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Interventions satiriques
[on se moque des technocrates et de la Gestapo du Covid].
Mocking the Covid Gestapo...

How a Mask Works

Deux patients dans une salle d'attente de médecin.
L'un dit à l'autre  «Ça n'a pas l'air d'aller? J'espère que tu n'as quand même pas attrapé le virus du complotisme? J'ai cru comprendre qu'il n'y a pas de vaccin pour ça, volontaire ou forcé... »

Dossier Covid19

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Les vidéos affichant cet image Censored by YouTube ont été censurés par YouTube depuis leur mise en ligne....

Greta Thunberg Condemns Coronavirus For Causing Apocalypse 10 Years Early. (BabylonBee - 16/3/2020)

(Mononc Serge - YouTube - 1 minute - 3/4/2020)

T'as voulu voir le salon. (Les Goguettes, en trio mais à quatre
YouTube - 21/4/2020 - 3 min.) -> confinement, perspective française décapante...

American Christian Thanks God He Doesn't Live in One of Those Communist Countries Where The Government Can Shut Churches Down on a Whim. (BabylonBee - 6/5/2020)

Chinese Officials Violently Raid Another Church But Don't Worry That Will Never Happen Here. (BabylonBee - 8/5/2020)

Democratic States Deploy Greta Thunberg Drones to Lecture People Who go Outside. (BabylonBee - 14/5/2020)

Out of Touch... (Kevin James Short Film – YouTube - 8/5/2020 - 2 min.)

Vaccination en Marche (...forcée) [YouTube - 4 minutes]
-> mais BOF pour l'allusion aux 2 tours...

Mayor De Blasio Lays Naval Minefield to Deter Swimmers. (BabylonBee - 18/5/2020)

You're Nonessential -- Keep Your Mouth Shut. (Christopher Paslay - American Thinker - 19/5/2020)

'I Can't Believe Christians Think It's Safe to Go Back to Church,' Says Woman In Line At Walmart. (BabylonBee - 19/5/2020)

CNN Praises Governor Cuomo For Killing Off The Elderly Since They Probably Would Have Voted For Trump. (BabylonBee - 20/5/2020)

Doctors Recommend Locking Down And Reopening Repeatedly Until Everyone Has Nervous Breakdown. (BabylonBee - 29/6/2020)

10 Safety Tips For Going Back To Church. (BabylonBee - 18/7/2020)

Ceremony Honoring Governor Cuomo's COVID-19 Response to be Held At Now-Vacant Nursing Home. (BabylonBee - 21/7/2020)

Nevada Church Avoids Coronavirus Restrictions By Installing Slot Machines. (BabylonBee - 26/7/2020)

Dr. Fauci Recommends Encasing Your Entire Body in Bubble Wrap to Protect Against Coronavirus. (BabylonBee - 30/7/2020)

Study Finds Most Americans Trust Dr Pepper Over Dr. Fauci. (BabylonBee- 14/8/2020)

Bible Scholars Now Believe Adam And Eve Were Actually Asked to Leave Garden Because They Weren't Wearing Masks. (BabylonBee - 4/9/2020)

Fauci Renews Pandemic For Highly Anticipated Season 2. (BabylonBee - 23/9/2020)

Dear Emperor Gavin Newsom’: Comedian Rob Schneider Blasts California Governor Over Thanksgiving Rules: “Can I throw a slice of turkey from the window?” (Joseph Curl -  DailyWire - 18/10/2020)

Kevin Sorbo Mocks Gavin Newsom Curfew: ‘I Almost Got Covid’ but Made It Home at 9:58 PM. (David Ng - Breitbart - 19/11/2020)

Newsom Announces Curfew so He Won't Have to Wait in Long Line at Fancy Restaurants. (BabylonBee - 20/11/2020)

Laughter Will Win Against Totalitarianism. (Annie Holmquist - Chronicles Mag - 20/11/2020)

C’est vraiment LE HIT du temps des fêtes et du jour de l’an!! Bonne écoute
(Benoit Conscient - YouTube - 3 minutes - 22/11/2020)

YouTube Removes All Cooking Videos Featuring Recipes That Serve More Than 6. (BabylonBee - 26/11/2020)

In New EA Star Wars Game, You Must Prove You Were Vaccinated to Unlock Darth Vader. (BabylonBee - 30/11/2020)

Proof That Lockdowns Are Working!
(JP Sears - YouTube - 7 min. - 5/12/2020)

DETOURNEMENT COVID 2 - De Funès déteste toujours le confinement.
(YouTube - 5 min. - 13/12/2020)

I Keep My Kid Locked in The Apartment. So What? (An Op-Ed From 2019): Locking kids in their apartments without human contact gets a bad rap. Here's why. (David Marcus - The Federalist - 15/12/2020)

How The Gretch Stole Christmas: Because the only way to be on the 'Nice' list this Christmas is to mask up and avoid your loved ones at all costs. (Kylee Zempel - The Federalist - 17/12/2020) -> a parody inspired by Dr Suess...

Blessed are the Prophylactic Givers for They Shall Inherit the Earth. (Freddie Attenborough - Lockdown Sceptics - 17/12/2020)

The 2020 Idiot of the Year Award: The competition is tough. Who wins? You decide. (Itxu Díaz - The American Spectator - 12/12/2020)

Paul Mirabel nous raconte un test PCR spécial...
(Paname Art Café - YouTube - 3 minutes - 20/12/2020)

When You Believe All The Propaganda
(JP Sears Show - YouTube - 2 minutes - 29/12/2020)

Nation Prepares to Celebrate 1st Anniversary of Two Weeks to Flatten The Curve. (BabylonBee - 8/2/2021)

Dr. Fauci Spins His Handy Wheel of Science! (BabylonBee - 15/2/2021)

Stay Home, Stay Safe™ Afraid of society opening back up? Stay home and let everyone else live. (Melissa Mackenzie - The American Spectator - 3/3/2021)

Confronting Toxic 'Maskulinity'. (Steve Deace - The Blaze - 9/3/2021)

Les Nouvelles de la VÉRITÉ BRUTALE #6
(Amélie Paul - Odysée - 14 minutes - 22/3/2021)

Elle est Pfizer - Les Goguettes (en trio mais quatre)
(YouTube - 4 minutes - 8/4/2021)

Olivier Variant: Expert en Vaccination.
(YouTube - 6 minutes - 8/4/2021)

Adorably Naive Optimist Thinks Lockdowns Will End Someday. (BabylonBee - 9/4/2021)

Roman Authorities Investigating Jesus For Violating Stay-In-Tomb Order. (BabylonBee - 12/4/2021)

'It Is Still Not Safe to go Outside,' Says Fauci's Head in a Jar in Year 2739. (BabylonBee - 12/4/2021)

Study Finds Anyone Still Wearing a Mask at This Point is Probably Just Super Ugly. (BabylonBee - 23/4/2021)

CDC Now Recommends Wearing a Seat Belt Even When You're Outside The Car. (BabylonBee - 28/4/2021)

10 Ways To Feel Morally Superior to Everyone When Masks Are No Longer Required. (BabylonBee - 3/5/2021)

'I Have Changed My Mind And Do Not Want A Divorce From This Amazing Handsome Man,' Says Glossy-Eyed Melinda Gates After Receiving Vaccine. (BabylonBee - 3/5/2021)

CDC Says You no Longer Have to Wear a Life Jacket Outside In Case of Rain. (BabylonBee - 14/5/2021)

'They Won't Make Fun of me Ever Again,' Says Dr. Fauci While Designing New Virus In His Lab. (BabylonBee - 19/5/2021)

Definitely Not a Cult.
(Paul Joseph Watson - BitChute - 10 minutes - 21/5/2021)

CDC Introduces New Anti-Virus Hat For Concerned Liberals To Wear. (BabylonBee - 24/5/2021)

Greetings from "New Normal" Germany! (C. J. Hopkins - The Consent Factory - 24/5/2021)

Dr. Fauci Gets in Heated Debate With Seventeen Previous Versions of Himself. (BabylonBee - 26/5/2021)

'Bob Barker Phase of The Pandemic': Bill Maher Mocks States For 'Bribing' Americans to Get Vaccinated. (Nicole Silverio - Daily Caller - 29/5/2021)

Exclusive: The Babylon Bee Has Acquired More Leaked Dr. Fauci Emails. (Babylon Bee - 2/6/2021)

Pierre Perret - Les confinis
(YouTube - 3 minutes - 9/6/2021)

People Who Ruined World's Economies Gather to Discuss How to Fix World's Economies. (BabylonBee - 11/6/2021)

Bo Burnham's Netflix Special 'Inside' is a Darkly Comic Look at Quarantine 'Inside' is an engaging look at an artist's relationship with his work, his sanity, and himself. (Paulina Enck - The Federalist - 16/6/2021)

Postcard From Sydney. (Steve Waterson - Lockdown Sceptics - 28/6/2021)

Delta Variant Found to be Twice as Virulent And Blah Blah Blah: Whatever Who Cares At This Point... (BabylonBee - 30/6/2021)

7 Clever Ways to Scare Off Biden's Door-To-Door Vaccine Evangelists. (BabylonBee - 8/7/2021)

'Vaccines Should Be Mandatory,' Says Woman Wearing My Body, My Choice T-Shirt. (BabylonBee - 12/7/2021)

The Science

(Source : The Daily Sceptic)

When the Biden Administration Knocks On Your Door…
(AwakenWithJP [Sears] - YouTube - 2 minutes - 8/7/2021)

Why Anthony Fauci's Next Heroic Crusade Needs to be Against Lightning: The odds of being struck by lightning in a given year are 1 in 1,222,000. Together, we can reduce them to zero. (Rich Cromwell - The Federalist - 28/7/2021)

Doctors Recommend Locking Down And Reopening Repeatedly Until Everyone Has Nervous Breakdown. (BabylonBee - 29/7/2021)

À tous les gens raisonnables et très intelligents qui s'indignent devant ceux qui ne veulent pas se faire vacciner. (Reza Moghaddassi - Vigilance-Pandemie - 31/7/2021)

Church Combats COVID By Adding Essential Oils to Fog Machine. (BabylonBee - 5/8/2021)

Prankster Performs "Vaccinated Only" Carriage Social Experiment: Passengers asked to prove they've had the jab before boarding train. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 12/8/2021)

'Pfizer+' Monthly Booster Subscription Program Announced. (BabylonBee - 19/8/2021)

La fable du lion malade et des renards. (Jean-Yves Jézéquel/ - Les Moutons Enragés - 21/8/2021)

FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine, Knocks On Wood. (BabylonBee - 23/8/2021)

Covid : « trop bête pour comprendre ». (Reza Moghaddassi/Vigilance-Pandémie - Les Moutons Enragés - 24/8/2021)

Costco Introduces New 5-Gallon Family Size Pfizer Vaccine. (BabylonBee - 30/8/2021)

10 Life-Giving Hacks for Living Within Lockdown Limits, Without Having to Die by Them: "In sum, it's not what you've got, it's what you do with what you've got, that counts." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 5/9/2021)

CDC Cautions Against Taking The Red Pill. (BabylonBee - 16/9/2021)

Pfizer Assures That Vaccine Is Almost As Safe For Kids As COVID. (BabylonBee - 20/9/2021)