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Nouvelle Zélande se défends

New Zealand Fights Back

The Updated New Zealand Flag...

Welcome to the People's Republic of New Zealand?

Dossier Covid19

Les vidéos affichant cet image Censored by YouTube ont été censurés par YouTube depuis leur mise en ligne....

Les articles sont en ordre chronologique croissant (plus vieux d'abord) / Articles are in chronological order (oldest first, recent articles at the bottom) -> articles plus récents


Opinion: Lockdowns are fine if you’re privileged. (Peter Heck - DSCRN - 14/11/2020)

New Zealand's Zero Covid delusion Jacinda Arden's strategy is missing just one thing: an exit plan. (Tom Chodor - UnHerd - 24/8/2021)

New Zealand PM smiles chillingly as she admits COVID policies will create 'two different classes of people'. (Chris Enloe - The Blaze - 25/10/2021)

'NZ Doctors Speaking out with Science' featuring Drs Alison Goodwin, Matt Shelton, and Emanuel Garcia.
News Conference, Wednesday, 17th November, 2021
(Rynso - YouTube - 47 minutes - 15/11/2021)

Covid 19: Chop the whole tree down...
(Rynso - YouTube - 14 minutes - 6/12/2021)
-> Reexamining the basic presupositions of the Covid crisis, a New Zealand perspective

Casey Hodgkinson talks with Liz Gunn. Casey was excited to get her first dose of P f i z e r***. She has been in a wheelchair since.
(Back To The Light - 28 minutes - 8/12/2021)

Ministry of Truth: NZ Government Will Pay Media to Produce State-Approved Stories to Combat "Misinformation" About Covid-19: "We will continue to be your single source of truth," NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said. (Caldron Pool - 13/12/2021)

Protest Convoy Arrives In New Zealand's Capital Wellington. (Niamh Harris - News Punch - 10/2/2022)

10 Police Officers have Resigned over the New Zealand Governments BS Treatment of Peaceful Protestors. (Auto - UnshackledMinds - 11/2/2022)

New Zealand Police Back off as Freedom Convoy Protests Build. (Nathaniel Charles - Breitbart - 11/2/2022)

NZ Protests Swell, Defying Police Ultimatum. (RT - InfoWars - 16/2/2022) -> Hundreds of protesters defied a police ultimatum to leave the area around Wellington's 'Beehive' parliament on Wednesday, with the crowd continuing to swell. The authorities have described the ongoing demonstration as "orderly."

Interviews from the front lines 3, Convoy NZ, 2022, NZ Parliament,
(@Rynso - Odysee - 39 minutes - 16/2/2022)
Interviews from the front lines. Regular Kiwis tell why they are at the Mandate Protest at NZ Parliament

Natives Maori's Haka to end vaccine mandates: The peaceful occupation out of New Zealand's parliament has entered its 10th day in Wellington. (RadioGenova - Twitter - 2 minutes - 17/2/2022)

New Zealand's lockdown fairytale is over: After its Zero Covid failure, a storm is brewing. (Tom Chodor - UnHerd - 21/2/2022)

Victory for Protestors in New Zealand as Jacinda Ardern Announces Plans to End Restrictions and Vaccine Mandates. (Praveen Menon/Reuters - Daily Sceptic - 21/2/2022)

Pics: Violent Clashes Erupt as NZ Cops Move on Anti-Mandate Protesters. (Simon Kent - Breitbart - 22/2/2022)

New Zealand High Court: Vaccine Mandate Not "Demonstrably Justified", Breach of Rights. (Katabella Robert/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 26/2/2022)

Courts find Jacinda Ardern's lockdowns were illegal. (Thomas Lambert - The Counter Signal - 3/5/2022)

Jacinda Ardern 'Baffled' as COVID Infections SOAR in Mask Mandate New Zealand. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - News Punch - 20/7/2022)

New Zealand Covid deaths soar to RECORD high as Omicron wreaks havoc: Scientists claim nation is vulnerable because it spent too long under 'hermit' China-style eradication strategy. (Emily Craig - Daily Mail - 22/7/2022)

Zero Covid has cost New Zealand dearly Jacinda Ardern was never the pandemic heroine she was made out to be. (Jay Bhattacharya MD - Spiked - 7/8/2022)

WATCH: Antifa yelling HATEFUL slogans at Maori child. (Avi Yemini - Rebel News - 56/8/2022) -> Antifa are fascist Brown-Shirts and use the SAME tactics as the Nazis...

WATCH: New Zealanders have 'had enough' of Jacinda Ardern's government Thousands attend anti-government protest in Wellington. (Rebel News - 26/8/2022)

NZ Police Behind Rebel News Reporter's Politically Motivated Travel Ban "After accusing the pair of 'posing as journalists,' NZ Interpol then quote the NZ Herald verbatim, calling Fernando a 'misinformation super spreader,' and Yemini a 'far-right extremist commentator.'" (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 29/8/2022)

New Zealand scraps mask and vaccine mandates. (Ian Miles Cheong - Rebel News - 12/9/2022)

The COVID Reckoning Is Overdue: The damage done to children is manifest. (Scott McKay - The American Spectator - 13/9/2022)

Coroner Confirms COVID-19 Vaccine Killed 26-Year-Old Man from New Zealand. (Jim Hoft - The Gateway Pundit - 22/9/2022)

Free speech is a weapon that needs to be destroyed, says New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: Get an exclusive look at this full-length monologue from The Ezra Levant Show. (Rebel News - 5/10/2022)

Funeral Directors & Embalmers Unite to Expose A Day in the Death of Life. (Counterspin - InfoWars - video 119 minutes - 9/10/2022) -> Three experts in the funeral industry, from three time zones (USA, UK, NZ) are blowing the whistle as they simultaneously witness unique, devastating similarities in the "died suddenly" booming burial industry.

Four basic assumptions about Covid19... REVISITED. (Renton Maclachlan - 9/10/2022)

NZ farmers slam Jacinda Ardern's livestock 'burp tax': Nationals demand a guarantee Australia won't follow New Zealand's controversial lead on taxing methane emissions from livestock. (James Macpherson - Rebel News - 13/10/2022)

NZ Government Passes Language Compliance Law Language compliance laws pave the way for forced speech to replace free speech, with woke jargon concocted in leftist hell, like the soulless slogans "parent 1, parent 2," "equity," and "chest-feeding." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 22/10/2022)

Cette paranoïa liberticide qui s'empare des pays anglo-saxons: le cas néo-zélandais. (Edouard Husson - Le Courrier des Stratèges - 3/11/2022)

The Baby Will story I just finished a Zoom interview here in New Zealand and the most important topic was the Baby Will story. If you haven't heard about it, here's the synopsis and where to find more info. (Steve Kirsch's newsletter - 3/12/2022)

La Nouvelle-Zélande lance une enquête de haut niveau sur sa gestion du Covid. (Lalaina Andriamparany - Le Courrier des Stratèges - 7/12/2022)

Update: NZ Government Steals 'Baby Will' From Parents After They Demanded Unvaccinated Blood For Heart Surgery: The story of this family's plight to maintain guardianship of their own son and get him the safest blood possible for his life saving heart surgery has gone nuclear around the globe and has ramifications for each & every one of us. (Counterspin Media - InfoWars - 7/12/2022)

Jacinda Ardern's Secret Police Snatch Unvaxxed Baby in Midnight Raid; Threaten to Arrest Mom. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - News Punch - 9/12/2022)

Is New Zealand A Beta Test For Western Governments Micromanaging The Populace? (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 17/1/2023)

Jacinda Ardern: Saint or Psychopath? (Martin Hanson - OffGuardian - 7/2/2023)

Ministry of Truth NZ: The documents that reveal the government's many-tentacled approach to mass political monitoring. (A Curious Girl - UK Column - 20/2/2023)

Face masks –Medical Protection, or Badge of Obedience? (Martin Hanson - OffGuardian - 15/2/2023) -> or badge of servility??

Hospital Admissions Double. (M Dowling - The Independant Sentinel - 24/3/2023)

New Zealand's Lockdown Queen Becomes Internet Authoritarian. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 5/4/2023)

Jacinda Ardern Awarded Damehood for Handling of the Pandemic – As Excess Deaths Continue to Mount and Media Censorship Intensifies. (Igor Chudov - Daily Sceptic - 7/6/2023)

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Crimes Against Humanity Trials Begin In New Zealand. (Niamh Harris - The People's Voice - video, 37 minutes - 16/6/2023)

Deaths up 14%. Births down 28%. Disability up 37%. Wake up, politicians! (Guy Hatchard - TCW - 1/9/2023)

Downplaying Covid Jab Injuries, New Zealand's PM Claims: 'No One Was Forced to Have The Vaccine'. (Niamh Harris - The People's Voice - 5/9/2023) -> hmmm... Clearly define "forced"...

M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations)
(FreeNZ Media - Rumble - 63 minutes - 30/11/2023)
The crucial data On New Zealand's excess deaths from the Covid jabs.

COVID vaccine database administrator goes rogue, reveals how many people actually died from Pfizer jab… (Revolver - 30/11/2023)

Data from the New Zealand Ministry of Health shows that the COVID vaccines have killed over 10 million worldwide: It's finally here: record-level data showing vaccine timing and death date. There is no confusion any longer: the vaccines are unsafe and have killed, on average, around 1 person per 1,000 doses. (Steve Kirsch's newsletter - 30/11/2023)

Whistleblower Arrested for Exposing New Zealand's Mass Vax Deaths. (Frank Bergman - Slay - 4/12/2023)

New Zealand COVID data leak: the state is freaking out and arresting the whistleblower… (Revolver - 4/12/2023)

Warning: If you're hosting NZ "whistleblower data" on your server, you're at risk of losing EVERYTHING… (Revolver - 7/12/2023)

New Zealand Drs Were Granted Covid Jab Exceptions While Forcing The Public to Have Them. (Niamh Harris - The People's Voice - 28/12/2023)

Jacinda Ardern : sur les chapeaux de roues grâce aux Young Global Leaders de Schwab, contaminée par les vaccins de Gates. (France-Soir - 6/1/2024)

Vaccinators in New Zealand Fear for Their Lives As Public Rise Up Against 'Pandemic Genocide'. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - The People's Voice - 25/2/2024)

New Zealand Young Global Leader Who Pushed Vaccine Passports Dies Suddenly. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - The People's Voice - 9/3/2024)