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Google: be evil

La presse est devenue une des plus grandes puissances en Occident, dépassant celle de la législature, de l'exécutif, et du judiciaire. Et pourtant on peut se demander selon quelle loi a-t-il été élu et à qui doit-il rendre des comptes? Dans l'Est communiste, un journaliste est, sans ambiguïté, un agent de l'État. Mais qui a voté afin d'investir les journalistes occidentaux de leurs positions de pouvoir, pendant combien de temps et avec quelles prérogatives?
Il y a encore une autre surprise qui attend celui qui est habitué au totalitarisme de l'Est avec sa presse rigoureusement centralisée. On découvre une orientation, des préférences communes dans la presse occidentale dans son ensemble (l'esprit du temps). On constate des jugements moraux prévisibles et largement admis et possiblement des intérêts corporatifs communs. L'effet de tous ces facteurs réunis étant non pas la compétition, mais l'homogénéisation de la pensée. La liberté sans contrainte existe bien pour la presse, mais pas pour le lecteur, car les journaux transmettent surtout, et ce, d'une manière énergique et vigoureuse, les opinions qui ne contredisent pas trop ouvertement leurs propres positions ainsi que la tendance générale.*
(Alexandr Soljenitsyne - A World Split Apart. Commencement Address Delivered At Harvard University, June 8, 1978)

«Fake News» = Point de vue non-approuvé par l'Inquisition postmoderne. (Anonyme)

The transition from free speech to enforced silence it no doubt painful. What torment for a living society, used to thinking for itself, to lose from some decreed date the right to express itself in print and in public, to bite back its words year in and year out, in friendly conversation and even under the family roof. (p. 4)
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "As Breathing and Consciousness Return," published in From Under the Rubble. Regnery Gateway Chicago IL 308 p.

Two-factor authentification has NOTHING to do with security. It's just a hypocritical excuse to grab MORE personal information and enhance profiling (connecting MANY more dots...).

Married exec claims he was fired by woke Google for not being 'inclusive' in aftermath of molestation at hands of Asian female executive. (Joseph MacKinnon - The Blaze - 31/1/2023)

Researcher Reveals Google Home Speakers Could've Been Hijacked And Turned Into Wiretaps. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 30/12/2022)

The great unpersoning 2022 revealed the terrifying power of Big Tech censorship. (Tom Slater - Spiked - 28/12/2022)

Elon Musk On Big Tech Censorship: 'Google Frequently Makes Links Disappear'. (Ryan Saavedra - DailyWire - 27/12/2022)

Google Introduces 'Behavioral Interventions' to Punish 'Conspiracy Theorists' Who Seek 'Wrong' Information. (Baxter Dmitry - News Punch - 2/12/2022)

Massachusetts Department of Public Health coordinated with Google to secretly install COVID 'spyware' onto 1 million phones, lawsuits says. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 17/11/2022)

Google attempts to deter 'election fraud' searches with suggestions like 'ejection fraction': Google appears to be defying its normal algorithm in its auto-suggested completions for searches that begin to spell out 'election fraud,' and it cuts suggestions entirely for a fully typed 'election fraud' search. (Emily Mangiaracina - LifeSiteNews - 17/11/2022)

YouTube Announces It Will 'Certify' Medical Information in Cahoots With The World Health Organisation: Applicants for certification must fall into line with the "authoritative sources". (Steve Watson - Summit News - 28/10/2022)

RNC Chair McDaniel: If You Use Gmail, Google Is Marking Emails From The Republican Party As "Spam". (Tim Hains - Real Clear Politics - 5/10/2022)

The simple reason why you should stop using Gmail We all need to get off Gmail. They read every email and can prevent us from receiving emails. (Andreas Wailzer - LifeSiteNews - 28/9/2022)

'Troubling Track Record': Ron Johnson Questions YouTube Over COVID 'Censorship'. (Leif Le Mahieu - DailyWire - 23/9/2022)

Google Teller, l'appli qui vous dit quand Google collecte vos données. (FranceSoir- 2/9/2022)

Google's Epic Failure in Toronto Might Kill the 'Smart City' Concept Forever. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 17/8/2022)

PROOF: Google does not want anyone to find out how deadly the vaccines are: Check out what happened when we tried to ask two simple questions using Google Surveys. In America, it seems you are no longer allowed to question what the US government tells you. (Steve Kirsch's Newsletter - 28/7/2022)

Republican attorneys general put Google on notice as YouTube cracks down on abortion 'misinformation'. (Chris Pandolfo - The Blaze - 22/7/2022)

Google: whatever happened to 'Don't be evil'? The Big Tech giants are behaving like neo-feudal overlords. (Joel Kotkin - Spiked - 20/7/2022)

AI Would Run The World Better Than Humans, Google Research Claims Don't Believe The Headlines: Google's Inhouse Game Does Not Show That AI is Ready to Rule The World. (Gary Smith - Mind Matters - 11/7/2022)

Big Tech isn't Woke. It's Totalitarian. "You are now my Enemy—and I am Yours." (Michael P Senger - The New Normal - 4/7/2022)

YouTube CEO Reassures Davos Elites That They Will Continue to Control The Narrative. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 31/5/2022)

At Salon, Funk and Smith Take On "Stealth AI Research" All we know for sure about the claims about Google AI's LaMDA showing human-like understanding is that, since 2020, three researchers who expressed doubt/concerns were fired. (Mind Matters News - 23/5/2022)

Report: Google Rolls Out Feature That Corrects You With Woke 'Inclusive' Language: Completely Orwellian. (Steve Watson - Summit News - 25/4/2022)

'Lunatics Are Running the Asylum:' Joe Rogan Blasts 'Mentally Ill' Employees of Big Tech Giants. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 30/3/2022)

Counterinsurgency, PSYOPS and the Military Origins of the Internet. (Dustin Broadbery - Off-Guardian - 15/3/2022)

Nightmare Voyeurism: Google Tech Can Read Your Body Language – Without Cameras. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 5/3/2022)

Google's New Tech Can Read Your Body Language—Without Cameras The company's ATAP research team is using radar to help computers respond to your movements, like turning off a TV if it senses you've dozed off. (Julian Chokkattu - WIRED) -> based on Soli and Google Nest hubs...

WHO moving foward on GLOBAL vaccine passport program: Tech giants and US gov't co-operate on "SMART Health Cards", and their use is spreading across the US…& maybe the world. (Kit Knightly - Off-Guardian - 1/3/2022)

YouTube Bans Caldron Pool's Interview with Dr Peter McCullough: "We Think" It's "Medical-Misinformation". (Caldron Pool - 22/2/2022)

Google m'a souhaité un bon anniversaire... (Rosemar - - 18/2/2022)

YouTube CEO URGES governments to outlaw 'harmful' speech. (The Blaze - 15/2/2022)

'Good Censor' Google Claims Australian Court Ruling Would Force It to 'Censor' the Internet. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 24/1/2022)

Did Google / Youtube Suspend Steven Crowder For Reporting on The Rape of a Child? (Wintery Knight - 16/1/2022)

YouTube Removes Joe Rogan's Interviews With Dr Robert Malone & Dr Peter McCollough "Not allowing legitimate alternative scientific thought from the 'narrative' on COVID should make everyone wake up." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 4/1/2022)

Google va licencier ou mettre en télétravail définitif les employés non-vaccinés. (FranceSoir - 17/12/2021)

How to Escape Google: Do you belong to the 94% of Internet users who have no clue? ( - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 26/11/2021)

Even MPs are being censored by Big Tech: When David Davis gave a speech criticising vaccine passports, YouTube branded it 'misinformation'. (Mark Johnson - Spiked - 15/11/2021)

The US Government is Covertly Recruiting Google to Surveil Americans' Web Searches. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 6/10/2021)

Kaboom: YouTube Bans ALL Anti-Vaccine Content. (Gerrit De Vynck - MSN - 30/9/2021)

YouTube says it has taken down more than 1 million videos for COVID-19 misinformation since pandemic began. (Chris Pandolfo - The Blaze - 25/8/2021)

YouTube Will Censor You If You Disagree With The Government — Even If You're In The Government. (Maggie Hroncich - The Federalist - 11/8/2021)

'I'm Not Sure When YouTube Became an Arm of The Government': Rand Paul Slaps Back After YouTube Suspension. (Ian Haworth - DailyWire- 10/8/2021)

Global Vaccine Passports Have Arrived Courtesy of Google, EU. (PrivacyToGo - Off-Guardian - 14/7/2021)

How Google And Wikipedia Brainwash You: Internet giants cover-up for Big Pharma, suppress alternative medicine and bury inconvenient facts... (Ryan Matters/Off-Guardian - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 13/7/2021)

The Youtube War on Free Thought And Free Speech: Now YouTube is banning me as well! (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 8/7/2021)

Big Tech's threat to democracy Can the US government tolerate the existence of a rival within its territory? (Matthew B Crawford - UnHerd - 29/6/2021)

Meet Jigsaw: Google's Intelligence Agency: It's no secret that Google regularly collaborates with intelligence agencies. (Privacy To Go - 25/6/2021)

Google Accused of 'Force-installing' COVID Tracking App on Phones "Force-installed with no authorization or approval. App is hidden on the device to prevent uninstallation." (Steve Watson - Summit News - 22/6/2021)

Censoring Medical Professionals Is Lunacy Over Logic: There's No Uninstall Button: When censorship devours in the name of narrative, not news, to follow the science, may mean following the silence. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 22/6/2021)

YouTube Bans Republican Senator For Discussing COVID-19 Treatment. (Ian Haworth - DailyWire - 12/6/2021)

YouTube Bans Sen. Ron Johnson For Discussing Early Treatment of COVID-19 YouTube's position is that content on the site must parrot whatever comes from its narrow set of authorities, even though their positions change frequently and dramatically. (Mollie Hemingway - The Federalist - 11/6/2021)

Court Documents: Google Makes It Almost Impossible for Users to Keep Their Location Private. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 31/5/2021)

Google accusé de tracer la localisation de ses utilisateurs même lorsque la fonction est désactivée. (Victor Koulakov - Sputnik News - 30/5/2021)

Google Strikes Deal With Hospital Chain to Develop Healthcare Algorithms: Tech giant expands health-sector presence in latest deal to develop tools to improve medical care, as privacy concerns arise. (Melanie Evans - Wall Street Journal - 26/5/2021)

Google's Latest Privacy Invasion Partnership Gives It Access To 32 Million Patient Health Care Records. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 26/5/2021)

The new language police: Google Docs will now prompt users to use gender-neutral terms in their writing. (Spiked - 19/5/2021)

Google est sommé de révéler l'identité de l'auteur du blog "Antifa Exposed": Google a fait savoir qu'il ne s'y opposerait pas. (Aube Digitale - 26/4/2021)

Flashback: How And Why The CIA Made Google. (Nafeez Ahmed/Medium - Technocracy.News - 19/4/2021)

Big Tech's Iron Curtain Guillotine Comes for Rebel News and Project Veritas. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 16/4/2021)

Find Out If Google Is Tracking You With New FloC System. (EFF - Technocracy - 13/41/2021)

Robert Epstein: Big Tech's Greatest Threat. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 8/4/2021)

YouTube censors DeSantis COVID-19 roundtable challenging lockdown consensus: YouTube removed a video of Gov. Ron DeSantis' discussion with credentialed medical experts, saying it violated Community Guidelines. (Chris Pandolfo - The Blaze - 8/4/2021)

New Google Nest Hub Can Track Sleep With Radar. (Charlotte Pence Bond - DailyWire - 16/3/2021) -> So now Google needs to know when you're sleeping... What else does Google "need" to know???

« L’Archipel du Googlag ! ». (Charles SANNAT - Les moutons enragés - 13/1/2021)

Just Whose Coup Is It, Anyway? (Patrick Wood - Technocracy - 13/1/2021) -> Trump banned and Parler destroyed...

A lockdown of the mind: Big Tech wants us to outsource all our thinking to the authorities. (Emma Webb - Spiked - 13/1/2021)

Parler removed from Google Play Store, threatened by Apple for lack of speech moderation: The alternative social media site is being accused of 'fostering calls to violence' in wake of Capitol attack. (Breck Dumas - The Blaze - 8/1/2021)

YouTube Will Ban All Videos Highlighting Voter Fraud. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 7/1/2021)

When will the online Thought Police come for you?: Covid has escalated Silicon Valley's restrictions on speech. (Andrew Doyle - UnHerd - 6/1/2021)

Ted Cruz Labels Google the ‘Most Dangerous Company on the Face of the Planet’. (Ashley Oliver - Breitbart - 3/1/2021)

4 Conspiracies YouTube Allows to Flourish While Censoring Claims of Election Fraud. (Tristan Justice - The Federalist - 9/12/2020)

YouTube To Delete Content That 'Undermines' 2020 US Election Results. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 9/12/2020)

Escape YouTube Censorship. (LockDown Skeptics - 21/11/2020)

Josh Hawley Confronts Mark Zuckerberg with Evidence of Internal Facebook Censorship Tool. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart Tech - 17/11/2020)

Google Sued For Data Costs After Android Phones Found Transferring "Unapproved, Undisclosed" Data. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 16/11/2020)

NYT: Google and Apple Formed Agreement to Control the Internet. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 26/10/2020)

Big Tech Wants You to Stay Muzzled, Locked Down Forever. (James Delingpole - Breitbart - 13/10/2020)

Censorship by algorithm: Jeffrey Rosen on Silicon Valley’s war on free speech. (Spiked - 12/10/2020)

Why has Google censored the Great Barrington Declaration?: Big Tech now treats any opposition to lockdown as misinformation – even if it’s from eminent scientists. (Fraser Myers - Spiked - 12/10/2020)

Bokhari: Critical Race Theorists Control the Big Tech Algorithms that Control Us. (Breitbart Tech - 3/10/2020)

Google Denies "Political Bias" In Search Algo Despite Collapse In Conservative Site Visibility. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 22/8/2020)

Facebook and Google removing content that harms Democrat party. (Wintery Knight - 18/9/2020)

Censoring Scott Atlas Should be The Last Straw For Big Tech’s Censorship: Google-owned YouTube removed video of a presidential advisor discussing COVID-19 lockdowns. Anti-trust action and legislation must cap this abuse of power. (Jonathan S. Tobin - The Federalist - 14/9/2020)

YouTube censors Stanford University-affiliated video featuring accomplished physician Scott Atlas because it 'contradicts the World Health Organization': Even the experts are not allowed to cross the WHO. (Leon Wolf - The Blaze - 14/9/2020)

Bokhari: Everything You Post Online Will Be Scanned by ‘Hate Speech Algorithms. (Breitbart Tech - 5/9/2020)

Google purges conservative sites from its search results to help the Democrat party. (Wintery Knight - 3/8/2020)

Google might be ‘spying’ on you to find the next WhatsApp. (Chris Smith - BGR - 26/7/2020)

Conservative Clergy of Color Rips Google Over ‘Deliberate Censorship’ of Conservatives. (Jerome Hudson - Breitbart - 17/6/2020)

Google Financially Blacklists ZeroHedge, Threatens the Federalist over Comment Sections. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 16/6/2020)

Apple, Google’s Covid-19 Tool Gives Health Authorities More Data. (Mark Gurman and Gerrit De Vynck - Bloomberg - 20/5/2020)

The Newest Chrome Update Is About Power, Not Privacy. (Shoshana Wodinsky - GizModo - 20/5/2020)

Beware the Lofty Promises of Covid-19 'Tracker' Apps: A popular symptom-tracking app made a splash for its surprising discoveries. But a deeper look at the data calls those findings into question. (Kaiser Fung - Wired - 13/5/2020)

We need to stop the spread of Big Tech censorship: Facebook and YouTube must not be the arbiters of truth on Covid  or anything else. (Tom Slater - Spiked - 8/5/2020)

Big Google is watching your children. (Michelle Malkin - OneNewsNow - 6/5/2020)

Big Tech's Big Brother Moves: YouTube and Facebook can't act as purveyors of public forums while banning legitimate opinions they don't like. (Scott McKay - The Spectator - 1/5/2020)

Coronavirus: Apple-Google Contact Tracing Tech Picks Up Steam as Germany Buys In. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 27/4/2020)

Privacy Experts: Google and Apple's Chinese Virus Tracing Technology Could Be Abused. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 17/4/2020)

Google Will Continue to Harvest Your Data Through Chinese Virus Screening. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 16/4/2020)

Apple et Google vont vous tracer. ( - 12/4/2020)

Apple and Google to launch coronavirus contact-tracing software on billions of cellphones. (Aaron Colen - The Blaze - 10/4/2020)

Apple, Google Join Forces to Create Free Tools For Coronavirus Tracking. (Tim Cushing - TechDirt - 10/4/2020)

Serial Privacy Violator Google Tries to Rebrand as Privacy Defender. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 4/3/2020)

Lawsuit: Google Secretly Monitors Millions of Kids. (Tom Ciccotta - Breitbart - 25/2/2020)

Why Google's New Limits On Third-Party Cookies Are Another Attempt To Control The Web: The plan is a smokescreen for Google to eliminate its competition, engage in monopolistic behavior, and hoard even more personally identifiable data on its users. (Rachel Bovard - The Federalist - 17/2/2020)

Google Docs Prove Tech Giant is Lying About Its Leftwing Bias: Internal communications prove Google is lying about its censorship decisions while paying for leftist propaganda and relying on the leftwing SPLC for its decisions. (Peter Hasson - The Federalist - 30/1/2020)

WebMD and Healthline Exposed Violating Your Privacy. (Dr. Joseph Mercola – Maryam Henein - 4/12/2019)

Report: Despite Google's Denials, It Does Manipulate Algorithms. (Hank Berrien - DailyWire - 15/11/2019)

Google Secretly Collecting Data On Millions of Americans, Not Telling Patients or Doctors, Report Says. (Ryan Saavedra - DailyWire - 11/11/2019)

YouTube bans video featuring pediatrician who disagrees with transgender activism. (Wintery Knight - 7/11/2019) [YouTube a été acheté par Google...]

Google - creator of covert 'god-like' AI tool. (Steve Jordahl - OneNewsNow - 7/10/2019)

Triggering The Google Social Credit System. (Michelle Malkin - Daily Wire - 24/8/2019)

Google Finally Settles Lawsuit Over Decade-Old WiFi Snooping Accusations. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 24/7/2019)

The Google Fascists: Project Veritas, Google whistleblower reveal plot for 2020 election. (Jeffrey Lord - The American Spectator - 25/6/2019)

Google internal document calls prominent Jews Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro "Nazis". (Wintery Knight - 26/06/2019)

Justice Department to begin antitrust investigation of anti-conservative Google. (Wintery Knight - 01/06/2019)

Google Does Not Believe in Life After Google: He offers chilling insight into the ultimate visions of technocrats. (George Gilder - - 25/4/2019)

How Google Is Helping The US Government Violate Your Privacy. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 26/4/2019)

Big Tech Lobbying Gutted a Bill That Would Ban Recording You Without Consent: The Illinois Keep Internet Devices Safe Act would have empowered average people to sue big companies for recording them without consent, but industry association lobbying defanged it. (Rob Dozier - MotherBoard - 12/4/2019)

Google Bigots and the High-Tech Lynching of Kay James. (Jeffrey Lord - The American Spectator - 9/4/2019)

Documents Detailing Google's 'News Blacklist' Show Manual Manipulation of Special Search Results. (J. Arthur Bloom - Daily Caller - 9/4/2019)

The Wrath of the Woke Workforce: Censorship in Silicon Valley. (Christine Rosen - Commentary - 4/4/2019)

Big Artificial Brother: Corporations & Governments Want to Keep an Eye on the Rest of Us. (Denyse O'Leary - Salvo - Spring 2019)

Google Exec Finally Admits to Congress That They're Tracking Us Even with 'Location' Turned Off. (Paula Bolyard - PJMedia - 12/3/2019)

Google Nest Secure home security system's hidden microphone was never disclosed to consumers. (Pat Gray - The Blaze - 21/2/2019)

Google Forgot To Tell Users About Its Hidden Spy Microphone. (Niamh Harris - News Punch - 20/2/2019)

Google a caché un micro dans certains produits Nest pendant deux ans: Les appareils de la gamme Nest Guard n'étaient pas censés contenir de microphone, mais Google a révélé lors d'une mise à jour que le capteur était en fait bien présent et activable par la voix. (Elisa Braun - Figaro - 08/02/2019)

Everything you need to know about Facebook, Google's app scandal. (Zack Whittaker - TechCrunch - 1/2/2019)

'THE SMOKING GUN': Google Manipulated YouTube Search Results for Abortion, Maxine Waters, David Hogg. (Alllum Bokhari - Breitbart News - 16/1/2019)

New Social Media Censoring Software - Could it be The New Christian Gulag? (Richard Hass - Pulpit and Pen - 5/1/2019)

See if You're Using These Popular Android Apps That Overshare Info to Facebook. (Emily Price - LifeHacker - 31/12/2018)

Facebook bans Franklin Graham for 'hate speech', Google YouTube shadow-bans pro-life videos. (Wintery Knight - 31/12/2018)

2018 Is the Year Big Tech Censors Revealed Their True Colors. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 27/12/2018)

Free Market Accountability - Google Knows Where You Sleep: It has the makings of a stalker. (Mytheos Holt - The Spectator - 1/12/2018)

Google isn't the company that we should have handed the Web over to: Microsoft adopting Chromium puts the Web in a perilous place. (Peter Bright - Ars Technica - 17/12/2018)

Internal documents show Google employees discussing how to bury conservative media in search results. (Teri Webster - The BLaze - 30/11/2018)

Oppression at $160,000 Per Annum. (Christine Rosen - Commentary - 00/11/2018)

Google wants sensors and cameras in every room of your home to watch, analyze, you, patents show. (Teri Webster - The BLaze - 25/11/2018)

Is big tech becoming Big Brother?: First Amendment | Liberal groups and Google show an inclination for internet censorship. (Bonnie Pritchett - World Mag - 6/11/2018)

George Gilder explains what's wrong with 'Google Marxism': In discussion with Mark Levin, host of Life, Liberty & Levin. (George Gilder - - 15/10/2018)

Does Google's anti-conservative bias affect its products and services? (Wintery Knight - 15/10/2018)

'THE GOOD CENSOR': Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for 'Safety And Civility'. (Allum Bokhari - Briebart Report - 9/10/2018)

'Creepy Line' Film Examines Facebook, Google's Influence; Director Talks 'Scary' Way They Use Censorship. (Michael Gryboski - Christian Post - 3/10/2018)

Former Google CEO Says China Will Control Half The Internet When It Splits In Two. (Niamh Harris - News Punch - 21/9/2018)

Google's Chinese Search Engine Will Censor Results, Provide Gov't-Approved Pollution Data. (Tim Cushing - TechDirt - 17/9/2018)

What does Google know about me? (Gabriel Weinberg - Quora - 12/9/2018)

Google and Apple's Systems to Track you in Person: What the Media Isn't Telling You. (Michael Kwet - CounterPunch - 6/9/2018)

Google AMP Can Go To Hell: Google wants websites to adopt AMP as the default approach to building webpages. Tell them no. (Polemic Digital - 5/9/018)

Google, Mastercard partnership secretly tracks purchases, raises privacy questions. (Teri Webster - The Blaze - 2/9/2018)

Google Tracks Your Location Even When You Explicitly Tell It Not To. (Niamh Harris - News Punch - 13/8/2018)

Zucked: It's time to start paying attention to Facebook and Google and what they're doing to shape our society. (Scott McKay - Spectator - 6/4/2018)

Cops Wanting to Track Movements of Hundreds of People Are Turning To Google For Location Records. (Tim Cushing - TechDirt - 19/1/2018)

YouTube Secretly Using SPLC To Police Videos: YouTube is getting help from the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center in its effort to identify extremist content. (Peter Hasson - Daily Caller - 27/2/2018)

Who will Google silence next? (The Blaze - 7/2/2018)

Alexa, What Are You Doing with My Family's Personal Info?: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and several smart-home technologies that debuted at last week's CES add convenience but also raise privacy concerns. (Larry Greenemeier - SciAm - 15/1/2018)

The Constant Pressure For YouTube To Police 'Bad' Content Means That It's Becoming A Gatekeeper. (Mike Masnick - TechDirt - 19/1/2018)

Google vous écoute en permanence. Voici comment trouver les enregistrements! (Paroles de Dieu - 16/1/2018)

Google now censoring conservative news, while giving leftist propaganda a free pass. (Wintery Knight - 15/1/2018)

Social Media Becomes the New Big Brother. (David F. Coppedge - Creation-Evolution headlines - 14/1/2018)

James Damore sues Google for discriminating against white men: The fired engineer says the tech giant uses "illegal hiring quotas" to fill its staff with women and minority candidates. (Dara Kerr - CNET - 8/1/2018)

Que font les géants du Web contre les fausses informations ?: Alors que M. Macron veut une loi pour « responsabiliser les plates-formes », Google, Facebook et Twitter avaient déjà, ces derniers mois, annoncé plusieurs mesures. (Morgane Tual - Le Monde - 5/1/2018)

Why Google Should Not Rule the World. (Bruce Bialosky - Jewish World Review - 4/12/2017)

Android Users: Google's Collecting Your Location Data Whether You Like it Or Not. (Patrick Lucas Austin - LifeHacker - 21/11/2017)

Fooling Amazon and Google's voice recognition isn't hard: If your roommates sound like you, they might be able to use your smart speaker to access your info or make purchases. Here's how you can protect yourself. [Google Assistant and Alexa] (Andrew Gebhart - CNET - 21/11/2017)

Facebook, Google, and Amazon Aren't Consumer Choices. They are Monopolies That Endanger American Democracy. Can users of what is essentially privatized social infrastructure really log off? (Matt Stoller - Tablet - 12/10/2017)

PragerU Takes Legal Action Against Google and YouTube for Discrimination: Press Release. (PragerU - October 2017)

Not OK, Google. (Natasha Loma - Tech Crunch - 5/10/2016)
At its hardware launch event in San Francisco yesterday, Alphabet showed the sweeping breadth of its ambition to own consumers' personal data, as computing continues to accelerate away from static desktops and screens, coalescing into a cloud of connected devices with the potential to generate far more data and data of a far more intimate nature than ever before.

The Google Docs Lockout Fiasco & The Failed Promise of The Cloud. (Mike Masnick - TechDirt - 2/11/2017)

Google's censorship will affect us all. (Paul Price - CMI - 18/8/2017)

Google Maps Supercharges Location Sharing, Begins Drooling Over Your Data. (Aarian Marshall - WIRED - 22/3/2017)

Google Media Lab et First Draft: Le nouvel Ordre Médiatique Mondial. (Thierry Meyssan - VoltaireNet - 7/3/2017)

Google Media Lab and First Draft: The New Media World Order. (Thierry Meyssan - Voltaire Network - 7/3/2017)

Is your [Android] smartphone listening to you? Why your conversations might not be as private as you think. (Stephen Armstrong - The Telegraph - 12/3/2017)

14 eyebrow-raising personal details Google knows about you. (JR Raphael - MacWorld - 15/12/2016)

Google Deepmind: Should patients trust the company with their data?: Google's artificial intelligence unit DeepMind is getting serious about healthcare - with ambitious plans to digitise the NHS - but first it needs to convince patients to hand over their medical records. (Jane Wakefield - BBC News - 23/9/2016)

Google backs off on previously announced Allo privacy feature: The app will log conversations by default after all. (Russell Brandom - The Verge - 21/9/2016)

Yes, Google Tracks Most Everything You Do. (About Tech - 30/6/2016)

Google patents 'creepy' internet toys to run the home. (Leo Kelion - BBC - 2015)

Google Collected Data on Schoolchildren Without Permission. (Wired - 2015)

NSA/FBI Got Access To Content Of Around 40,000 Yahoo/Google User Accounts In First Six Months of 2013. (Mike Masnick - TechDirt - 3/2/2014)

Google Drive: Half-Baked Cloud, With Scary License. (Network Computing - 2012)

Judge Rejects Google's Deal to Digitize Books. (Miguel HELFT - NY Times - 22/3/2011)

Ce que pense Stallman de Chrome OS et du Cloud Computing. (Framablog - 2011)

Embrasser ChromeOS, c’est accepter de perdre le contrôle de ses données, nous avertit Richard Stallman, fondateur de GNU. (Traduction Framalang : Olivier Rosseler - 2011)

The Lighter Side of Paranoia?

Google Employee Discovers Someone Accidentally Switched The Computers to 'Evil'. (Babylon Bee - 24/6/2019)

Google Rolls Out New 'Worldview-Checker'. (Babylon Bee - 11/01/2018)

New Google Technology Autocorrects Users' Thoughts. (Babylon Bee - 8/8/2017)