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Éclosion d'un totalitarisme
postmoderne high tech?

While the administrators of permanently increasing power in the past era of moderate imperialism did not even try to incorporate conquered territories, and preserved existing backward political communities like empty ruins of bygone life, their totalitarian successors dissolved and destroyed all politically stabilized structures, their own as well as those of other peoples. (...) However, one should not overlook the fact that Hobbes wanted most of all to protect private interests by pretending that, rightly understood, they were the interests of the body politic as well, while on the contrary totalitarian regimes proclaim the nonexistence of privacy.
(Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism - 1948/1976 pp. 138-139)

La question ne se limite toutefois pas à l'usage que les régimes totalitaires actuels feront de l'ordinateur. La question est de savoir ce que toutes ces techniques de manipulation disponibles signifieront dans nos propres pays. Nous ne devons pas penser à un changement du jour au lendemain, mais plutôt à une tendance subtile des dirigeants vers un contrôle et une manipulation toujours plus grande de l'individu. Bien sûr, certains pourraient se sentir mal à l'aise face à ce contrôle et cette manipulation accrus à une époque relativiste, mais où traceraient-ils une limite ? Beaucoup de ceux qui parlent de libertés civiles sont également attachés au concept de la responsabilité de l'État de résoudre tous les problèmes ; ainsi, à une époque de pressions de plus en plus fortes (et avec la perte moderne de toute distinction qualitative entre l'homme et le non-homme), à un moment donné, le sentiment de malaise [face aux pertes de liberté] sera submergé.
(Francis Schaeffer - How Should we Then Live?/L’héritage du christianisme - 1976)

Legally, government by bureaucracy is government by decree, and this means that power, which in constitutional government only enforces the law, becomes the direct source of all legislation. Decrees moreover remain anonymous (while laws can always be traced to specific men or assemblies), and therefore seem to flow from some over-all ruling power that needs no justification. (...) It is true that decrees are used by all governments in times of emergency, but then the emergency itself is a clear justification and automatic limitation. In governments by bureaucracy decrees appear in their naked purity as though they were no longer issued by powerful men, but were the incarnation of power itself and the administrator only its accidental agent. There are no general principles which simple reason can understand behind the decree, but ever-changing circumstances which only an expert can know in detail. People ruled by decree never know what rules them because of the impossibility of understanding decrees in themselves and the carefully organized ignorance of specific circumstances and their practical significance in which all administrators keep their subjects. (...) Rule by decree has conspicuous advantages for the domination of far-flung territories with heterogeneous populations and for a policy of oppression. Its efficiency is superior simply because it ignores all intermediary stages between issuance and application, and because it prevents political reasoning by the people through the withholding of information. It can easily overcome the variety of local customs and need not rely on the necessarily slow process of development of general law. It is most helpful for the establishment of a centralized administration because it overrides automatically all matters of local autonomy. (...)
And it is this pseudomysticism that is the stamp of bureaucracy when it becomes a form of government. Since the people it dominates never really know why something is happening, and a rational interpretation of laws does not exist, there remains only one thing that counts, the brutal naked event itself. (...) One of the most glaring differences between the old-fashioned rule by bureaucracy and the up-to-date totalitarian brand is that Russia's and Austria's pre-war rulers were content with an idle radiance of power and, satisfied to control its outward destinies, left the whole inner life of the soul intact. Totalitarian bureaucracy, with a more complete understanding of the meaning of absolute power, intruded upon the private individual and his inner life with equal brutality. The result of this radical efficiency has been that the inner spontaneity of people under its rule was killed along with their social and political activities, so that the merely political sterility under the older bureaucracies was followed by total sterility under totalitarian rule.
(Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism - 1948/1976 Harvest/Harcourt pp. 243-245)

Alors que nous envisageons la venue d'une élite, d'un État autoritaire, comblant le vide laissé par la perte des principes chrétiens, nous ne devons pas penser naïvement aux modèles de Staline et d'Hitler. Nous devons plutôt penser à un gouvernement autoritaire manipulateur. Les gouvernements modernes ont à leur disposition des formes de manipulation que le monde n'a jamais connues auparavant.* (p. 228)
Nous ne devons pas penser à un changement du jour au lendemain, mais plutôt à une tendance subtile des dirigeants à contrôler et à manipuler davantage l'individu. Bien sûr, certains pourraient se sentir mal à l'aise face à ce contrôle et cette manipulation accrus à une époque relativiste, mais où traceraient-ils leur limite ? Beaucoup de ceux qui parlent des libertés civiles sont également attachés au concept que l'État doit résoudre tous les problèmes ; ainsi, à une époque de pressions écrasantes (et avec la perte moderne de toute distinction qualitative entre l'homme et le non-homme), à un moment donné, le sentiment de malaise sera submergé/étouffé.* (p. 244)
(Francis Schaeffer - How Should we Then Live?/L’héritage du christianisme - 1976)

To the propaganda assertion that all happenings are scientifically predictable according to the laws of nature or economics, totalitarian organization adds the position of one man who has monopolized this knowledge and whose principal quality is that he "was always right and will always be right." To a member of a totalitarian movement this knowledge has nothing to do with truth and this being right nothing to do with the objective truthfulness of the Leader's statements which cannot be disproved by facts, but only by future success or failure. The Leader is always right in his actions and since these are planned for centuries to come, the ultimate test of what he does has been removed beyond the experience of his contemporaries.
(Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism - 1948/1976 Harvest/Harcourt p. 383)

La conception de la liberté autonome de Rousseau se heurta à sa propre description quand il passa de l’individu à la société. Dans le Contrat social, de 1762, il écrit: « Afin donc que le pacte social ne soit pas un vain formulaire, il renferme tacitement cet engagement qui seul peut donner de la force aux autres, que quiconque refusera d’obéir à la volonté générale y sera contraint par tout le corps: ce qui ne signifie autre chose sinon qu’on le forcera d’être libre. » Une fois de plus, un humanisme utopique finit par la tyrannie, soit dans les écrits de Rousseau, soit sous le règne de la Terreur, qui poussa ce point de vue jusqu’à sa conclusion logique. Robespierre, le roi de la Terreur, réglera rationnellement ses actions, en disciple doctrinaire de Rousseau.
(Francis Schaeffer - How Should we Then Live?/L’héritage du christianisme - 1976)

The compulsion of total terror on one side, which, with its iron band, presses masses of isolated men together and supports them in a world which has become a wilderness for them, and the self-coercive force of logical deduction on the other, which prepares each individual in his lonely isolation against all others, correspond to each other and need each other in order to set the terror-ruled movement into motion and keep it moving. Just as terror, even in its pre-total, merely tyrannical form ruins all relationships between men, so the self-compulsion of ideological thinking ruins all relationships with reality. The preparation has succeeded when people have lost contact with their fellow men as well as the reality around them; for together with these contacts, men lose the capacity of both experience and thought.
(Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism - 1948/1976 Harvest/Harcourt pp. 473-474)

Dossier Covid19

Les articles sont en ordre chronologique croissant (plus vieux d'abord)

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Les propagandistes de l'économie sans argent. (Prélude au 666?) -> ne mentionnent jamais la perte de liberté économique...

The death of the wallet: Why we’ll soon be combining payments, loyalty cards and ID. (Vince Graziani - TechRadarPro - 26/8/2020)

Why we’ll soon be combining payments, loyalty cards and ID


Tony Blair: ‘Our Teams Are Embedded in Governments Around the World’. (Kurt Zindulka - Breitbart - 10/5/2020)

Has the post-Covid future already been decided?: Few will have heard of the ‘Great Reset’, but it already has the backing of the Davos elite. (Simon Marcus - Spiked - 17/8/2020)

The Great Reset: Where Do We Go From Here?
(The Conscious Resistance - 17/8/2020 - YouTube - 10 min.)

Et jettons un clin d'oeil sur le mépris profond de la démocratie chez nos élites postmodernes (un cas américain)

George Soros – The Face of the ‘New World Order’ – Targets Trump2020 Campaign. (Jim Kouri - News With Views - 10/4/2020)

Multi-billionaire, America hater George Soros — the public face of the New World Order — has issued fresh instructions to his minions that underscore Soros’ growing fear of President Trump. “If things keep going this way, Trump is going to get re-elected. So we’ve decided to take emergency action,” MoveOn wrote to their deep state disciples.

Et en France, on rencontre une attitude semblable pour les Gilets Jaunes. Voici un article intéressant.

Do French Lives Matter?: Where was the outrage when police were maiming protesters in France? (Fraser Myers - Spiked - 2/6/2020)

Dans cet article on compare les attitudes médiatiques (et policières) contrastées. Dans un cas les émeutes aux États-Unis qui ont suivi la mort de George Floyd et, en France, le mouvement de protestation des gilets jaunes... Évidemment les grands médias sont très favorables aux émeutes Black Lives Matter (protestations...) aux États-Unis, mais on constate que le mouvement de protestation des gilets jaunes (généralement non-violent) a été traité avec un très grand mépris justement par ces "grands médias" car les gilets jaunes représentent la perspective du peuple, non pas celle des élites postmodernes...

Ce qui invite inévitablement la question, pourquoi appuyer un mouvement (violent) et rejeter mépriser l’autre (non-violent)? Ou, pour pousser plus loin la question, quel projet idéologique motive ces diverses prises de position??