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On demande des comptes aux technocrates (et politiciens) pour leurs décrets et aux médias/journalistes pour leur propagande.

(ordre chronologique croissant, textes plus anciens au début)

COVID-19 Lockdown: A Global Human Experiment: No matter what’s the origin of COVID-19, the response to this virus lead to a series of drastic and unprecedented changes on a global level. The dystopian future is now. Here’s how this pandemic created the largest human experiment in history. (Vigilant Citizen - 27/3/2020)

Coronavirus and the smell of Saul Alinsky. (Cheryl K. Chumley - Washington Times - 18/4/2020)

Le scientisme, notre principal problème. (Claude Rochet - Blogue - 19/4/ 2020)

The Superstition of ‘Science’: Can the media’s favorite experts predict the pandemic’s future? (Robert Stacy McCain - The American Spectator - 20/4/2020)

Mayor Bill de Blasio's social distancing 'snitch' line backfires spectacularly: New Yorkers let their mayor know how they really feel about the 'service'. (Breck Dumas - The Blaze - 21/4/2020)

Italian Law Professor Warns Lockdown Presents Serious Abuse of Authority. (Thomas D. Williams - Breitbart - 27/4/2020)

What Neil Ferguson’s booty call tells us about modern politics: His hypocrisy is staggering. But it's his scaremongering we should hold him to account for. (Brendan O'Neill - 6/5/2020)

Lockdown fanatics scare me far more than Covid-19: Their extremism is a menace to liberty and livelihoods. They must be stopped. (Brendan O'Neill - Spiked - 8/5/2020)

Wisconsin Judge Slams Dem Governor’s Stay-At Home Orders: ‘The Very Definition of Tyranny’. (Hank Berrien - DailyWire - 6/5/2020)

Dr. Fauci is testifying before the Senate today. Here's what some brave senator should ask him. (Leon Wolf - The Blaze - 12/5/2020)

VIDEO: Anti-lockdown protesters insult and berate reporter covering their protest on Long Island: 'The level of anger directed at the media from these protestors was alarming'. (Carlos Garcia - The Blaze - 14/5/2020) [et ils sont surpris que le peuple, qu'ils méprisent tant, ne les respect plus...]

Dem Governors Face Dozens of Lockdown Lawsuits: All have used the pandemic as a pretext for curtailing constitutional rights. (David Catron - The American Spectator - 8/5/2020)

The Science Guild’s Mask Is Falling Off. (Michael Egnor - Evolution News - 8/5/2020)

What the Pandemic Revealed: a Morally Bankrupt Culture. (Charles Hugh Smith - Of Two Minds - 12/5/2020)

Ils vont arracher les enfants à leur famille, sous prétextes de dérives sectaires. (Blogue Michelle d'Astier de la Vigerie - 16/5/2020)

Will We All Be Forced to Get COVID Vaccines? Even Alan Dershowitz has chosen the coercion route. (Wesley J. Smith - The American Spectator - 20/5/2020) -> Intéressant de constater que ce n'est pas un médecin qui nous dit qu'il FAUT TOUS se soumettre au vaccin, mais un avocat...

Where Is Cuomo’s Apology for Killing 10,000 People?: No ifs, no ands, no buts — just a tearful mea culpa from the Nursing Home Killer. (Dov Fischer - The American Spectator - 23/5/2020)

Anthony Fauci and his not-so-true claim about 'safe' COVID-19 vaccine. (Cheryl K. Chumley - The Washington Times - 22/5/2020)

Justice Department Warns Los Angeles Stay-at-Home Extension Could be Illegal. (Breitbart News - 22/4/2020)

COVID: L'Humanité contre attaque. (Alexis Morissette - Radio Québec - 24/5/2020 - YouTube - 47 min.) -> on pose des questions sérieuses sur le rôle de l'OMS et la complicité des médias.

The public must lead us out of the lockdown: The political elites have lost the plot over Covid-19. The people must take over. (Brendan O'Neill - Spiked - 25/5/2020)

How the media lost the plot: An anonymous insider on why ‘gotcha’ journalism is failing in the age of coronavirus. (Anonymous - Spiked - 25/5/2020)

A short guide to justifying re-lockdown: Or why the media is so desperate to turn good COVID-19 news into bad. (Heather Mac Donald – Spectator – 25/5/2020)

Lil Wayne Interviews Anthony Fauci About Coronavirus Predictions. (Alana Mastrangelo - Breitbart - 30/5/2020)

It's high time Fauci and the rest of the 'experts' were made to answer some questions: What did Dr. Fauci know, and when did he know it? (Steve Deace - The Blaze - 2/6/2020)

Why Does The New York Times Brazenly Deny The Obvious? (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 5/6/2020)

COVID censorship at ResearchGate: Things scientists cannot say. (Denis J, Rancourt - Internet Archive - 5/6/2020)

America’s Make-Believe Moment: It just might be later than you think. (Daniel J. Flynn - The American Spectator - 5/6/2020)

Exclusive — Gov. Noem: Establishment Media Coronavirus Bias Shows in ‘What They Choose to Cover, Not Cover’. (Robert Kraychik - Breitbart - 10/6/2020)

Données de santé : l’Ordre des médecins demande la suppression d’un article du projet de loi sur la fin de l’état d’urgence sanitaire. (Gènéthique - 16/6/2020)

The Miserable Pseudo-Science Behind Face Masks, Social Distancing And Contact Tracing. (Patrick Wood - Technocracy News & Trends - 19/6/2020)

8 Times Dr. Fauci Revised The Coronavirus Narrative. (Jeffrey Cawood - DailyWire - 23/6/2020)

Covid-19 et évolution du virus, ce qu'on peut dire fin juin 2020. (Jean-Dominique Michel - Anthropo-logiques - 1/7/2020)

Dr. Fauci Is No Nostradamus: How COVID-19 Ran Amok Under His Watch. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 4/7/2020)

Why we must always question ‘The Science’: Tim Knox on the pernicious role of the ‘scientific blob’ in the UK’s response to Covid-19. (Spiked - 10/7/2020)

Deux poids, deux mesures (de confinement) - > hypocrisie des élites postmodernes...

Mass. Governor Targets Churches For Shutdown Rules He Didn’t Apply To Home Depot. (Carol McKinley - The Federalist - 15/5/2020)

Democrat Lockdowners Keep Getting Caught Breaking Their Own Rules. (Tristan Justice - The Federalist - 27/5/2020)

Gretchen Whitmer Encourages ‘Areas for Peaceful Demonstrations’ While Churches Are Still Restricted. (Kyle Olson - Breitbart - 30/5/2020)

Wisconsin city refuses to arrest rioters, but hands out hefty fines to churches with more than 50 worshipers: The city is more strict about church services than criminals looting businesses. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 31/5/2020)

The hypocrisy of the BLM lockdown-breakers: For months the left warned us not to break the lockdown, yet now they are doing so with impunity. (Brendan O'Neill - Spiked - 4/6/2020)

CNN’s Cooper: Protesters Risking Getting COVID Because They ‘Urgently’ Want Change – Trump Ignored COVID Warnings at Presser. (Ian Hanchett - Breibart - 6/6/2020)

The Collapse of Social Distancing and Establishment Authority. (Richard Fernandez - PJMedia - 5/6/2020)

The extraordinary hypocrisy of public-health experts: They support BLM marchers but wanted to deny medical care to lockdown protesters. (Michael Cook - Spiked -


Trudeau defends decision to attend protest despite advice to avoid large crowds during COVID-19: 'As best I could, I followed social distancing measures... It is a difficult situation where we are trying to balance very important competing interests'. (Ryan Tumilty - National Post - 8/6/2020)

Hillary Clinton Criticizes Trump Campaign over Coronavirus Waiver: ‘Shouldn’t Be Holding’ Rallies. (Hannah Bleau- Breitbart - 13/6/2020)

New York City Instructed Contact Tracing Team Not To Ask About Protest Participation. (Tristan Justice - The Federalist - 15/6/2020)

De Blasio: 'We're not going to allow people to take the law into their own hands.' He wasn't talking about the protesters, he was talking about Jewish families. (Leon Wolf - The Blaze - 16/6/2020)

Media Raises Hysteria Over Trump Tulsa Rally After Celebrating Mass Protests: The mainstream media suddenly cares about social distancing again. (Tristan Justice - The Federalist - 19/6/2020)

Massive crowds gather in Chicago and NYC for Pride month as global COVID-19 deaths surpass 500,000. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 28/6/2020)

Sen. Marco Rubio Shreds Ruling Class Hypocrisy: ‘Why Would People Trust You?’. [Sen. Marco Rubio ripped into politicians and so-called experts over their glaring double standard for Wuhan virus regulations and lawless mobs last week, and it was exactly the kind of boldness the GOP desperately needs right now.] (Kylee Zempel - The Federalist - 2/7/2020)

Health Experts ‘Grappling’ With Double-Standard Between Anti-Lockdown And BLM Protests. (Tim Pearce - DailyWire - 7/7/2020)

NYTimes Blames Churches For CV Spike. (Prophecy Update - 10/7/2020)

Gonflement des chiffres sur la mortalité du Covid19 par des fonctionnaires

Un contact travaillant en milieu hospitalier m’a filé ce qui suit. Il s’agit d’un décret (date: 16 avril 2020, signée Lucie Opatmy) émis par la Direction générale des affaires universitaires, médicales, infirmières et pharmaceutiques, Ministère de la santé et services sociaux du Québec qui explique comment traiter les décès et ÉVITER les autopsies dans le cas de décès jugés dus au Covid19. Ça démontre un truc incroyable c'est-à-dire qu’on encourage les médecins à faire de FAUSSES déclarations sur les causes de décès dans le système hospitalier au Québec. Il semble manifeste qu’on a BESOIN de maintenir la population dans la crainte (et l’habituer à la perte de ses droits)... À ce sujet, un contact m'a demandé ce que pouvait signifier

les décès dont la cause probable est attribuable à la COVID-19 sont considérés comme "naturels"??? je ne comprends pas trop ce que cela veut dire ?? (indiqué sur la lettre)

Cela veut dire que l’intervention d’un coroner sera alors jugé PAS nécessaire. Dans le système de santé au Québec, si un décès est jugé “suspect” l’intervention d’un coroner est automatique et exigée, mais dans le cas d’un décès par cancer ou crise cardiaque, on ne le fait pas intervenir. Évidemment si un coroner (honnête) devait vérifier une cause de décès pour Covid19, il pourrait avoir un avis différent et donc réduire le nombre de décès attribués au Covid19...

Reste à voir s’il y a des décrets semblables dans d’autres pays de l’Occident...