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Interventions satiriques
[on se moque des technocrates et de la Gestapo du Covid].
Mocking the Covid Gestapo...

How a Mask Works

Deux patients dans une salle d'attente de médecin.
L'un dit à l'autre  «Ça n'a pas l'air d'aller? J'espère que tu n'as quand même pas attrapé le virus du complotisme? J'ai cru comprendre qu'il n'y a pas de vaccin pour ça, volontaire ou forcé... »

Dossier Covid19

Les articles sont en ordre chronologique croissant (plus vieux d'abord) / Articles are in chronological order (oldest first, recent articles at the bottom) -> articles plus récents

Les vidéos affichant cet image Censored by YouTube ont été censurés par YouTube depuis leur mise en ligne....

Greta Thunberg Condemns Coronavirus For Causing Apocalypse 10 Years Early. (BabylonBee - 16/3/2020) -> How dare you!!

(Mononc Serge - YouTube - 1 minute - 3/4/2020)

T'as voulu voir le salon. (Les Goguettes, en trio mais à quatre
YouTube - 21/4/2020 - 3 min.) -> confinement, perspective française décapante...

Le confinement vu par Louis de Funès !
(Just Louis de Funès - YouTube - 2 minutes - 27/4/2020)


American Christian Thanks God He Doesn't Live in One of Those Communist Countries Where The Government Can Shut Churches Down on a Whim. (BabylonBee - 6/5/2020)

Chinese Officials Violently Raid Another Church But Don't Worry That Will Never Happen Here. (BabylonBee - 8/5/2020)

Democratic States Deploy Greta Thunberg Drones to Lecture People Who go Outside. (BabylonBee - 14/5/2020)

Out of Touch... (Kevin James Short Film – YouTube - 8/5/2020 - 2 min.)

Vaccination en Marche (...forcée) [YouTube - 4 minutes]
-> mais BOF pour l'allusion aux 2 tours...

Mayor De Blasio Lays Naval Minefield to Deter Swimmers. (BabylonBee - 18/5/2020)

You're Nonessential -- Keep Your Mouth Shut. (Christopher Paslay - American Thinker - 19/5/2020)

'I Can't Believe Christians Think It's Safe to Go Back to Church,' Says Woman In Line At Walmart. (BabylonBee - 19/5/2020)

CNN Praises Governor Cuomo For Killing Off The Elderly Since They Probably Would Have Voted For Trump. (BabylonBee - 20/5/2020)

Doctors Recommend Locking Down And Reopening Repeatedly Until Everyone Has Nervous Breakdown. (BabylonBee - 29/6/2020)

10 Safety Tips For Going Back To Church. (BabylonBee - 18/7/2020)

Ceremony Honoring Governor Cuomo's COVID-19 Response to be Held At Now-Vacant Nursing Home. (BabylonBee - 21/7/2020)

Nevada Church Avoids Coronavirus Restrictions By Installing Slot Machines. (BabylonBee - 26/7/2020)

Dr. Fauci Recommends Encasing Your Entire Body in Bubble Wrap to Protect Against Coronavirus. (BabylonBee - 30/7/2020)

Study Finds Most Americans Trust Dr Pepper Over Dr. Fauci. (BabylonBee- 14/8/2020)

Bible Scholars Now Believe Adam And Eve Were Actually Asked to Leave Garden Because They Weren't Wearing Masks. (BabylonBee - 4/9/2020)

Fauci Renews Pandemic For Highly Anticipated Season 2. (BabylonBee - 23/9/2020)

Nouvelle religion : le covidisme
(Karim Duval - YouTube - 4 minutes - 29/9/2020)

Dear Emperor Gavin Newsom’: Comedian Rob Schneider Blasts California Governor Over Thanksgiving Rules: “Can I throw a slice of turkey from the window?” (Joseph Curl -  DailyWire - 18/10/2020)

Kevin Sorbo Mocks Gavin Newsom Curfew: ‘I Almost Got Covid’ but Made It Home at 9:58 PM. (David Ng - Breitbart - 19/11/2020)

Newsom Announces Curfew so He Won't Have to Wait in Long Line at Fancy Restaurants. (BabylonBee - 20/11/2020)

Laughter Will Win Against Totalitarianism. (Annie Holmquist - Chronicles Mag - 20/11/2020)

C’est vraiment LE HIT du temps des fêtes et du jour de l’an!! Bonne écoute
(Benoit Conscient - YouTube - 3 minutes - 22/11/2020)

YouTube Removes All Cooking Videos Featuring Recipes That Serve More Than 6. (BabylonBee - 26/11/2020)

In New EA Star Wars Game, You Must Prove You Were Vaccinated to Unlock Darth Vader. (BabylonBee - 30/11/2020)

Proof That Lockdowns Are Working!
(JP Sears - YouTube - 7 min. - 5/12/2020)

DETOURNEMENT COVID 2 - De Funès déteste toujours le confinement.
(YouTube - 5 min. - 13/12/2020)

I Keep My Kid Locked in The Apartment. So What? (An Op-Ed From 2019): Locking kids in their apartments without human contact gets a bad rap. Here's why. (David Marcus - The Federalist - 15/12/2020)

How The Gretch Stole Christmas: Because the only way to be on the 'Nice' list this Christmas is to mask up and avoid your loved ones at all costs. (Kylee Zempel - The Federalist - 17/12/2020) -> a parody inspired by Dr Suess...

Blessed are the Prophylactic Givers for They Shall Inherit the Earth. (Freddie Attenborough - Lockdown Sceptics - 17/12/2020)

The 2020 Idiot of the Year Award: The competition is tough. Who wins? You decide. (Itxu Díaz - The American Spectator - 12/12/2020)

Paul Mirabel nous raconte un test PCR spécial...
(Paname Art Café - YouTube - 3 minutes - 20/12/2020)

When You Believe All The Propaganda
(JP Sears Show - YouTube - 2 minutes - 29/12/2020)

Vaccinez moi
(Alex Fredo - YouTube - 3 minutes - 4/2/2021)

Nation Prepares to Celebrate 1st Anniversary of Two Weeks to Flatten The Curve. (BabylonBee - 8/2/2021)

Dr. Fauci Spins His Handy Wheel of Science! (BabylonBee - 15/2/2021)

Stay Home, Stay Safe™ Afraid of society opening back up? Stay home and let everyone else live. (Melissa Mackenzie - The American Spectator - 3/3/2021)

Confronting Toxic 'Maskulinity'. (Steve Deace - The Blaze - 9/3/2021)

Les Nouvelles de la VÉRITÉ BRUTALE #6
(Amélie Paul - Odysée - 14 minutes - 22/3/2021)

Elle est Pfizer - Les Goguettes (en trio mais à quatre)
(YouTube - 4 minutes - 8/4/2021)

Olivier Variant: Expert en Vaccination.
(YouTube - 6 minutes - 8/4/2021)

Adorably Naive Optimist Thinks Lockdowns Will End Someday. (BabylonBee - 9/4/2021)

Roman Authorities Investigating Jesus For Violating Stay-In-Tomb Order. (BabylonBee - 12/4/2021)

'It Is Still Not Safe to go Outside,' Says Fauci's Head in a Jar in Year 2739. (BabylonBee - 12/4/2021)

Study Finds Anyone Still Wearing a Mask at This Point is Probably Just Super Ugly. (BabylonBee - 23/4/2021)

Mary Poppins | Les 99%
(Média en 4-4-2 - YouTube - 3 minutes - 23/4/2021)

CDC Now Recommends Wearing a Seat Belt Even When You're Outside The Car. (BabylonBee - 28/4/2021)

10 Ways To Feel Morally Superior to Everyone When Masks Are No Longer Required. (BabylonBee - 3/5/2021)

'I Have Changed My Mind And Do Not Want A Divorce From This Amazing Handsome Man,' Says Glossy-Eyed Melinda Gates After Receiving Vaccine. (BabylonBee - 3/5/2021)

CDC Says You no Longer Have to Wear a Life Jacket Outside In Case of Rain. (BabylonBee - 14/5/2021)

Fauci's Laboratory
(PolitiZoid - YouTube - 2 minutes - 15/5/2021)

'They Won't Make Fun of me Ever Again,' Says Dr. Fauci While Designing New Virus In His Lab. (BabylonBee - 19/5/2021)

Definitely Not a Cult.
(Paul Joseph Watson - BitChute - 10 minutes - 21/5/2021)

CDC Introduces New Anti-Virus Hat For Concerned Liberals To Wear. (BabylonBee - 24/5/2021)

Greetings from "New Normal" Germany! (C. J. Hopkins - The Consent Factory - 24/5/2021)

Dr. Fauci Gets in Heated Debate With Seventeen Previous Versions of Himself. (BabylonBee - 26/5/2021)

'Bob Barker Phase of The Pandemic': Bill Maher Mocks States For 'Bribing' Americans to Get Vaccinated. (Nicole Silverio - Daily Caller - 29/5/2021)

Exclusive: The Babylon Bee Has Acquired More Leaked Dr. Fauci Emails. (Babylon Bee - 2/6/2021)

Pierre Perret - Les confinis
(YouTube - 3 minutes - 9/6/2021)

People Who Ruined World's Economies Gather to Discuss How to Fix World's Economies. (BabylonBee - 11/6/2021)

Bo Burnham's Netflix Special 'Inside' is a Darkly Comic Look at Quarantine 'Inside' is an engaging look at an artist's relationship with his work, his sanity, and himself. (Paulina Enck - The Federalist - 16/6/2021)

Postcard From Sydney. (Steve Waterson - Lockdown Sceptics - 28/6/2021)

Delta Variant Found to be Twice as Virulent And Blah Blah Blah: Whatever Who Cares At This Point... (BabylonBee - 30/6/2021)

7 Clever Ways to Scare Off Biden's Door-To-Door Vaccine Evangelists. (BabylonBee - 8/7/2021)

'Vaccines Should Be Mandatory,' Says Woman Wearing My Body, My Choice T-Shirt. (BabylonBee - 12/7/2021)

The Science

(Source : The Daily Sceptic)

When the Biden Administration Knocks On Your Door…
(AwakenWithJP [Sears] - YouTube - 2 minutes - 8/7/2021)

Why Anthony Fauci's Next Heroic Crusade Needs to be Against Lightning: The odds of being struck by lightning in a given year are 1 in 1,222,000. Together, we can reduce them to zero. (Rich Cromwell - The Federalist - 28/7/2021)

La planète des seringues Pass sanitaire !
(Docteur Alwest - YouTube - 5 minutes - 28/7/2021)

Doctors Recommend Locking Down And Reopening Repeatedly Until Everyone Has Nervous Breakdown. (BabylonBee - 29/7/2021)

À tous les gens raisonnables et très intelligents qui s'indignent devant ceux qui ne veulent pas se faire vacciner. (Reza Moghaddassi - Vigilance-Pandemie - 31/7/2021)

Church Combats COVID By Adding Essential Oils to Fog Machine. (BabylonBee - 5/8/2021)

Prankster Performs "Vaccinated Only" Carriage Social Experiment: Passengers asked to prove they've had the jab before boarding train. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 12/8/2021)

'Pfizer+' Monthly Booster Subscription Program Announced. (BabylonBee - 19/8/2021)

La fable du lion malade et des renards. (Jean-Yves Jézéquel/ - Les Moutons Enragés - 21/8/2021)

FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine, Knocks On Wood. (BabylonBee - 23/8/2021)

Covid : « trop bête pour comprendre ». (Reza Moghaddassi/Vigilance-Pandémie - Les Moutons Enragés - 24/8/2021)

Costco Introduces New 5-Gallon Family Size Pfizer Vaccine. (BabylonBee - 30/8/2021)

10 Life-Giving Hacks for Living Within Lockdown Limits, Without Having to Die by Them: "In sum, it's not what you've got, it's what you do with what you've got, that counts." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 5/9/2021)

CDC Cautions Against Taking The Red Pill. (BabylonBee - 16/9/2021)

Pfizer Assures That Vaccine Is Almost As Safe For Kids As COVID. (BabylonBee - 20/9/2021)

Why Life Jackets Should Be Mandatory!
(AwakenWithJP - YouTube - 5 minutes - 2/10/2021)

Dear Parishioners, We're All In This Together, But Not All Of You "We have also reluctantly engaged the services of a security company for this 3 week period, and a security officer will be present to enforce the public health orders where necessary." (Rev. Michael D. Richards - Caldron Pool - 7/10/2021)

Devolution of COVID vaccine efficacy. (Kelly Bee - Twitter - 2 minutes - 15/10/2021)

What Southwest [Airline] DOESN'T Want You to Know…
(AwakenWithJP - 8 min. - 16/10/2021)

La Gaule vaccinée

Document retrouvé dans une salle d'employées. (Samizdat - 2/11/2021)

What the FDA is Like…
(AwakenWithJP - YouTube - 8 minutes - 24/11/2021)

The Aussie Cossack shows Avi Yemini his latest trick for over-zealous cops. (Rebel News - 25/11/2021)

"South Park: Post Covid" Preview
(YouTube - 30 seconds - 25/11/2021)

Fauci Dons Funny Hat, Declares Himself to be Pope of Science. (BabylonBee - 29/11/2021)

Mais c'est tout à fait logique, s'il faut remplacer ses pneus à tous les 6 mois parce qu'il sont finis (sur "la fesse", comme disent les québécois), c'est sans doute la faute des autres automobilistes.
On est tous d'accord?? Y'a PAS d'autre explication possible!!

Post-COVID: South Park Satirizes Pandemic Hysteria Over New Variant Entire town gets quarantined over a single unvaccinated person. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 2/12/2021)

La CoronaFolie (tourbillon) Chanson Humoristique Covido-Résistante
(Marc Garetto - YouTube - 3 minutes - 13/12/2021)

10 Undeniable Proofs That Mask Mandates Work. (BabylonBee - 14/12/2021)

It's beginning to look a lot like... [genocide]
(Spacebusters - BitChute - 20/12/2021)

Life next year in America | updated ending.
(Tyler Fischer - YouTube - 1 minute - 2/12/2021)

Unvaccinated Man Feeling Left Out as All His Vaccinated Friends Have COVID. (BabylonBee - 31/12/2021)

Science Accused of Lying Under Oath. (BabylonBee - 11/1/2022)

How an Army of Jocks, Bros, And Other Awesome Americans Can Save us From Covid Insanity. (Joy Pullmann - The Federalist - 18/1/2022)

Trudeau Claims Truckers Only Hate Him Because He's Black. (BabylonBee - 28/1/2022)

Trudeau Demands Protesters Stop Shutting Down City So That He Can Shut Down City. (BabylonBee - 8/2/2022)

Nation Prepares To Celebrate 2nd Anniversary of Two Weeks to Flatten The Curve. (BabylonBee - 16/2/2022)

Trudeau Having Difficulty Teaching Canadian Mounties to Goose-Step. (BabylonBee - 16/2/2022)

Man Donates To Truck Convoy Under Name 'Hunter Biden' So Washington Post Won't Dox Him. (BabylonBee - 17/2/2022)

Canadian ATMs Now Asking Your Political Views Before Allowing You to Withdraw Money. (BabylonBee - 18/2/2022) -> This is satire, but satire that is VERY close to reality...

Trudeau Announces He Will Retain Ring of Power Indefinitely. (BabylonBee - 22/2/2022)

8 HILARIOUS things Fauci should do next: Comedians have fun at Fauci's expense. (The Blaze - 25/3/2022)

Exclusive Klaus Schwab Tell All interview!
(AwakenWithJP - YouTube - 11 minutes - 9/4/2022)

This INSANELY accurate Dr. Fauci impression is everything you need today. (The Blaze - 29/4/2022)

How the [Canadian] Prime Minister Stole Freedom - A Parody Children's Book
(Clyde Do Something - YouTube - 5 minutes - 2/6/2022)

Rash of blood clots caused by…the heat? (Kit Knightly - Off-Guardian - 17/6/2022)

Elmo Dies of Myocarditis After Receiving COVID Vaccine. (BabylonBee - 28/6/2022)

Qui c'est celui-là ?... (la Samba des sans vax): Le quotidien des non vaccinés mis en musique ! (Les Pestiférés - YouTube - 5 minutes - 7/7/2022)

Tucker Carlson just crucified Lord Fauci once and for all… (Revolver - 17 minutes - 22/8/2022)

Retiring Dr. Fauci Begins Selling Vaccines Out of Trenchcoat In Dark Alleyway. (BabylonBee - 31/8/2022)

CDC Warns of New 'Stealth' COVID Variant Where You Test Negative And Get No Symptoms. (BabylonBee - 5/9/2022)

Djokovic Declared US Open Champion by Default After All The Other Players Die of Heart Attacks. (BabylonBee - 6/9/2022)

Gooder bugs...
Wisdom From the Compliant Minion...

Comedian Jim Breuer has Glenn Beck in stitches with HILARIOUS (but powerful) message about finding faith The Glenn Beck Podcast 'She's in a CULT!' (The Blaze - 21/9/2022)

Heart Problems Linked to...

Josef Mengele Accepts New Role As President of The American Medical Association Health. (BabylonBee - 4/10/2022)

No Reason Any More to Refuse the Covid Shot in Australia Not only safe and effective. They even cover your funeral costs. (Thorsteinn Siglaugsson - From Symptoms to Causes - 14/10/2022)

Hey—sorry you lost your job b/c of the vax that doesn't work and your grandmother died alone and you couldn't have a funeral and your brother's business was needlessly destroyed and your kids have weird heart problems—but let's just admit we were all wrong and call a truce, eh? (Matthew J. Peterson - 31/10/2022)

Amnesty: For now, I will leave you with this. More to come later. (Thorsteinn Siglaugsson - From Symptoms to Causes - 4/11/2022) Biting Icelandic satire...

Amish Plague?

Paid my power bill...

Supper is served at Karl Schwab's

Mask Keeping Man's Chin Safe From Covid. (BabylonBee - 6/12/2022)

Coeurs sensibles s'abstenir... (Roxanne Labanane - FaceBook - 4 minutes - 6/12/2022) -> Voici le témoignage troublant d'une courageuse survivante ayant été victime d'un proche atteint de complotisme, cette maladie mentale incurable et dévastatrice pour l'entourage de la personne atteinte. Une exclusivité VTA.

(The Twelve Doses of Christmas: Angry Albertan Canadian Ensemble - Odyeée - 3 minutes - 10/12/2022)

Canadian Healthcare System Introduces Punch Card Where on Your 10th Visit You Get Free Suicide. (BabylonBee - 12/12/2022)

Canadian Doctor Loses License For Not Wearing Mask While Euthanizing Patient. (BabylonBee - 12/12/2022)

Another Right Wing Nut Job Questions the Jabberwocky "Hey, we all know she must be a right-wing bigot who is seeking to kill grandma. Away with her!" (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 21/12/2022)

Humpday Humor: Coincidence Theorists. (Zero Hedge - 2 minutes - 11/1/2023)

Experts Say They Don't Know What Thing Is Causing Everyone To Suddenly Collapse, But It's Definitely Not That One Thing. (BabylonBee - 9/1/2023)

The Matrix is Malfunctioning: The Great Reveal. (Paul Joseph Watson - Daily Sceptic - 18/1/2023) -> What was Andrew Tate arrested for??

15 Reasons Completely Unrelated To The Vaccine People Are Dying Suddenly. (BabylonBee - 18/1/2023)

The Boosters: "We're in Your Hearts": A new hit by a notorious boys band. They're on tour. Performing at a hospital near you. (Thorsteinn Siglaugsson - From Symptoms to Causes - 25/1/2023)

Pfizer Introduces New Mascot 'Clotty'. (BabylonBee - 25/1/2023)

They knew: why didn't the unvaccinated do more to warn us? (IQFY - 25/1/2023) -> irony or a psyop from a perverted, manipulative mind??

It's Official: Ugly People More Likely to Wear Masks - University Study. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 4/2/2023)

Billions of Lives Saved By Man Wearing Mask While Alone In Car. (The Babylon Bee - BabylonBee- 16/2/2023)

BEYOND THE RESET - Animated Short Film
(3D Epix - YouTube - 24 minutes - 1/3/2023)

Harvard professor of medicine hilariously trolls 'vaccine fanatics' when natural immunity comes up during House roundtable on COVID policies. (Dave Urbanski - The Blaze - 1/3/2023)

Pfizer Unable to Finish Press Conference as Spokespeople Keep Collapsing
(BabylonBee - 2 minutes - 2/3/2023)

When I Lost My Sense of Claret: We cannot be thankful enough to those who have tried to protect us against the "deadly virus" and the truly devastating consequences of "long-Covid". (Thorsteinn Siglaugsson - From Symptoms to Causes - 1/5/2023)

Former SNL Star Dana Carvey Roasts Dr. Anthony Fauci: Carvey and David Spade lambasted Fauci's infinite vaccine campaign and ridiculed the jab's inability to stop disease transmission. (Infowars - 30/6/2023)

The Two Minutes Hate (New Normal Edition). (CJ Hopkins - The Consent Factory - 4/8/2023) -> Because the other thing The Two Minutes Hate is designed to do is direct that rage and hatred at an appropriate official scapegoat. Totalitarians need to blow off steam. Mindlessly following senseless orders and robotically parroting official propaganda that you know is a bunch of lies is no fun.

Sometimes, Only Satire Does The Job... (Ramesh Thakur/The Brownstone Institute - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 13/8/2023)

Surely Not: It's back just in time! (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - video, 8 minutes - 24/8/2023) -> A new 'concerning' COVID strain has emerged right as Pfizer and Moderna's profits plunge and new boosters are ready to be rolled out next month. only a coincidence...

Trudeau's Talk Radio Show!
(John Julian - YouTube - 10 minutes - 31/8/2023)

Going according to plan

Le masque ultime. (#RemiGaillard - YouTube - 12/12/2023)

The Next Big Thing in 2024? Magic Stones. (George Santayana - Daily Sceptic - 1/1/2024)

Forum économique mondial: Une vidéo satire de Damon Imani devient virale: Un nouveau participant au FEM-WEF réalise l'impensable lors de la réunion de Davos 2024. (Damon Imani - - vidéo, 19 secondes - 17/1/2024)