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Interventions policières musclées ou interventions
technocratiques abusives un peu partout dans le monde:
totalitarisme larvaire...
Technocratic WorldWide Intimidation, Abusive and Coercive Mesures...

Collaboration of the population in denouncing political opponents and volunteer service as stool pigeons are certainly not unprecedented, but in totalitarian countries they are so well organized that the work of specialists is almost superfluous. In a system of ubiquitous spying, where everybody may be a police agent and each individual feels himself under constant surveillance; under circumstances, more-over, where careers are extremely insecure and where the most spectacular ascents and falls have become everyday occurrences, every word becomes equivocal and subject to retrospective "interpretation."
(Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism - 1948/1976 p. 431)

One of the most glaring differences between the old-fashioned rule by bureaucracy and the up-to-date totalitarian brand is that Russia's and Austria's pre-war rulers were content with an idle radiance of power and, satisfied to control its outward destinies, left the whole inner life of the soul intact. Totalitarian bureaucracy, with a more complete understanding of the meaning of absolute power, intruded upon the private individual and his inner life with equal brutality. The result of this radical efficiency has been that the inner spontaneity of people under its rule was killed along with their social and political activities, so that the merely political sterility under the older bureaucracies was followed by total sterility under totalitarian rule.
(Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism - 1948/1976 Harvest/Harcourt p. 245)

La Gestapo du Covid Strikes Again...

(…) il est dangereux d'avoir raison dans des choses où les autorités constituées ont tort.
[Œuvres complètes de Voltaire volume 8 Hachette Paris 1752/1859 (Le Siècle de Louis XIV chap. 1) p. 433]

Masques, confinement, fermeture d'écoles, restrictions sur la vie sociale, fermeture de commerces, suicides...
Le message pas très subliminal? Vous n'êtes PAS essentiels !

Dossier Covid19

Les vidéos affichant cet image Censored by YouTube ont été censurés par YouTube depuis leur mise en ligne....

Les articles sont en ordre chronologique croissant (plus vieux d'abord) / Articles are in chronological order (oldest first, recent articles at the bottom) -> articles plus récents

Apple, Google Join Forces to Create Free Tools For Coronavirus Tracking. (Tim Cushing - TechDirt - 10/4/2020)

Arresting People And Closing Parks Will Cause More Civil Unrest During Lockdown. (Georgi Boorman - The Federalist - 13/4/2020)

Mayor Bill de Blasio tells New Yorkers to take photos of anyone not social distancing and report them to police. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 18/4/2020)

Coronavirus: Romania hands out steep lockdown fines. (Stephen McGrath - BBC News - 22/4/2020)

Three arrested on San Diego beach for violating California governor's stay-at-home orders: Californians with surfboards are arrested on the beach for not adhering to lockdown orders. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 25/4/2020)

Coronavirus: Apple-Google Contact Tracing Tech Picks up Steam as Germany Buys in. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 27/4/2020)

CA County Health Dept to Remove COVID-Infected People From Homes and Place Them in Quarantine Centers. (Jeff Maples - Reformation Charlotte - 7/5/2020)

In London today, the police behaved disgracefully: Cops are enforcing the lockdown in a rude, arrogant and heavy-handed way. (Brendan O'Neill - Spiked - 9/5/2020)

Beware the Lofty Promises of Covid-19 'Tracker' Apps: A popular symptom-tracking app made a splash for its surprising discoveries. But a deeper look at the data calls those findings into question. (Kaiser Fung - Wired - 13/5/2020)

Privacy Experts: Google and Apple's Chinese Virus Tracing Technology Could be Abused. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 17/4/2020)

The corona cops are out of control: The heavy-handed enforcement of non-existent laws needs to stop. (Luke Gittos - Spiked - 14/5/2020)

Now the corona cops are arresting the homeless: A homeless man has been charged for violating the lockdown. This is madness. (Spiked - 12/5/2020)

Trump annonce qu'il mobilisera l'armée pour vacciner contre le Covid-19. (Boursorama/Reuters - 14/5/2020)

Woman holding 'We Are Free' sign while sitting on beach dragged away by cops: ​'This is a power trip. This has nothing to do with the virus.': The woman was charged with violating an emergency order, resisting, and trespassing. (Dave Urbanski - The Blaze - 14/5/2020)

As Some Are Requiring People to Give Up Their Info to Dine, Stories of Creeps Abusing That Info Come Out. (Mike Masnick - TechDirt - 15/5/2020)

Italian Government Recruits 60,000 Informants to Spy on Neighbors During Lockdown. (Thomas D. Williams - Breitbart - 24/5/2020)

Apple, Google’s Covid-19 Tool Gives Health Authorities More Data. (Mark Gurman and Gerrit De Vynck - Bloomberg - 20/5/2020)

Chicago Mayor Launches Police Raid to Shut Down Black Church’s Sunday Services. (Warner Todd Huston - Breitbart - 24/5/2020)

Justice Centre challenges Alberta’s new Bill 24 as one more dangerous, authoritarian law. (Justice Center - 9/7/2020)

Poll: More Than 7 in 10 Americans Refuse to Use Contact Tracing Apps. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 16/6/2020)

Privacy Concerns Lead to Deletion of All Data Collected by Norway's Contact Tracing App. (Glyn Moody - TechDirt - 15/5/2020)

BC Government challenged over violating Charter freedoms by COVID-19 lockdown measures. (Justice Center - 9/7/2020)

Ohio county establishes hotline for people to snitch on anyone not wearing a face mask: People who don't wear a mask face up to 90 days in jail and a $750 fine. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 12/7/2020)

New Zealand to Quarantine People in Isolation ‘For Months, Maybe Years,’ Epidemiologist Says. (Joseph Curl - DailyWire - 12/7/2020)

Comment la technologie française peut contrôler le port du masque obligatoire: Caméras intelligentes, radars laser... Plusieurs technologies sont testées pour aider à contrôler le respect du port du masque, suscitant parfois des inquiétudes concernant la vie privée. (Valentin Hamon-Beugin - Le Figaro - 1/7/2020)

Couple Put on House Arrest, Get Ankle Monitors For Refusing to Sign Quarantine Document. (Joseph Curl - DailyWire - 20/7/2020)

Rollout of Canada's 'COVID Alert' app criticized over download requirements: The app requires users to have Apple or Android phones made in the last five years, and a relatively new operating system. (Nick Wells - National Post - 3/8/2020)

The new Covid crime: helping the elderly: A woman has been sacked from her bakery job for accepting cash payments from elderly customers. (Spiked - 3/8/2020)

Will Enough Americans Resist Tyranny? Formerly Law Abiding Citizens Now Criminalized as Prisons are Emptied. (Brian Shilhavy - Health Impact News - 4/8/2020)

Madness in Melbourne. (Jeffrey A Tucker - Activist Post - 4/8/2020)

John MacArthur Lawyers up as LA Threatens Jail Time Over in-Person Church Services. (Tyler O'Neil - PJMedia - 5/8/2020)

LA Mayor Authorizes City to Shut Off Utilities of Houses And Businesses That Hold Gatherings. (Marlo Safi - Daily Caller - 5/8/2020)

Nashville councilwoman wants attempted murder charges for people who don't wear face mask, pass on COVID-19: '...if they pass a virus, then they are tried for murder or attempted murder'. (Chris Enloe - The Blaze - 8/8/2020)

Chicago to Use Social Media to Track Tourists Violating Quarantine: Fines range from $100 to $500 a day. (Joseph Curl - DailyWire - 9/8/2020)

Watch: Australian Police Choke, Wrestle Woman to the Ground for Not Wearing a Mask. (Simon Kent - Breitbart - 11/8/2020)

California Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Anyone Attending Megachurch. (Pulpit and Pen - 12/8/2020)

Insane Model Means Colorado’s COVID-19 Policies Are Essentially Based On Tarot Cards. (Karl Dierenbach - The Federalist - 13/8/2020)

Un "kidnapping gouvernemental" en Angleterre? (Conscience du peuple - 14/8/2020)

Hallucinant! En Allemagne et en Angleterre, les autorités menacent de retirer de leurs familles les enfants suspects de COVID en les plaçant dans un centre de quarantaine (MAJ: Le Québec aussi). (Fawkes News - 14/8/2020)

“Morality Pills”: Ethicist Calls for Drugs to Solve COVID Non-Compliance. (Richard Weikart - Evoilution News - 14/8/2020)

After students balk at demand to wear ‘BioButton’ health-monitoring device, university backs down. (Charles Hilu - College Fix - 14/8/2020)

Your child’s a no-show at virtual school? You may get a call from the state’s foster care agency. (Bianca Vázquez Toness - Boston Globe - 15/8/2020)

France Deploying Riot Police To Enforce Mask Regulations: Towns around France started requiring masks outdoors on Monday. (Joseph Curl - DailyWire - 17/8/2020)

Deborah Birx wishes US lockdown looked like Italy's, where people couldn't leave their homes without gov't permission. (Chris Field - The Blaze - 18/8/2020)

Coronavirus: Toulouse devient la première grande ville avec masque obligatoire: Cette obligation est valable un mois, chaque jour de 7h du matin à 3h du matin, pour «les personnes de plus de 11 ans qui se déplacent à l'air libre», y compris celles à vélo ou trottinette. (Le Figaro - 19/8/2020)

College to use tracking device that notifies officials if students leave school's 'COVID-bubble': Violators may be temporarily suspended (Dave Urbanski - The Blaze - 19/8/2020)

Utah governor: Students who don't wear masks can be charged with a crime. (Jack Davis - WND - 21/8/2020)

Los Angeles County Targets Grace Community Church For Holding Worship Services By Terminating Parking Lot Lease. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 31/8/2020)

Pregnant Aussie Mother Arrested for Allegedly ‘Inciting’ Coronavirus Lockdown Protest. (Simon Kent - Breitbart - 2/9/2020)

Peruvian Clowns Arrested for Attending Funeral Service for Colleague Who Died of Coronavirus. (Katherine Rodriguez - Breitbart - 2/9/2020)

Northeastern University Dismisses 11 Students For Violating Social Distancing Rules, Won’t Refund Their Tuition. (Adam Barne - Daily Caller - 5/9/2020)

Australia’s Covid police state: As one pregnant woman discovered, Victorian authorities will not tolerate any dissent. (James Bolt - Spiked - 6/9/2020)

New Strict UK Shutdown Orders Exempt LGBT Support Groups, Not Bible Studies. (Protestia - 16/9/2020)

UK to Fine Quarantine-Breakers up to $13,000. (Joseph Curl - DailyWire - 20/9/2020)

Minister Says Second Lockdown Could Follow If New Restrictions Don’t Work. (Victoria Friedman - Breitbart - 23/9/2020)

School Officer Tases, Handcuffs Woman For Not Wearing Mask At Eighth-Grade Football Game: "They tased someone over a mask." (Joseph Curl - DailyWire - 24/9/2020)

Idaho Police Arrest 3 at Outdoor Church Worship Event in Defiance of Mask Mandate. (Ezra Dulis - Breitbart - 24/9/2020)

A Weary America Braces for More Pandemic Lockdowns. (Rick Moran - PJMedia - 26/9/2020)

Au Québec, les policiers peuvent entrer chez les habitants pour contrôler les mesures sanitaires: Pour enrayer la pandémie au Québec, les habitants de la province canadienne ne peuvent plus accueillir d'invités. Les policiers peuvent obtenir d'un juge l'autorisation d'entrer dans les domiciles pour vérifier le respect des règles sanitaires. (RTFrance - 2/10/2020)

Is The UK Heading Toward Medical Martial Law? (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 3/10/2020)

Starmer’s second lockdown would do untold damage: The opposition is even more authoritarian and irrational than the government. (Paddy Hannam - Spiked - 14/10/2020)

Le Dr Marc Lacroix veut faire annuler la plainte. (Nicolas Saillant - Le Journal de Québec - 14/10/2020)

The British state has lost the plot: A Liverpool gym refused to close. So armed police showed up. (Spiked - 15/10/2020)

Dr. Fauci Suggests Canceling Thanksgiving Family Gatherings This Year: "May have to bite the bullet and sacrifice" the holiday. (Joseph Curl - DailyWire - 15/10/2020)

‘Situation Worsening Fast’: Europe Tightens Coronavirus Restrictions. (Victoria Friedman - Breitbart - 21/10/2020)

Will Scotland really cancel Christmas?: Puritanical Covid restrictions are now threatening our most important festival. (Paddy Hannam - Spiked - 23/10/2020)

Dr. Anthony Fauci: If People Aren’t Wearing Masks, Maybe We Should Mandate It. (Joshua Caplan - Breitbart - 24/10/2020)

How Will Students Get Home For Christmas? (LockDown Skeptics - 10/11/2020)

Lockdown III – BoJo’s Most Destructive Idiocy Yet. (James Delingpole - Breitbart - 28/11/2020)

Les Canucks congédient leur chanteur. (Renaud Bourbonnais - Dans les coulisses - 5/12/2020)

The Berlin authorities are waging war on Berliners: New Covid restrictions show how deeply the city government distrusts the public. (Sabine Beppler-Spahl - Spiked - 7/12/2020)

This Year’s ‘War on Christmas’ Looks A Little Different In A Pandemic. (Mary Margaret Olohan - Daily Caller - 22/12/2020)

Coronavirus Crackdown: Aussie Partygoers Warned Against Kissing, Hugging, Displays of Affection. (Simon Kent - Breitbart - 28/12/2020)

Canada's Quarantine Hotels Backfire as People Starved. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 2/3/2021)

Police attacking people in park in Belgium.
(James Balmforth - YouTube - 1 minute - 2/4/2021)

Interventions de la Gestapo du Covid/propositions complètement irrationelles/délirantes à la Brave New World

WHO Doctor Suggests Door-to-Door Searches to Find Sick and Then 'Remove Them and Isolate Them'. (Christine Favocci - The Western Journal - 7/4/2020)

Wisconsin Forces Employees to Wear Masks at Home Alone During Zoom Meetings. (John Nolte - Breitbart - 12/8/2020)

Ethics professor suggests mandated 'morality pills' instead of vaccine in COVID-19 fight. Doctor hits back with frightening reason why this should never be. (Sarah Taylor - The Blaze - 18/8/2020)

Melbourne: Authorities to Use Surveillance Drones to Catch People Not Wearing Masks: Will also scan for cars more than 5km from home. (Paul Joseph Watson - UrbanairMobilityNews - 18/8/2020)

School suspends 12-year-old boy after teachers call police on him for picking up toy gun during virtual class. (Sarah Taylor - The Blaze - 7/9/2020)

WestJet flight from Calgary to Toronto grounded over mandatory mask dispute involving children. (Tomasia DaSilva - Global News - 8/9/2020) -> a 19 month old child...

Folie : un vol canadien annulé car un nourrisson ne portait pas de masque à bord de l’avion ! (Le Libre Penseur - 11/8/2020)

Canada – 6 Médecins immobilisent une femme de 31 ans pour lui passer le test de la Covid de force à l’hôpital Papineau secteur Buckingham. (Final Scape - 12/9/2020)

S'en prendre à un bébé de 6 jours!!! BRAVO!!!....BRAVO!!!
-> à l'hôpital Ste-Justine on met en danger la vie d'un bébé en le testant et en le mettant en contact avec des covideux...
(Colin Show - 7 minutes - 12/9/2020)

Mother and 2-year-old son allegedly booted from Southwest flight after the toddler ate snacks without a mask on: Seriously? (Phil Shiver - The Blaze - 15/9/2020)

Pre-Crime: Victorian Government Pushes for Powers to Preemptively Arrest Anyone, Even If They Haven’t Broken the Law. (Caldron Pool - 18/9/2020)

Les policiers pourront-ils entrer dans les maisons? (Geneviève Lajoie - Journal de Québec - 22/9/2020)

Répression/Santé : la police britannique archivera les empreintes digitales et les profils ADN des personnes infectées par le coronavirus. (Aguelid - Lelibrepenseur - 21/9/2020)

Bientôt dans votre ville : La réponse totalitaire de l'Australie au Covid crée un précédent pour tout dictateur en devenir. (SOTT - 24/9/2020)

En Australie, les autorités s'arrogent le droit de tester et vacciner de force la population contre le COVID. (Fawke News - 26/9/2020)

More Melbourne Insanity: Mom Arrested At Beach For Traveling 'Outside Her Permitted 5km Radius'. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 5/10/2020)

Doug Ford gov't won't deny COVID-19 quarantine camps are coming to Ontario.
(Randy Hillier - Rebel-News - YouTube - 5 minutes - 9/10/2020)

La police canadienne effectue un contrôle de quarantaine COVID à minuit sur une femme terrifiée seule à la maison. ( - 15/10/2020)

Dan Andrews Suggests Tagging People With Electronic Devices So the Government Can Monitor Their Health and Location. (Evelyn Rae - Caldron Pool - 21/10/2020) -> Victorian Premier Daniel Andrew [Australia]

France Tops 1 Million Coronavirus Cases, Nearly 70 Per Cent of Population Under Curfew. (Victoria Friedman - Breitbart - 24/10/2020)

UK Police Chief: It's A "Civic Duty" to Snitch on Neighbors Violating COVID Restrictions. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 31/10/2020)

Michigan Governor: Up To Six Months In Prison If Businesses Don’t Surveil Customers For Contact Tracing. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 1/11/2020)

La Nouvelle-Zélande annonce des « camps de quarantaine » où les patients positifs seront placés de force. (Covid Infos - 1/11/2020)

Criminal sanctions for gathered worship. (Christian Concern - 6/11/2020) -> England

Europe To Begin Second Round of Lockdowns, U.S. Could Follow Under a President Biden. (Ashe Schow - DailyWire - 7/11/2020)

Paris Health Official Urges "Cancel Christmas & New Year's" As Virus Ravages Europe. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 10/11/2020)

Deutsche Bank Proposes A 5% "Work From Home" Privilege Tax. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 11/11/2020)

Australian state starts 'circuit breaker' coronavirus lockdown; limits movement, bans outside exercise: The six-day lockdown closed schools, universities, bars and cafes too. (Lucia I. Suarez Sang - Fox News - 19/11/2020)

Covid’s ‘pizzagate’: South Australia went into lockdown because a man lied about a pizza. (Spiked - 20/11/2020)

‘Freedom Pass, Please’: Boris to Introduce Covid Passports as More Lockdowns Loom. (Kurt Zindulka - Breitbart - 22/11/2020)

NYC Mayor de Blasio fines synagogue $15K for massive secret wedding, says house of worship will be closed down if there's 'any further illegal activity': Sending a message. (Chris Field - The Blaze - 24/11/2020)

Cops Swarm Toronto BBQ For Defying COVID Lockdown, Shut It Down. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 24/11/2020)

But when will we actually be free again?: We’re leaving this unnecessary lockdown with stricter rules than when it started. (Spiked - 24/11/2020)

Now they’re arresting elderly protesters: The corona cops are becoming more authoritarian by the day. (Spiked - 25/11/2020)

BBQ Rebellion: Restaurant Owner Arrested After Days of Defying Toronto Lockdown. (Chris Tomlinson - Breitbart - 26/11/2020)

WATCH: Chaos Erupts As Man Arrested For ‘Trespassing’ At Own Restaurant, Opening Against Lockdown Edict. (Amanda Prestigiacomo - DailyWire - 27/11/2020)

VIDEO: [Canadian] BBQ restaurant owner defies COVID-19 lockdown, arrested, hit with 13 charges and fines; supporters stand with him: A GoFundMe campaign for a defense fund for Adamson Barbecue has already raised a large amount of money. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 28/11/2020)

Protest Chaos in London. (Jonathan Barr - LockDown Sceptics - 29/11/2020)

LEOs Use Squad Cars to Block Church from Having Drive-in Service. (Protestia - 29/11/2020)

Another Reader Arrested. (LockDown Sceptics - 1/12/2020) -> London, England

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing in Australia: “Reasonable Force Will Be Used to Ensure Your Compliance”. (Evelyn Rae - Caldron Pool - 2/12/2020)

Ski et Covid-19 : la fermeture des remontées mécaniques a-t-elle un sens sur le plan scientifique ?: LA VÉRIFICATION - La mesure annoncée par Emmanuel Macron a fait bondir les professionnels des stations de sports d'hiver. Mais est-elle justifiée ? (Pauline Fréour - Le Figaro - 4/12/2020)

Canadian Judge Rules Church Not Permitted to Hold Drive-In Services, Pastors Fined More Than $32,000: "I do not believe that the applicants meet their burden..." (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 9/12/2020)

Covid Marshals Patrol Pubs. (LockDown Skeptics - 12/12/2020)

Grammy Winning Producer Rick Rubin Charged with Breaking Lockdown Rules After Walking Alone on Hawaii Beach. (Alana Mastrangelo - Breitbart - 12/12/2020)

Social Media Bans Video of United Airlines Kicking Off Toddler Crying Over Mask: United owes its clients compassionate treatment and an evidence-based approach to COVID-19 that doesn’t turn hard situations into impossible ones. (Georgi Boorman - The Federalist - 15/12/2020)

Grâce à ses drones, la police saura qui est chez vous le soir de Noël. (Anne Lauwaert - Riposte Laïque - 16/12/2020)

Unsettling video shows cops assaulting, pulling taser on young man for playing ice hockey outside: 'Get on the ground before I taser you!'. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 19/12/2020)

Images choc d’une intervention policière en Belgique: un contrôle Covid tourne mal. (Anastassia Verbitskaïa - Sputnik - 21/12/2020)

Scientists Demand that England Go into Strict Lockdown Immediately. (Victoria Friedman - Breitbart - 27/12/2020)

2020: the year civil liberty was suspended: We must not allow lockdown authoritarianism to live on after the pandemic. (Luke Gittos - Spiked - 30/12/2020)

Une intervention policière dégénère lors d’un rassemblement illégal à Gatineau: Six personnes recevront des constats d’infraction pour avoir fait fi des mesures sanitaires. (Marielle Guimond - Radio Canada - 1/1/2021) -> Évidemment, la journaliste ne pose pas la question: Est-ce que cette intervention policière était LÉGALE???

Tyrannical First! Church’s ENTIRE Elder Board Charged for Violating Lockdown Laws, Each Face $10,000 fine. (Protestia - 1/1/2021)

Dramatic Video Shows Unmasked Canadian Cops Bust Illegal Gathering of Family During New Years. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 2/1/2021)

NY Democrat introduces bill allowing gov to 'order the removal,' detention of people with contagious diseases: The New York Libertarian Party is speaking out against the bill. (Chris Enloe - The Blaze - 3/1/2021)

REPORT: Over 100 People Charged For Singing In German Church And Not Wearing Masks. (Marlo Safi - Daily Caller - 4/1/2021)

100 Congregants Charged After Police Raid Church for Violating Lockdown. (Protestia - 5/1/2021) -> Germany

Un confinement jusqu'au 8 février au Québec et possiblement un couvre-feu. (Radio-Canada - 6/1/2021)

Quebec Bans Outdoor Walking as Part of COVID-19 Curfew. (Robert Kraychik - Breitbart - 6/1/2021)

Police Chief Wants Power to Enter Homes of Those Suspected of Violating Lockdown Rules. (Caldron Pool - 9/1/2021) -> England

Lockdowns destroy more than individual freedom: They imperil the very communities in which our lives have meaning. (Dave Clements - Spiked - 11/1/2021)

Canada COVID Curfew Only Permits Dogwalking After Hours. So Wife Walks Husband on a Leash. (Hank Berrien - DailyWire - 12/1/2021)

Un père antimasque perd la garde de son enfant en Estrie. (Jean-François Desbiens - TVA Nouvelles - 26/1/2021)

Police and Politicians 'There is a Plan in Place' to Prevent Defiant Church from Gathering. (Protestia - 26/1/2021) -> Canada

Alberta Woman Detained Over COVID Test. (Marsha Mowers - Canadian Travel News - 29/1/2021) -> Canada

Pastor's wife "abducted" by police and taken to quarantine in Canada. (James Bailey - Z3News - 1/2/2021)

Biden's order fines travelers on planes, trains, and buses up to $1,500 for not wearing masks, possible 'criminal penalties' NEWS Passengers who don't comply with the face mask mandate could be denied entry. (Paul Sacca - Breitbart - 6/2/2021)

Breaking! Pastor James Coates Trial set for May 3. (Protestia - 24/2/2021) -> Alberta Canada

'Cornerstone of Our Democracy'? UK Govt Plots to Extend Protest Restrictions After the Lockdown. (Kurt Zindulka - Breitbart - 1/3/2021)

Church Fined $83k For Holding In-Person Worship Service: "People Are Lonely, Afraid, Facing Financial Ruin". (Ben Davis - Caldron Pool - 5/3/2010) -> Canada

Now the police are breaking up Good Friday services: The cops' invasion of a Polish Catholic mass in South London is genuinely chilling. (Brendan O'Neill - Spiked - 3/4/2021)

Police Break Up Outdoor Anti-Lockdown Party with Tear Gas, Water Cannon, 132 Arrests. (Breitbart - 1/3/2021) -> Belgium

Police attacking people in park in Belgium
(James Balmforth - YouTube - 1 minute - 1/4/2021)
-> Les nazis ou le KGB n'auraient pas faits mieux...

Video: Another Canadian Pastor Arrested and Thrown In Jail (Updated). (Protestia - 17/5/2021)

Police in Riot Van Visit Home of 12-Year-Old Girl to Check She's 'Self-Isolating': This will continue beyond so-called 'freedom day'. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 15/7/2021) -> England

'Do You Believe me Now You Pr***s?' Elderly Man Collapses During Arrest In Australia For 'Failing to Wear a Face Mask' Outdoors. (Ian Haworth - DailyWire - 3/8/2021) -> Australia

"Dehumanized": COVID Patient in Texas Hospital Had Plastic Bag Placed Over Her Head 17-year-old "humiliated" by staff. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 12/10/2021)

Covid and the Crushing Use of Coercive Control :"At the highest end, perpetrators micromanage the lives of their victims, prevent them from seeing friends and family, track their movements and force them to obey a unique set of rules." (Tony Archer - CaldronPool - 10/5/2022)

INTERVIEW: The Burnetts recall their horrific treatment by Scottish police during lockdown In the wake of a viral video filmed by Gabbie Burnett showing the police searching her home, many questions were left unanswered. In this report, Callum Smiles attempts to find out what really happened to the Burnetts on that night in January 2021. (Callum Smiles - Rebel News - 10 minutes - 13/10/2022)

Interview with a Stormtrooper revisited: Do we have rights? (Charles Malet - UK Column - 14/10/2022) -> Examines police behaviour in the UK during the Covid crisis

UK Man Sent to PRISON For 6 Months For Serving Snacks at Club During Lockdown: Judge in the case cited his "anti-establishment" attitude as a factor. (Steve Watson - Summit News - 10/11/2022)

Guards cleared in hospital death of Stephanie Warriner. Here's the footage no jury will ever see: Surprise move by judge means trial now won't happen, leaving family blindsided. (Shanifa Nasser - CBC News - 12/1/2023)

Manslaughter Now Legal in Canada Despite a wealth of evidence, the judge decided to throw out the case, citing "lack of evidence". The guards had already been shown to lie in court. (Thorsteinn Siglaugsson - From Symptoms to Causes - 18/1/2023)

Think about the crazy covid stuff people did simply because the government told them to. (CulturalHusbandry - PingThread - 18/5/2023)

Norwegian Man Forcibly Confined in Psychiatric Unit For Sharing Covid 'Conspiracies' on Facebook. (Baxter Dmitry - The People's Voice - 29/7/2023)

WEF-Linked Bioethicist Called For Genetically Modifying Humans to Induce Meat Intolerance. (Jamie White - InfoWars - 8/8/2023)

Norway LOCKED Man in Psychiatric Ward for Questioning mRNA Shots. (Peter Imanuelsen - The Gateway Pundit - 24/8/2023)