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Internet of Things/Smart Gadgets.

"Now the trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is that you very often succeed."
(C.S. Lewis - Magician's Nephew)

6th Grader Uses Teddy Bear to Hack Cybersecurity Conference: Reuben Paul used a common toy to show how the Internet of Things can be easily manipulated and weaponized to spy on or otherwise harm the public. (AFP - Seeker - 16/5/2017)

Your IoT Baby Isn't as Beautiful as You Think It Is: Both development and evaluation teams have been ignoring security problems in Internet-connected devices for too long. That must stop. (Andrew Howard - InformationWeek/DarkReading - 10/5/2017)

New IoT Botnet Discovered, 120K IP Cameras At Risk of Attack: The Persirai IoT botnet, which targets IP cameras, arrives hot on the heels of Mirai and highlights the growing threat of IoT botnets. (Kelly Sheridan - InformationWeek/DarkReading - 9/5/2017)

Bose accused of spying on end users, data mining their private records via headphone app. (Joel Hruska - Extreme Tech - 19/4/2017)

Amazon agrees to hand over Echo data in murder case: The move avoids a potential legal battle that could have pitted privacy and law enforcement concerns against each other. (Ben Fox Rubin - CNET - 7/3/2017)

Menace pour la vie privée des petits, la poupée "Cayla" interdite en Allemagne. (AFP - L'Express - 18/2/2017)

German parents told to destroy Cayla dolls over hacking fears. (BBC - 17/2/2017)

Another Lawsuit Highlights How Many 'Smart' Toys Violate Privacy, Aren't Secure. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 8/12/2016)

You should probably still avoid toys that talk with your kids. (Devin Coldewey - TechCrunch - 6/12/2016)

Self-Propagating Smart Light Bulb Worm. (Schneier on Security - 9/11/2016)

Your Earbuds Can Be Made Into Microphones With Just A Bit Of Malware. (Timothy Geigner - TechDirt - 9/11/2016)

Not Even Your Light Bulbs Are Safe From Shitty Internet of Things Security. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 8/11/2016)

7 Imminent IoT Threats: Attacks against smart home products, medical devices, SCADA systems, and other newly network-enabled systems signal the beginning of a new wave of attacks against the IoT. (Jai Vijayan - Dark Reading - 21/10/2016)

UK Government Says Smart Meters Can Definitely Be Trusted Because GCHQ Designed Their Security. (Glyn Moody - TechDirt - 29/9/2016)

Your 'Smart' Power Outlets Are Now Botnets Thanks To The Internet Of Broken Things. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 23/8/2016)

Def Con: Do smart devices mean dumb security? (BBC News - 6/8/2016)

Why hackers love health apps: Most health apps don't have good privacy or security safeguards. (Xuanyan Ouyang - MacWorld - 26/7/2016)

Disney Wants to Track Park Visitors By Secretly Photographing Their Shoes Like a Creep. (Gizmodo - Andrew Liszewski - 28/7/2016)

Internet of Things to be used as spy tool by governments: US intel chief: Clapper says spy agencies "might" use IoT for surveillance, location tracking. (David Kravets - ArsTechnica - 10/2/2016)

Ding-Dong -- Your Easily Hacked 'Smart' Doorbell Just Gave Up Your WiFi Credentials. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 21/1/2016)

Pass through airport security with this implanted NFC chip. (Todd Ogasawara - ExtremeTech - 19/1/2016)

New York bill would ban strong encryption, mandate backdoors in all devices. (ExtremeTech - 2016)

Toy Maker Vtech Hacked, Revealing Kids' Selfies, Chat Logs, & Even Voice Recordings. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 1/12/2015)

Backdoored Business Routers An Emerging Threat: Discovery of malicious implants in 14 Cisco routers, "tip of iceberg" FireEye says. (InformationWeek - 15/9/2015)

Internet Of Not-So-Smart Things: Samsung's Latest Smart Fridge Can Expose Your Gmail Password. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 25/8/2015)

The Internet Of Things: A Dystopian Nightmare Where Everyone And Everything Will Is Monitored. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 02/03/2015)

Russian researchers expose breakthrough U.S. spying program. (Reuters - 2015)

Google patents 'creepy' internet toys to run the home. (Leo Kelion - BBC - 2015)

Smart Meter Opponent Who Was Arrested for Filming Cops Last Year Found Not Guilty. (The Blaze - 2014)

Snowden: The NSA planted backdoors in Cisco products. (Bill Snyder - InfoWorld - 15/5/2014)

Backdoors in Wi-Fi routers, said to be closed, can be reopened. (Adam Greenberg - SC Mag - 22/4/2014)

The Cringeworthy Mindless Tech Propaganda category...

Why smart toilets might actually be worth the upgrade. (Bradford - CNET - 1/2/2016)

Internet of Things will place greater pressure on companies to modernize. (MacTech - 2015) -> AgitProp... (note the use of words such as "pressure", "must" and "IoT-ready")