated. (Phil Shiver - The Blaze - 25/1/2022)

Non vacciné, un homme est interdit de transplantation cardiaque. (journaliste servile - TVA Nouvelles - 26/1/2022)

Hospitals In Germany, UK & Israel Refuse Life-Saving Transplant to 3-Year-Old Because Parents Were Unvaccinated. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 3/2/2022)

Unvaccinated and denied a transplant: Some hospitals are denying transplants to patients who haven't received COVID-19 vaccines, but bioethicists say the policy is justified. (Heather Frank - World News - 3/3/2022)

Refus de me soigner car non vaccinée suite à un cancer de la peau. ( - 6/3/2022)

Hospital refuses to perform kidney transplant on 9-year-old boy because his father is unvaccinated. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 8/4/2022)

Medical Authoritarianism Versus Baby Tinslee. (Wesley J. Smith - Evolution News - 19/4/2022)

Former political prisoner tells Dr. Bonnie Henry that isolation from unvaccinated, hospitalized loved ones worse than torture: 'I'm a prisoner here in the hospital like when I was imprisoned in Chile with the dictatorship [of] Augusto Pinochet' said Jose Sanzana during a desperate video plea to B.C's public health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. (Drea Humphrey - Rebel News - 20 minutes - 18/5/2022)

Flicage Numérique pour la Vaccination Obligatoire ? (Changera3 - Profession Gendarme - 19/5/2022) -> la HAS prépare donc le déploiement d'une nouvelle arme dans l'arsenal de la guerre vaccinale : un "système d'aide à la décision", qui sera capable d'utiliser les données stockées dans le futur carnet de santé électronique et de faire la chasse aux récalcitrants.

Judge rules doctors can require patient to receive Covid shot before life-saving transplant. (Canadian Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms - 12/7/2022)

Judge says it's legally okay to deny an organ transplant to the unvaccinated. (Thomas Lambert - The Counter Signal - 13/7/2022) -> Canada

"That Is Where Tyranny Starts": New Zealand May Take Baby From Parents Demanding 'Unvaccinated' Blood For Heart Surgery. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 5/12/2022)

Duke University surgeons are refusing a 14-year-old girl a kidney transplant because she has not received the Covid shot: She has already had Covid and recovered. (Alex Berenson - Unreported Truths - 7/12/2022)

Le Collège des Médecins et l'Hôpital de Montréal, vont-ils laisser une patiente mourir juste pour un vaccin? Vont-ils vraiment laisser cette jeune femme mourir sans lui donner l'aide dont elle a besoin? C'est vraiment ce qui se passe à Montréal, au Québec. (Alexandra Lavoie - Rebel News - 9/12/2022)

Duke hospital DENIES orphaned girl from Ukraine lifesaving surgery over COVID vaccine: 'This child ... and her brother have been through so much'. (The Blaze - 15/12/2022)

Parents Sue After Duke U. Hospital Allegedly Refuses To Activate Teen's Name on Donor List Over COVID-19 Vaccine. (Mary Rooke - Daily Caller - 19/12/2022)

Terminally ill woman asks Canadian Supreme Court to rule on COVID jab mandate for organ transplants: Sheila Annette Lewis, who is dying of a terminal illness, has been denied a lifesaving organ transplant because she is unvaccinated against COVID-19. (Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms - LifeSite - 13/1/2023)

Sans passe sanitaire, l'hôpital lui refuse l'entrée malgré son cancer : Stéphanie racontera son histoire dans un film. (FranceSoir - 29/1/2023)

California Hospital Refuses Transplant Surgery For Unvaccinated Woman With End-Stage Kidney Disease. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 20/3/2023)

"They Deliberately Gave the Unvaccinated a Lower Standard of Care" – a Doctor Speaks Out. (Dr James Miller - Daily Sceptic - 13/4/2023)

Unvaccinated, Terminally-Ill Alberta Woman Denied Transplant Despite Proof Of COVID Natural Immunity. (Andrew Chen/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 21/4/2023)

Certains hôpitaux refusent de greffer des patients non vaccinés. Entretien avec Sylviane Noël. (Lauriane Bernard - France-Soir - 13/7/2023)

'What happened to Garnet Harper was nothing short of premeditated murder' 'You know, there is no law in the land right now that grants hospitals the authority to deprive unvaccinated people of health care,' said former Ontario MPP Randy Hillier. (Rebel News - 25/7/2023)

Pastor Hildebrandt calls for Canadians to consider boycotting organ donations until discrimination against the unvaccinated ends. (Efron Monsanto - Rebel News - 26/7/2023)

Organs Not Coercion: Canadians shouldn't be denied lifesaving organ transplants because of their vaccine status. (Rebel News - 1/8/2023) -> petition

Chantage social totalement dégueulasse / Totally Disgusting Social Blackmail as a motivator...

Threatening the Unvaccinated With Social Penalties Flies in the Face of Informed Consent. (Daily Sceptic - 13/8/2021)

Navy Seals Forced to Live In Squalor for Refusing Vax Mandate: "The mandate is clearly not about readiness, it is about compliance, even if it violates a service member's sincerely held faith." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 6/9/2022)

Unvaccinated Canadian dad loses custody of three children. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 5/2/2022)

Trudeau menace les Canadiens de restrictions si 80 à 90 % de la population ne se fait pas vacciner: Justin Trudeau a proféré une menace voilée la semaine dernière, suggérant que des restrictions sur le covid pourraient être imposées cet automne si 80 à 90 % des Canadiens ne se font pas vacciner pour le « rappel » du covid. (Anguille sous roche - 14/9/2022)

Without 6 Vaccines Grandparents Threaten Their Grandchildren. (Dr. Bryan Ardis - America Out Loud - 18/7/2023)

Chantage économique / Economic Blackmail as a motivator...

While, ideally, businesses should be able to allow or refuse business to whomever they wish, the problem is that the financial industry is what allows other people to engage in business with these people and organizations. In fact, our increased reliance on digital infrastructure is precisely what is giving so many infrastructure providers control over companies based on their ideals. The roads don't care who you are or why you are using them. The telephone never interrupts your conversation to tell you that the phone company doesn't like what you are saying. Dollar bills never complain about who they are coming from or who they are going to. However, the increased digitalization of our society means that every interaction winds up being actively mediated by other organizations.


California Joins The Long List of States, Companies, & Sports Leagues Bribing Americans to Get Vaccinated. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 27/5/2021)

West Virginia to Give Away Guns As Covid-19 Vaccine Incentive. (Alison Durkee - Forbes - 1/6/2021)

Guns, beer and doughnuts: Vaccination push appeals to our vices. (Alexander Nazaryan - Yahoo News - 5/6/2021)

Columbus judge is adding a new term to defendants' probation: Get your COVID shot. (Jake Zuckerman - Columbus Dispatch - 29/6/2021)

Coronavirus crisis: Mark McGowan floats Bunnings incentive to encourage Australians to get COVID vaccine. (Briana Fiore - PerthNow- 9/7/2021)

Québec lance une loterie pour inciter à la vaccination, pour un total de 2 millions $ (MSN - 16/7/2021)

Podcaster Says He Was Offered "Significant" Money by UK Government to Push COVID Info "If you want Covid information, speak to your Doctor." (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 27/7/2021)

"I'm Waiting For $1,000 Minimum" - De Blasio Offers $100 To Everyone Who Gets Vaccinated As NYC Lags Target. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 28/7/2021)

Rewarding The Hesitant: Biden Calls on States to Bribe Vaccine Holdouts With $100 Incentive: Hesitant to take the vaccine but really need $100 right now? President Biden may have just the answer. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 29/7/2021)

Biden Considers Coercing Institutions to Mandate COVID Vaccine by Withholding Federal Funds. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 6/8/2021)

Masse und Macht renommées "La formation de masse" par Mattias Desmet. (Valoloz - Le Club Mediapart - 9/8/2021)

Qantas offers free flights, discounts, vouchers for fully vaccinated Australians Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce says with Australia's COVID-19 vaccination rollout ramping up, now is the time to reward individuals for rolling up their sleeves and getting the jab. (Bryant Hevesi - SkyNews - 23/8/2021)

Whirlpool Raises Employee Vax Incentive To $1,000. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 13/9/2021)

Amazon Is Awarding Cars And Cash Prizes To Warehouse, Retail Workers That Get Vaccinated. (Ailan Evans - Daily Caller - 22/9/2021)

Biden's 'Build Back Better' Act Proposes to Increase Fines on Businesses TEN FOLD For Non-Vaxxed Employees Any company found in violation of the the Occupational Safety and Health Act will face a $700,000 fine PER VIOLATION. (Steve Watson - Summit News - 30/9/2021)

Suppression du remboursement des tests: le chantage à la vaccination continue… (Julien G. - Courrier-Strateges - 12/10/2021) -> France

Navy Announces Plans To Expel Those Refusing Covid Vaccine, Revoke Benefits. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 14/10/2021)

Suppression du remboursement des tests: le chantage à la vaccination continue… (Julien G. - Courrier-Strateges - 12/10/2021) -> France

To entice 12- to 17-year-olds to get vaccinated, Minnesota offers $200 Visa gift cards, chance to win $100,000 college scholarship. (Alex Nitzberg - The Blaze - 18/10/2021) -> Gee... a scholarship they'll never have to pay out??

Football giants Bayern Munich dock the wages of five unvaccinated players who are being forced to miss matches and training under Germany's tough new Covid restrictions. (Sam Mcevoy - MailOnline - 23/11/2021)

Pentagon Withholding Pay to National Guardsmen Refusing COVID Injection: Guardsmen opposing jabs will also be marked 'absent without cause' from drills and training. (Sputnik - InfoWars - 1/12/2021)

Nevada Becomes First State to Impose Surcharge on Unvaccinated Workers. (Zachary Stieber/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 4/12/2021)

Google va licencier ou mettre en télétravail définitif les employés non-vaccinés. (FranceSoir - 17/12/2021)

Desperate For More Recruits, Army Offers $50,000 Signing Bonus. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 12/1/2022)

Austria Introduces COVID-19 Vaccination Lottery, Winners Get €500 In Vouchers. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 21/1/2022)

Italie : Le gouvernement veut interdire aux non vaccinés d'entrer dans les banques. (Breitbart - Les moutons enragés - 27/1/2022)

Un père non vacciné perd le droit de voir son enfant immunodéprimé. (journaliste servile et méprisable - Radio-Canada - 4/2/2022)

Levi's Brand President Says She Was Offered $1 Million to Shut Up About Being Fired Over Criticizing COVID Restrictions Jennifer Sey cancelled by mob for speaking out against children wearing masks, school closures. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 16/2/2022)

Trudeau's Truckers Reveal Problems With Banking Infrastructure: And crypto isn't the solution you might think it is. (Jonathan Bartlett - MindMatters - 21/2/2022)

Obligation vaccinale pour une chirurgie. ( - 2/3/2022)

Punie pour non vaccination. (Emmanuelle - - 3/3/2022)

Navy Refuses to Deploy Warship While Commander Remains Unvaccinated. (Isaben van Brugen/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 9/3/2022) -> career blackmail...

Unvaccinated Police Officers Dishonourably Discharged: " of the more devastating aspects of this blanket directive is watching the heartless treatment of long serving sworn officers, some on the verge of complex PTSD from all they have seen and done for us." (Evelyn Rae - Caldron Pool - 20/3/2022)

Rhode Island Dems Seek to DOUBLE State Income Tax For Parents of Unvaccinated Minors. (Jamie White - InfoWars - 20/4/2022)

New COVID Bill Fines Parents For Unvaxxed Kids And Doubles Income Taxes. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 1/5/2022)

Air Force master sergeant fights for right to refuse COVID jab, expose vaccine bait and switch: 'Forcing me to receive an emergency use authorized product, contrary to Federal laws, would constitute an unlawful order.' (Calvin Freiburger - LifeSite - 2/5/2022)

Loyalty means nothing - Woolworths employee fired after 10 years for not taking the COVID-19 vaccination. (Yasmin Sawyer - Rebel News - 31/5/2022)

Crazy HR Lady Will Get You Fired - Open Threats from HR Karen TammyandTwins on TikTok
(Clyde Do Something - YouTube - 9 minutes - 6/6/2022)

Justice Centre warns federal government it is illegally denying EI benefits based on vaccine status. (Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms - 14/6/2022) -> Canada

Pastor alleges government offered $50,000 to shill "vaccine confidence". (Thomas Lambert - The Counter Signal - 15/6/2022)

Life altering vaccine policy devastates frontline hero Once hailed as a frontline hero, registered nurse Katherine was terminated from her position due to an unrecognized religious exemption. (Tamara Ugolini - Rebel News - 15/7/2022)

Caregiver Was Forced to Get Vaxxed, Suffers Seizures. (Dr. Joseph Mercola. - 20/7/2022)

Congressional Leftists Block Bans On Vaccine Mandates For U.S. Military: "An important lesson drawn from COVID-19's vaccine mandates is the cognitive distortions they expose." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 23/7/2022)

Témoignage bouleversant d'une hôtesse de l'air
(Virginie Joron - YouTube - 10 minutes - 19/8/2022)
-> Cette française a accepté le chantage vaccinal pour le bien de la société et pou garder son boulot et elle est
récompensée par des hémorragies et dérèglement des règles suite au vaccin
(et risque de perdre son boulot de toute manière)

Unvaccinated Teachers to be 'Punished' With A Pay Cut: Social Credit System Begins "The move has been likened to the Chinese Communist Party's social credit system, which is designed to control social behaviours through state-sanctioned rewards and punishments." (Caldron Pool - 23/8/2022)

More Despicable Discrimination: The Covid dictators are still on the path of total control. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 24/8/2022)

Medical Censorship: California Democrats Approve Bill To Punish Doctors Who Spread COVID 'Misinformation'. (Jamie White - InfoWars - 5/9/2022)

Fox Corp Told Me to Comply With The NYC Covid Vaccine Mandate, So I Resigned: Fox Corp attempted to force me to get the experimental Covid vaccine while I was a booking producer for Fox Business. As a result, I resigned. (Breanna Morello - 6/9/2022)

NYC fires another 850 teachers and teaching aides after they failed to get the COVID vaccine by September 5 deadline - bringing total to 1,950 terminated by department of education since vaccine mandate took effect. (James Gordon - DailyMail - 18/9/2022)

Pompeo Chides Biden 'Kicking' Unvaccinated Soldiers Out After Declaring Pandemic's End. (Charles Kim - NewsMax - 19/9/2022)

WATCH: Pediatric Nurse FIRED For Asking About VAERS. (The American Journal/ - InfoWars - 8 minutes - 27/9/2022)

NBA Star Kyrie Irving Says He Lost $100 Million, 4-Year Extension for Refusing Covid Vaccine. (Adan Salazar- InfoWars - 27/9/2022)

La coercition vaccinale en Russie est aussi débile que dans les pays occidentaux. (Conscience du peuple - 13/10/2022)

Purolator fires the unvaxxed and others who just wanted medical privacy Protestors gathered in front of a Purolator location in Montreal show support for workers who were terminated by the company, calling it 'unacceptable.' (Alexandra Lavoie - Rebel News - 9 minutes - 23/11/2022)

Get a COVID-19 booster so that you can safely go eat donuts, LA Public Health urges. (Alex Nitzberg - The Blaze - 30/11/2022)

Professor so disappointed with Canadian university's COVID jab policy that he quit tenured job: Alexander Andrée said he believes in medical and academic freedom and that in good conscience he could no longer work for the school. (Anthony Murdoch - LifeSite - 11/1/2023)

Remember when the US government bribed Americans with greasy, high-fat junk food to take the jab? (Revolver News - 16/1/2023)

Canadian Court: Govt Justified in Denying Unemployment Benefits to Unvaccinated Man. (Chris Tomlinson - Breitbart - 2/2/2023)

François Torino, un soignant suspendu parmi d'autres qui ne voudront pas réintégrer. (Éric Verhaeghe - Le Courrier des Stratèges - 24/2/2023)

Une décision des Conseils de prud'hommes reconnait que les suspendus avaient le droit de refuser de se faire vacciner. Entretien avec Me Nancy Risacher. (Lauriane Bernard - France-Soir - 10/5/2023)

Doctor critical of vaccines has personal, business bank accounts abruptly terminated by Chase — executives' accounts also shut down. (Candace Hathaway - The Blaze - 27/7/2023)

Worker Fired Over Refusal to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Wins Job Back. (Zachary Stieber/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 2/8/2023)

Medical Board Suspends License of Doctor Critical of COVID-19 Vaccines. (Zachary Stieber/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 16/8/2023)

Major Hospital Issues 'Updated' Covid Vaccine Mandate for Caregivers. (Adan Salazar - InfoWars - 14/9/2023)

Court hearing today for Canadian denied EI benefits because of vax status. (The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom - 1/112023)

It's Time to Start Paying People to Take Vaccines, Says Oxford Academic Writing in Financial Times. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 5/1/2024) -> if threats don't work, maybe bribes will...

Disgraceful: Shock Footage Shows USAF Senior Airman Abused by Soldiers After Refusing COVID-19 Jab: Viral footage shows senior airman - who was later ACQUITTED - being forcibly detained by fellow officers at military prison after labeled 'insider threat' for refusing jab. (Adan Salazar - InfoWars - 8/4/2024)

Harcèlement juridique / Legal Harassment

Auditionnée après sa suspension pour exercice illégal de sa profession. (Nicolas - RebootInfo - 5/5/2022)

Unvaccinated German care home worker, accused of sparking a November 2021 outbreak in her residence that left three elderly women dead, to face criminal trial. (Eugyppius: a plague chronicle - 18/1/2023)