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Eugénisme génocidaire postmoderne.
Postmodern Genocidal Eugenics.


Si on fait partie d'une élite absolument convaincu qu'il y a trop d'humains sur Terre (et une élite avec des moyens médiatiques, politiques et
économiques extraordinaires), quoi de plus naturel que de chercher des moyens pour...??

Under modern conditions any effective invitation to Hell will certainly appear in the guise of scientific planning’—as Hitler’s regime in fact did. Every tyrant must begin by claiming to have what his victims respect and to give what they want. The majority [of people] in most modern countries respect science and want [government] to be planned. And, therefore, almost by definition, if any man or group wishes to enslave us it will of course describe itself as scientific planned democracy.
(C. S. Lewis 1982: 74-75 - On Stories and Other Essays on Literature. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich)

There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always — do not forget this, Winston — always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.
(George Orwell - 1984) -> Ebook

“There are no sciences like Sociology. And if I found chemistry beginning to fit in with a secret police run by a middle-aged virago who doesn’t wear corsets and a scheme for taking away his farm and his shop and his children from every Englishman, I’d let chemistry go to the devil and take up gardening again.”
“I think I do understand the sentiment that still attaches to the small man, but when you come to study the reality as I have to do—”
“I should want to pull it to bits and put something else in its place. Of course. That’s what happens when you study men: you find mare’s nests. I happen to believe that you can’t study men: you can only get to know them, which is quite a different thing. Because if you study them, you want to make the lower orders govern the country and listen to classical music, which is balderdash. You also want to take away from them everything which makes life worth living and not only from them but from everyone except a parcel of prigs and professors.”
(C. S. Lewis - That Hideous Strength. 1946) -> Ebook

Lorsque la superstructure (politique, culture, etc.) entrave le développement de la base économique, les transformations politiques et culturelles deviennent la chose principale, décisive.
(Mao Tse Toung - Cinq essais philosophiques/Petit livre Rouge. Éditions en langues étrangères Pékin 1976 pp. 111-112)

Secondly, we have the emergence of "the Party" in the modern sense—the Fascists, Nazis, or Communists. What distinguishes this from the political parties of the nineteenth century is the belief of its members that they are not merely trying to carry out a programme, but are obeying an important force: that Nature, or Evolution, or the Dialectic, or the Race, is carrying them on. This tends to be accompanied by two beliefs... the belief that the process which the Party embodies is inevitable, and the belief that the forwarding of this process is the supreme duty and abrogates all ordinary moral laws. In this state of mind men can become devil-worshippers in the sense that they can now honour, as well as obey, their own vices. All men at times obey their vices: but it is when cruelty, envy, and lust of power appear as the commands of a great superpersonal force that they can be exercised with self-approval. The first symptom is in language. When to 'kill' becomes to 'liquidate', the process has begun. The pseudo-scientific word disinfects the thing of blood and tears, or pity and shame, and mercy itself can be regarded as a sort of untidiness."
(C. S. Lewis- "A Reply to Professor Haldane." published in On Stories and Other Essays on Literature. 1966/1975 Harper-Collins. p. 133.)

The first principle behind Eugenics—"the proposal that somebody or something should criticize men with the same superiority with which men criticize madmen." The weakness of the Eugenists: they cannot define who is to control whom; they cannot say by what authority they do these things. "... if everything is the result of a doubtful heredity, the judgment itself is the result of a doubtful heredity also." (chap 4)
"… even if I could share the Eugenic contempt for human rights …" Better to remove the strong-minded than the weak-minded in "the Feeble-Minded Bill." Each Eugenist would remove a different part of society because they have no higher authority. "There is one large, though vague, idea of the Eugenists…" That is, the Eugenist should be "the health adviser of the community." "Commenting on this, I said that it amounted to treating all people who are well as if they were ill. This the writer admitted to be true, only adding that everyone is ill. To which I rejoin that if everyone is ill the health adviser is ill too, and therefore cannot know how to cure that minimum of illness." "Prevention is not only not better than cure; prevention is even worse than disease."(chap. 5)
(G. K. Chesterton - Eugenics and Other Evils, Cassell, London 1922)

John Wither's plan
“That idea is a survival from conditions which are rapidly being altered. A few centuries ago, war did not operate in the way you describe. A large agricultural population was essential; and war destroyed types which were then still useful. But every advance in industry and agriculture reduces the number of work-people who are required. A large, unintelligent population is now becoming a deadweight. The real importance of scientific war is that scientists have to be reserved. It was not the great technocrats of Koenigsberg or Moscow who supplied the casualties in the siege of Stalingrad: it was superstitious Bavarian peasants and low-grade Russian agricultural workers. The effect of modern war is to eliminate retrogressive types, while sparing the technocracy and increasing its hold upon public affairs. In the new age, what has hitherto been merely the intellectual nucleus of the race is to become, by gradual stages, the race itself. You are to conceive the species as an animal which has discovered how to simplify nutrition and locomotion to such a point that the old complex organs and the large body which contained them are no longer necessary. That large body is therefore to disappear. Only a tenth part of it will now be needed to support the brain. The individual is to become all head. The human race is to become all Technocracy.”
(C. S. Lewis - That Hideous Strength. 1946) -> Ebook

I believe a man is happier, and happy in a richer way, if he has 'the freeborn mind'. But I doubt whether he can have this without economic independence, which the new society is abolishing. For economic independence allows an education not controlled by Government; and in adult life it is the man who needs, and asks, nothing of Government who can criticise its acts and snap his fingers at its ideology. Read Montaigne; that's the voice of a man with his legs under his own table, eating the mutton and turnips raised on his own land. Who will talk like that when the State is everyone's schoolmaster and employer? Admittedly, when man was untamed, such liberty belonged only to the few. I know. Hence the horrible suspicion that our only choice is between societies with few freemen and societies with none.
Again, the new oligarchy must more and more base its claim to plan us on its claim to knowledge. If we are to be mothered, mother must know best. This means they must increasingly rely on the advice of scientists, till in the end the politicians proper become merely the scientists' puppets.
(C. S. Lewis - Is Progress Possible? Willing Slaves of The Welfare State - God in the Dock - 1970)

La conception de la liberté autonome de Rousseau se heurta à sa propre description quand il passa de l’individu à la société. Dans le Contrat social, de 1762, il écrit: « Afin donc que le pacte social ne soit pas un vain formulaire, il renferme tacitement cet engagement qui seul peut donner de la force aux autres, que quiconque refusera d’obéir à la volonté générale y sera contraint par tout le corps: ce qui ne signifie autre chose sinon qu’on le forcera d’être libre. » Une fois de plus, un humanisme utopique finit par la tyrannie, soit dans les écrits de Rousseau, soit sous le règne de la Terreur, qui poussa ce point de vue jusqu’à sa conclusion logique. Robespierre, le roi de la Terreur, réglera rationnellement ses actions, en disciple doctrinaire de Rousseau.
(Francis Schaeffer - How Should we Then Live?/L’héritage du christianisme - 1976)

Et alors que ces nouveaux droits d'urgence en voie d'être imposés présentent certaines caractéristiques de systèmes totalitaires, elles nous invitent à nous rassurer (et à avaler docilement la pilule) au motif que, précisément, nous ne sommes pas en dictature. Le débat helvétique est un modèle du genre : la loi Covid prévoit ainsi expressément la possibilité d'imposer une vaccination généralisée - contraire au droit de la santé telle que la déclaration de Nuremberg, au sortir de la guerre et des atrocités nazies, l'avait coulé dans le bronze : nul acte médical ne peut être imposé de force à quiconque contre son gré !
(Jean-Dominique Michel - Anthropo-Logiques - 28/11/2020)


Dossier Covid19

Ressources anti-eugéniques

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (Canada)


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Les vidéos affichant cet image Censored by YouTube ont été censurés par YouTube depuis leur mise en ligne....

Essai sur le principe de population. (Thomas Robert Malthus -1798) ->

il faudrait donc favoriser la mortalité naturelle, au lieu de tenter vainement et sottement de la freiner; et si le retour trop fréquent de la famine nous effraie, nous devrions avoir recours pour la prévenir à d'autres moyens de destruction. Loin de recommander aux pauvres la propreté, nous devrions favoriser des habitudes contraires. Dans les villes, nous devrions ménager des rues étroites, entasser les hommes dans les maisons, et tant faire qu'enfin la peste revienne nous rendre visite. A la campagne, nous devrions placer les habitations près des eaux croupies et dans des endroits malsains et marécageux. Nous devrions surtout refuser les remèdes spécifiques qu'on oppose aux maladies dévastatrices." (Chap. 18)

Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man (1871)

We civilised men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check the process of elimination; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick; we institute poor-laws; and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the life of every one to the last moment. There is reason to believe that vaccination has preserved thousands, who from a weak constitution would formerly have succumbed to small-pox. Thus the weak members of civilised societies propagate their kind. No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man. (chap. 5)

Dans une section de Crépuscule des idoles intitulée la moralité pour les médecins, Nietzsche traite les malades de parasites !!!! qui n'ont pas le droit de vivre et défend la suppression la plus impitoyable de la vie dégénérée. Dans La volonté de puissance, Nietzsche poursuit sur le même élan et propose une logique eugénique impitoyable (Nietzsche 1901/1903: 304-305):

Dans les cas nombreux, la société doit empêcher la procréation: elle peut se réserver pour cela, sans égard à l'origine, le rang et l'esprit, les mesures coercitives les plus dures, la privation de la liberté, dans certaines circonstances même la castration. - La défense de la Bible « Tu ne tueras point ! » est une naïveté à côté du sérieux de la défense vitale adressée aux décadents: « Vous n'engendrez point ! »... La vie elle-même ne reconnaît pas de solidarité, pas de « droits égaux » entre les parties saines et les parties dégénérées de son organisme: il faut éliminer ces dernières - autrement l'ensemble périt. - La compassion avec les décadents, les droits égaux, même pour les malvenus - ce serait la plus profonde immoralité, ce serait la contre-nature elle-même érigée en morale !

Il s'agit là en fait d'un projet qu'au XXe siècle les nazis se sont chargés de réaliser de la manière la plus systématique possible. Dans Ecce Homo, Nietzsche spécule sur ce que sera un avenir où l'on aura mis en pratique ses enseignements. (Nietzsche 1888: 81):

Sautons un siècle et regardons; supposons que mon attentat contre deux mille ans de lèse-nature et de lèse-humanité ait réussi. Le nouveau parti de la vie s'étant chargé de la plus grande de toutes les tâches, l'éducation d'une humanité supérieure, y compris l'anéantissement de tous les dégénérescents et de tous les parasites, aura de nouveau rendu possible sur la terre ce trop-plein de vie dont sortira nécessairement un nouvel état dionysiaque.

Teddy Roosevelt (1913) Letter toCharles Davenport

I agree with you if you mean, as I suppose you do, that society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind. It is really extraordinary that our people refuse to apply to human beings such elementary knowledge as every successful farmer is obliged to apply to his own stock breeding. Any group of farmers who permitted their best stock not to breed, and let all the increase come from the worst stock, would be treated as fit inmates for an asylum. Yet we fail to understand that such conduct is rational compared to the conduct of a nation which permits unlimited breeding from the worst stocks, physically and morally, while it encourages or connives at the cold selfishness or the twisted sentimentality as a result of which the men and women ought to marry, and if married have large families, remain celebates or have no children or only one or two. Some day we will realize that the prime duty the inescapable duty of the good citizen of the right type is to leave his or her blood behind him in the world; and that we have no business to permit the perpetuation of citizens of the wrong type.

The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints For A World Revolution. (H.G. Wells - 1928)

It is impossible for any clear-headed person to suppose that the ever more destructive stupidities of war can be eliminated from human affairs until some common political control dominates the earth, and unless certain pressures due to the growth of population, due to the enlarging scope of economic operations or due to conflicting standards and traditions of life, are disposed of. (chap. 6)

Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science Upon Society (New York: AMS Press, 1968), p. 103-104

"I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing," wrote Russell in The Impact of Science on Society. "War so far has had no great effect on this increase... perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full... the state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially that of other people's."

Francis Crick, DNA molecule co-discoverer (1970) Letter to Dr B. Davis at Harvard Medical School - MercatorNet

"…My other suggestion is in an attempt to solve the problem of irresponsible people and especially those who are poorly endowed genetically having large numbers of unnecessary children. Because of their irresponsibility, it seems to me that for them, sterilization is the only answer and I would do this by bribery. It would probably pay society to offer such individuals something like £l,000 down and a pension of £5 a week over the age of 60. As you probably know, the bribe in India is a transistor radio and apparently there are plenty of takers."

Interview: Jacques Piccard, océanographe suisse renommé (RTS - vidéo 3 minutes - 1972?) -> Piccard prédit l'élimination des 2/3 de l'humanité en 2030...

Bioethics professor Ben Mitchell (1999) discussing Nazi euthanasia propaganda films

Finally, the film with the highest production values was made in 1941. Ich klage an! (I Accuse) takes up a familiar story. Hanna Heyt, the heroine of the film, shows signs of physical deterioration due to multiple sclerosis. She makes it clear that she does not wish to spend her last days in a "vegetative state." Her husband, Thomas, in consultation with her physician, gives her an overdose, which kills her. A dramatic courtroom sequence follows. Thomas accuses the law of not helping in the case of his wife's suffering. The defense concludes that the law must be changed to allow mercy killing for humanitarian reasons. The film ends by putting the verdict in the hands of the audience.
Mitchell, C. Ben (1999) Of Euphemisms and Euthanasia: The Language Games of the Nazi Doctors and Some Implications for the Modern Euthanasia Movement. Omega: The Journal of Death and Dying vol. 40, no 1 / 1999-2000 pp. 255 – 265

Conversation avec Jacques Attali, (1981) tiré de « L’avenir de la Vie » par Michel Salomon (Éditions Robert Laffont, collection Les Visages de l'avenir. Prospective sociale, France, Paris, 1 février 1981)

« A l’avenir il s’agira de trouver un moyen de réduire la population. Nous commencerons par les vieux, car dès qu’il dépasse 60-65 ans l’homme vit plus longtemps qu’il ne produit et il coûte cher à la société. Ensuite les faibles puis les inutiles qui n’apportent rien à la société car il y en aura de plus en plus, et surtout enfin les plus stupides.
Une euthanasie ciblant ces groupes ; l’euthanasie devra être un instrument essentiel de nos sociétés futures, dans tous les cas de figure. On ne pourra bien sûr par exécuter les gens ou faire des camps. Nous nous en débarrasserons en leur faisant croire que c’est pour leur bien. La population trop nombreuse, et pour la plupart inutile, c’est quelque chose d’économiquement trop coûteux.
Sociétalement, il est également bien préférable que la machine humaine s’arrête brutalement plutôt qu’elle ne se détériore progressivement. On ne pourra pas non plus faire passer des tests d’intelligence à des millions et des millions de gens, vous pensez bien !
Nous trouverons quelque chose ou le provoquerons, une pandémie qui cible certaines personnes, une crise économique réelle ou pas, un virus qui touchera les vieux ou les gros, peu importe, les faibles y succomberont, les peureux et les stupides y croiront et demanderont à être traités.
Nous aurons pris soin d’avoir prévu le traitement, un traitement qui sera la solution. La sélection des idiots se fera ainsi toute seule : ils iront d’eux-mêmes à l’abattoir. » (pages 407-429)

Entretien: Jacques-Yves Cousteau. (Courrier de l'UNESCO, novembre 1991 pp. 8-13) -> océanographique français.

« C'est terrible à dire. Il faut que la population mondiale se stabilise et pour cela, il faudrait éliminer 350 000 hommes par jour. C'est si horrible à dire, qu'il ne faut même pas le dire. Mais c'est l'ensemble de la situation dans laquelle nous sommes engagés qui est lamentable. » (p. 13)

Ted Turner (quoted by Bruce Stutz "Ted Turner Turns it On" [pp 110-116] Audubon November-December 1991 - Vol. 93, No. 6)

…If we had a much smaller population, and over time we could have an ethic where we had only one child, and over maybe 300 or 400 years we could cut back to 250 million – 350 million people… [p 113]
-> and on page Turner correctly states that the then current world population was 5.3 billion with a US population of 250 million [p 112]. So Turner's proposal, means a net reduction of 4.65 billion people or exactly 93%....

Fertility regulating vaccines : report of a meeting between women's health advocates and scientists to review the current status of the development of fertility regulating vaccines, Geneva, 17-18 August 1992. (World Health Organization - Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction. - ‎1993)‎

Immunization to regulate fertility: Biological and cultural frameworks. (Angeline FayeSchrater - Social Science & Medicine Volume 41, Issue 5, September 1995, Pages 657-671 - ScienceDirect)

The intent of providing a fertility-regulating vaccine is to prevent pregnancy. In theory, men as well as women could receive such vaccines; in reality, most are designed for women. Traditional vaccines are intended to prevent disease and are generally given to susceptible individuals whether male or female, child or adult. (...) From a developer perspective vaccines that regulate fertility differ little from those that control disease; both prevent a particular condition. Developers cite these advantages to contraceptive vaccines: non-invasive, no serious side-effects, easy to use, reduced patient failure, and long-lasting but naturally reversible. Because anti-fertility vaccines have been tested only in small-scale clinical trials, information on user reactions and experiences is limited. Not surprisingly, the perspectives of women's health advocates and of potential users (mostly women) often differ markedly from those of developers. (...) Many scholars and government officials subscribe to the following logic: the global environmental crisis is due to over-population which necessitates population control programs; thus pregnancy can be considered a disease subject to state control.

Francis Crick (2002?) Interview with David Pearson, Head of the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine

"In the long run, it is unavoidable that society will begin to worry about the character of the next generation... It is not a subject at the moment which we can tackle easily because people have so many religious beliefs and until we have a more uniform view of ourselves I think it would be risky to try and do anything in the way of eugenics... I would be astonished if, in the next 100 or 200 years, society did not come round to the view that they would have to try to improve the next generation in some extent or one way or another."

Doomsday: UT prof says death is imminent — A University of Texas professor says the Earth would be better off with 90 percent of the human population dead. (Jamie Mobley - The Seguin Gazette- 1/4/2006)

To Save the Planet, Kill 90 Percent of People Off, Says UT Ecologist. (Ronald Bailey - Reason - 3/4/2006)

Doctor Doom, Eric Pianka, Receives Standing Ovation from Texas Academy of Science. (Jonathan Witt - Evolution News - 3/4/2006)

"Professor Pianka said the Earth as we know it will not survive without drastic measures. Then, and without presenting any data to justify this number, he asserted that the only feasible solution to saving the Earth is to reduce the population to 10 percent of the present number."

Whirlwind of controversy surrounds UT prof. (Jamie Mobley - The Seguin Gazette - 4/4/2006)

Support for Mims on Dr. "Doom" Speech. (The Pearcey Report - 10/4/2006)

Eric Pianka: Notice Wiki [English]

« Avancer par peur. Une pandémie majeure ferait surgir la prise de conscience de la nécessité d'un altruisme, au moins intéressé. » (Jacques Attali - L'Express, 6 mai 2009)

La pandémie qui commence pourrait déclencher une de ces peurs structurantes. Si elle n'est pas plus grave que les deux précédentes frayeurs de ces quinze dernières années liées à un risque de pandémie (la crise de la vache folle en Grande-Bretagne et celle de la grippe aviaire en Chine), elle aura d'abord des conséquences économiques significatives (chute de l'activité des transports aériens, baisse du tourisme et du prix du pétrole) ; elle coûtera environ 2 millions de dollars par personne contaminée et fera baisser les marchés boursiers d'environ 15 % (...) Et, même si, comme il faut évidemment l'espérer, cette crise n'est pas très grave, il ne faudra pas oublier, comme pour la crise économique, d'en tirer les leçons, afin qu'avant la prochaine - inévitable - on mette en place des mécanismes de prévention et de contrôle, ainsi que des processus logistiques de distribution équitable des médicaments et de vaccins. On devra, pour cela, mettre en place une police mondiale, un stockage mondial et donc une fiscalité mondiale.

Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation: America's richest people meet to discuss ways of tackling a 'disastrous' environmental, social and industrial threat. (John Harlow/The Times - Global Research - 25/5/2009)

Qui veut réduire la croissance démographique mondiale ? (Solidarité & Progrès - 26/5/2009)

26 mai 2009 (Nouvelle Solidarité) – Sous le titre « Le Club des milliardaires tente d'infléchir la croissance démographique », le Sunday Times du 24 mai a révélé la tenue d'une réunion secrète qui en dit long sur la volonté politique de l'oligarchie financière.
La rencontre, qui s'est tenue à New York le 5 mai dernier, a été organisée à l'initiative de Bill Gates, fondateur du monopole Microsoft, grand promoteur des simulateurs de meurtres sur ordinateur et parrain de Facebook, de Warren Buffet, spéculateur milliardaire et financier de la Fondation Gates, et de David Rockefeller. Au-delà de ces trois là, la petite sauterie a réuni Michael Bloomberg, maire de New York et fondateur de l'agence d'information financière du même nom ; George Soros, spéculateur et parrain du lobby de la drogue ; Peter Peterson, fondateur du groupe financier Blackstone et grand avocat de l'austérité budgétaire ; Julian Robertson, patron du fond Tiger Management ; John Morgridge, ancien pdg de Cisco Systems ; Eli Broad, spéculateur immobilier ; David Rockefeller Jr, fils du premier ; Ted Turner, fondateur de CNN ; et Oprah Winfrey, animatrice phare de la télé américaine.

Bill Gates on Population Control
(TED-Talk, given Feb. 20210 - 1 minute - YouTube)
Full length talk - 27 minutes - go to 4 minutes for the population control discussion)

Bill Gates talks about 'vaccines to reduce population'. (F. William Engdahl - Geopolitics-Geoeconomics - 4/3/2010)

Le Prince Philip, le WWF et la conspiration bénédictine. (Karel Vereycken - Solidarité & Progrès - 8/12/2010)

Si j'étais réincarné, j'aimerais l'être sous la forme d'un virus mortel afin de contribuer à résoudre le problème de la surpopulation. (Le Prince Philip d'Édimbourg)

Rockefeller Foundation Admitted Funding, Developing Anti-fertility Vaccines Intended for "Mass-scale Distribution". (Jurriaan Maessen - ExplosiveReports - News Ghana - 9/6/20212)

Ebola pour « régler » les problèmes d'immigration, une simple « observation », selon M. Le Pen Le président d'honneur du Front national, lors d'une discussion sur l'« explosion démographique » dans le monde, a lancé mardi soir à Marseille : « Mgr Ebola peut régler ça en trois mois. » (Le Monde/AFP - 21/5/2014)

It's Not Fearmongering or a Conspiracy Theory when Elitists are on Record for 95% of the Population to be Eliminated. (Dean Garrison - Agenda21News - 30/10/2014)

7 Beloved Famous People Who Were Wildly Pro-Eugenics. (Matthew Archbold - National Catholic Register 14/11/2014)

Doug Casey on the Shocking 2025 'Deagel' Forecast: War, Population Reduction, & The Collapse of The West. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 21/4/2021)

Bill Gates on Corona Virus in 2015! | TED Talk
(TED-Talk excerpt, given 2015, Vancouver BC - 8 minutes)
Full-lenght talk

Millions Shelter To Protect The Elderly, But Biden Advisor Thinks Old People Should Just Die Obamacare may be weakened, but its chief designer, Ezekiel Emanuel, still wants to decide whether your life is worth living. (Cheryl Magness - The Federalist - 22/4/2020)

Project Depopulation: Bill Gates Gathers the World's Top Billionaires. (Dean W. Arnold - 29/4/2020)

Doctor Death : No health care after 75. (People For Justice Canada - 30/11/2020)

VIDÉO. En 1972, cet océanographe [Jacques Piccard] prévoyait une grande catastrophe humaine vers les années 2030 «Vers les années 2030, donc dans 50 – 60 ans, il y aura une chute brutale de la population d'à peu près les deux tiers.» (Mégane Bouron - - 7/12/2020)

Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement: The developers of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine have previously undisclosed ties to the re-named British Eugenics Society as well as other Eugenics-linked institutions like the Wellcome Trust. (Jeremy Loffredo& Whitney Webb - UnlimitedHangout - 26/12/2020)

Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links Analysis. (Dr. Joseph Mercola - 13/3/2021)

Former Pfizer VP: 'Eugenicists Have Got Hold of the Levers of Power'. (Mike Whitney/Mercola - Technocracy.News - 28/4/2021)

La PMA : une pratique EUGÉNISTE. (Aude Mirkovic, porte-parole de l'association Juristes pour l'enfance, nous en dit plus sur les dessous de la PMA et du projet de loi bioéthique - VA Plus - YouTube 8 minutes -- 23/5/2021)

L'eugénisme, la quatrième révolution industrielle et le choc de deux systèmes. (Matthew Ehret/Strategic Culture/Le Saker Francophone - Les moutons enragés - 18/6/2021)

Computer Program Predicts When Seniors Have 6 Months To Live: Developed in Canada, the program is further evidence that medicine is growing increasingly impersonal. (Wesley J. Smith - Mind Matters - 5/7/2021)

Computer Program Developed in Canada to Predict When Seniors Have 6 Months to Live. (Wesley Smith - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - 6/7/2021)

The eugenicist roots of the assisted-dying movement: The Scottish press has long ignored the dubious history of the pro-euthanasia lobby. (Jamie Gillies - Spiked - 13/7/2021)

Eugenics: The root of the assisted dying movement. (Alex Schadenberg - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - 6/7/2021)

Harry and Meghan: ambassadors for population contro: The Sussexes have reframed childbirth as a threat to the environment. (Ella Whelan - Spiked - 14/7/2021) -> celebrity marketing for eugenics...

The grimmest method yet of assisted suicide: Right-to-die advocates are dreaming up ever-more grotesque ways of killing ourselves. (Michael Cook - Spiked - 29/7/2021)

Un plan secret anglais de 2017 prévoyait de priver les personnes âgées d'aide médicale en cas de pandémie. (Daria Petliaeva - FR.SputnikNews - 3/8/2021)

Documentaire saisissant avec Jesse Ventura dévoilant un plan de gouvernance mondiale basé sur le contrôle et la réduction de la population. (Vigilance Pandémie - 39 minutes - 6/8/2021)

Guy Who Thinks You Should Die at 75 Wants to Take Over FDA. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 9/8/2021)

Canada's new assisted dying law threatens vulnerable citizens. (Alex Schadenberg - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - 18/8/2021)

Euthanasia by organ donation for healthy people? "May I give my heart away?" (Wesley Smith/National Review - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - 21/8/2021)

mRNA "Vaccines", Eugenics & the Push for Transhumanism The worldwide rollout of mRNA "vaccines" is part of a much larger agenda that encompasses eugenics and transhumanism. This agenda is being funded and promoted by a network of global institutions, politicians, and billionaire technocrats. (Ryan Matters - Off-Guardian - 28/8/2021)

Midazolam was used to prematurely end the lives of thousands who you were told had died of Covid-19 and we can prove it; here's the evidence… (Daily Exposé - 29/8/2021) -> England

Assisted dying: a question of when, not if: Assisted dying is open to Abuse. (Janet Menage, GP retired - BMJ - 9/9/2021)

Fin de vie, avortement, quels projets pour la fin du quinquennat ? (Génétique - 9/9/2021) -> France

SHOCKING: Whistleblowers claim elderly patients in a US Care Home were "chemically restrained" and forced to take Covid Vaccine, leading to their deaths. (CaptainDaretofly - Daily Exposé - 16/9/2021)

Fin de vie : la question de l'euthanasie "ne doit pas être tabou", estime Chaynesse Khirouni. (Clémence Gourdon Negrini - France Bleu - 23/9/2021) -> La question de l'euthanasie "ne doit pas être tabou", estime Chaynesse Khirouni, la présidente du conseil départemental de Meurthe-et-Moselle, alors qu'un nouveau plan national de développement des soins palliatifs a été dévoilé par le ministre de la Santé.

Belgium: Euthanasia of Newborns Practiced Outside the Law: 10% of newborn deaths in Belgium are euthanasia deaths. (Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - 23/9/2021)

Le Royaume-Uni veut séquencer le génome de ses nouveau-nés. (Génétique - 24/9/2021)

Internalising Malthus How the environmentalist movement rehabilitated some very dark and anti-human thinking. (Brendan O'Neill - Spiked - 24/9/2021)

Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Buffet, Bezos : l'idéologie néo-malthusienne des élites globalistes. (Pierre-Antoine Plaquevent - - 29/9/2021)

Colorado Hospital Set to Deny Kidney Transplant For Unvaxxed Woman. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 6/10/2021)

En Martinique, des médecins révoltés par des protocoles de "soins palliatifs covid" : "c'est de l'euthanasie active !" (FranceSoir - 6/10/2021)

Unvaccinated woman delivers ominous message after hospital denies organ transplant over vaccination status: 'My days are numbered'. (Sarah Taylor - The Blaze - 8/10/2021)

L'euthanasie active du grand âge s'est très certainement poursuivie pendant la quatrième vague en EHPAD et à domicile. (François Pesty - FranceSoir - 9/10/2021) -> France


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