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Persécutions des chrétiens.

For if crime and disease are to be regarded as the same thing, it follows that any state of mind which our masters choose to call 'disease' can be treated as crime; and compulsorily cured. It will be vain to plead that states of mind which displease government need not always involve moral turpitude and do not therefore always deserve forfeiture of liberty. For our masters will not be using the concepts of Desert and Punishment but those of disease and cure. We know that one school of psychology already regards religion as a neurosis. When this particular neurosis becomes inconvenient to government, what is to hinder government from proceeding to 'cure' it? Such 'cure' will, of course, be compulsory; but under the Humanitarian theory it will not be called by the shocking name of Persecution. No one will blame us for being Christians, no one will hate us, no one will revile us. The new Nero will approach us with the silky manners of a doctor, and though all will be in fact as compulsory as the tunica molesta or Smithfield or Tyburn, all will go on within the unemotional therapeutic sphere where words like 'right' and 'wrong' or 'freedom' and 'slavery' are never heard. And thus when the command is given, every prominent Christian in the land may vanish overnight into Institutions for the Treatment of the Ideologically Unsound, and it will rest with the expert gaolers to say when (if ever) they are to re-emerge. But it will not be persecution. (CS Lewis - The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment - God in the Dock)

La persécution des chrétiens aujourd'hui: James Dobson (pdf)
La grande Babylone. Richard Wurmbrand
Persécution des chrétiens, le réalisateur Raphaël Delpard dénonce. ZebuzzTV 2011
De nouvelles preuves de la discrimination à l'égard des chrétiens en milieu universitaire. Jerry Bergman
Analysis: Leftists Burning Bibles Now, Christians Later. (Capstone Report - 1/8/2020)
‘Live Not by Lies’: Rod Dreher tells Christians to prepare for ‘soft totalitarianism’ in the US. (Michael Gryboski - Christian Post - 28/9/2020)
Christian Animator Blacklisted for Declining to Promote Transgenderism and BLM. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 12/10/2020)
Silencing the Churches: Increasingly the churches will either become tools of the State, or will be targeted by it. (Bill Muehlenberg - 23/1/2021)


California Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Anyone Attending Megachurch. (Pulpit and Pen - 12/8/2020)
Has California Become A Place Faithful Christians Cannot Live? (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 13/8/2020)
Breaking: CA Prosecutors Threaten New Criminal Charges for Megachurch Congregation: ‘Your Compliance is Mandatory’ . (Pulpit and Pen - 22/8/2020)
When They’re Done Burning Down Businesses, They’re Coming for Your Church Building. (Jeff Maples - Reformation Charlotte - 27/8/2020)
‘I Plead With You, Back Off’: California Church Fined Thousands For Meeting In-Person And Singing. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 29/8/2020)
‘It Must Stop’: California Church Pleads For Relief After County Fines Approach $60,000. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 6/9/2020)
Idaho Police Arrest 3 at Outdoor Church Worship Event in Defiance of Mask Mandate. (Ezra Dulis - Breitbart - 24/9/2020)
Churches, Christian Schools, and a Pro-Life Ministry Standing Up to Virginia’s Alarming New Law. (Sarah Kramer - CNS News - 29/9/2020)
Virginia Forces Christian Ministries to Adopt 'Government Ideology' or Pay $100K. (Tyler O'Neil - PJMedia - 30/9/2020)
Chris Cuomo: Get In The Closet, Serious Christians, Your Kind Aren’t Welcome In Public Life: The left believes Christians should be free to worship whatever sky-fairies they want, providing it’s a part-time commitment behind closed doors. (Carina Benton - The Federalist - 19/10/2020)
‘I Have No Idea Why’: Vietnamese Baptist Church Torched During Philly Protests. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 29/10/2020)
Biden Pledges to Gut Religious Freedom Protections, Saying They Give 'Hate' a 'Safe Harbor'. (Tyler O'Neil - PJMedia - 30/10/2020)
Antifa bro smashes up Portland church — so now it's forced to close shelter, halt homeless program that provides meals to hundreds daily: Way to go, comrade. (Dave Urbanski - The Blaze - 6/11/2020)
Billionaire asked to retract false statements. (Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 9/11/2020)
30-Year Military Chaplain Fired from Air Force – His Crime? Biblical Views on Sexual Morality. (Eric Phillips - FaithWire - 20/11/2020)
Democrats in congress now backing a group calling to silence christians on the ‘religious right’ and a purge of ‘biblical principles’ in America. (Geoffrey Grider - Now the End Begins - 19/12/2020)
Gay activists tell Biden to strip accreditation from Bible-believing schools. (WIntery Knight - 22/11/2020)
Suspect goes on stabbing rampage at California church; at least 2 dead: Several other people were injured. (Sarah Taylor - The Blaze - 23/11/2020)
You Can’t Be Free Without This. (PRAGERU - Daily Wire - 23/11/2020) -> the nation’s largest legal firm dedicated exclusively to protecting individual liberty — warns viewers of the growing threat to religious freedom in the United States.
Lawsuit: Christian Claims NJ Starbucks Fired Her for Refusing to Wear ‘Pride’ T-Shirt. (Dr. Susan Berry - Breitbart - 27/11/2020)
'We're Not Ready': Pastor Andrew Brunson Predicts Worsening Religious Persecution In U.S. Regardless Of Election Outcome: "I believe that persecution is still coming and it's coming quickly and it's coming soon." (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 8/12/2020)
SCOTUS Hears Case of Christian Student Barred from Sharing His Faith on College Campus. (Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. - Breitbart - 12/1/2021)
Thanks To Supreme Court Cowardice, The Government Is Still Persecuting Jack Phillips For Being A Christian: Jack Phillips is not being persecuted for discrimination against LGBT people, but for religious beliefs and practices the Colorado Civil Rights Commission deems in need of correction. (Dennis Weisman - The Federalist - 25/6/2021)
'Brownshirts of Biden And Fauci': Pastor Maced at Portland Prayer Rally Alleges Police Complicit in Antifa Ambus:h "It was a total setup." (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 11/8/2021

Europe Une ex-ministre risque la prison pour un verset biblique. (Nicolas - RebootInfo - 5/2/2022)

Angleterre L'absurde déni de crédit à des associations étudiantes chrétiennes sous le prétexte de discrimination envers les non-chrétiens. Jean Degert
Discriminations anti-chrétiennes et prédicateurs de rue arrêtés: comment la Grande-Bretagne en arrive à transformer le Christianisme en délit.
Christian ministry to sue bank over dropping account due to gay reparative therapy. (Michael Gryboski - Christian Post - 9/11/2020)
Stop picking on Christians: Anti-Christian sentiment is on the rise among certain sections of the British establishment. (Jamie Gillies - Spiked - 5/52021)
Human rights lawyers want 'tracking systems' to monitor pastors who do 'conversion therapy'. (Mike Judge - Evangelical Times - 1/11/2021)


France: La foi sous surveillance, interview du pasteur de Mulhouse Samuel Peterschmitt (2003)
Une plainte déposée contre un maire évangélique opposé au mariage pour tous. (Marie Lefebvre-Billiez - Ré - 2020)
Lettres d'un pasteur en prison. (Guy de Brès - Samizdat - 1567)


L’épreuve de la foi de cette génération de leaders évangéliques québécois. Paul Gosselin
State Controlled Sermons: Judge Orders Pastor to Preach Health Orders from Pulpit "They're telling me what I can and cannot preach," Pawlowski said. "They're telling me that every time I want to address the public, I have to spew their lie first in order for me to deliver my message. That's China. That's North Korea." (Caldron Pool - 18/10/2021)
EN PRISON À CAUSE DE SON NOM ! Entrevue avec le Pasteur David Lynn. (TheoVox - 2021)

Australie New Legislation Could See Christians in Victoria Jailed for 10 Years for Attempting to Convert People. (Caldron Pool - 25/11/2020)
Bill Muehlenberg Erased. (Caldron Pool - 27/5/2021)
PLEASE STAND WITH THIS PERSECUTED AUSTRALIAN CHRISTIAN: This Christian doctor desperately needs your support. (Bill Muehlenberg - 21/8/2021)
Let's Finish Off Christian Schools: The Andrews Government perpetual war on Christianity. (Bill Muehlenberg - 16/9/2021)

Monde musulman

Les chrétiens sous la férule des Ayatollahs. Frédéric Goguel
Une lettre à l'église globale de l'église protestante de Smyrne. Darlene N. Bocek
Au moins 7 personnes incarcérées en Iran suite à des rafles durant la période de Noël. Nicolas Ciarapica
Nigerian Pastor Says Government 'Fully' Supports Killings of Christians: Report. (Leif Le Mahieu - DailyWire - 5/9/2021)
Nigerian Journalist Arrested After Reporting on Attacks Against Christians. (Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. - Breitbart -23/11/2021 )
We Need to Talk About the Islamist Genocide of Nigerian Christians "Westerners being muted on the matter is a stark contrast to 2020's black squares, black power fists, BLM protests, and the blank cheque pandering to the 'Black Lives Matter' narrative." (Rod Lampard - CaldronPool - 2/6/2022)
The persecution of Christians can no longer be ignored Fifty worshippers were gunned down in Nigeria, and Western leaders have barely noticed. (Paul Coleman - Spiked - 10/6/2022)

Chine China Arrests at Least Ten Christians in Raid of Private Bible Study. (Gabrielle Reyes - Breitbart - 19/3/2021)

Ressources Internet

La lettre de Corrie Ten Boom aux Chrétiens (1974)
(Ce qui a été c'est ce qui sera - YouTube - 11 mnutes)
1974 Letter Regarding Persecution

Porte de L’espérance International

The Voice of the Martyrs

Persecuted Church

Pour en savoir plus sur le Laogai (l'équivalent du Gulag soviétique) où un grand nombre de chrétiens travaillent dans les camps de travaux forcés voir le Laogai Research Foundation

Islamic Violence on Christians in Turkey.
(YouTube - April 2007 - 7 min.)