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Samizdat is primarily a French web site, however a limited amount of material is available in English. Here is the present selection

The Arts

The Battle for our Culture. Interview with Francis Schaeffer.
Symbolic Acts and Prophetic Dance. Gib McInnis
Free will and necessity in Milton's Paradise Lost.. Gilbert McInnnis
Avant-Garde Theater in the West ? Gilbert McInnnis
Fine Print. Cox, Cameron, Price et Randall 1979 (a comic strip story)
The Journey. (a comic strip story)
Dialogue on agnosticism. Steve Gregg
Typology in Paradise Regained. Gilbert McInnis
The masque in Milton's Arcades and Comus. Gilbert McInnis
Out of the Ghetto. Paul Gosselin
Evolutionary Mythology in the Writings of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Gilbert McInnis
Mad Memories Betrayed. Paul Gosselin
Screwtape Proposes a Toast. C. S. Lewis
Letter to Kurt: A review of Sirens of Titan. Paul Gosselin
DIvine Sonnets. (poems by Donne, John - published 1633) (PDF)
The Great Code, a review. Paul Gosselin -> Book by Northrup Frye
George MacDonald's Malcolm, a critical review. Paul Gosselin
Inception: A Belated Review. Paul Gosselin


Myths of Origin and the Theory of Evolution. Paul Gosselin
Evidence for a Young Earth. Russell Humphreys (pdf)
Niagara Falls (excerpt from In the Minds of Men) Ian Taylor
The Judeo-Christian Cosmology and the Origins of Science: Paul Gosselin (pdf)
Article reviews on the New (scientific) Priesthood. Paul Gosselin
Iqbal and Islamic Fundamentalism. Louise Guay
A Cybernetic Approach to the Definition of Religion. Paul Gosselin
Judaism and pluralism. Louise Guay
A Brief Note on Major Trends in Jewish-Christian Relations During The Middie Ages. Louise Guay
A computer simulation of the Flood. Paul Gosselin
Problems with Ethics in an Evolutionary / Materialistic World-View. Paul Gosselin
On Host - Parasite Relations. Paul Gosselin
Fraudulent report at AAAS. George Cooper & Paul Humber
The Evolution – Creation debate and Government Funding in the USA. Paul Gosselin
Ethics and religious culture: The New Post-Modern Catechism. Paul Gosselin
A philosophical question: Does Evolution have a hard core? Paul Gosselin
Taking Evolution out for a Test Drive. Paul Gosselin
Quote mining for fun and profit... Paul Gosselin
Evolutionary Cosmology as a Barrier to the Gospel in Europe. Ronald White III
A Visit to Mistaken Point, Newfoundland. Paul Gosselin
The Origin of Language leaves Evolutionists Speechless. Stanley Rice
A Dog’s Philosophy. Phydon of Thessaloniki
Flight from the Absolute: Cynical Observations on the Postmodern West. Volume I Paul Gosselin
The Malaise of Modernity (1991) by Charles Taylor: A Reveiw. Paul Gosselin
World War II: And Connecting Ideological Dots... Paul Gosselin
Patterns of self-deception: Moral evasions and intellectual dead-ends. Paul Gosselin
Darwinism as Religion: A Review. Paul Gosselin
A Note on US Political Derangement... (A Canadian Angle). Paul Gosselin
The Theory of Evolution and 20th century Totalitarian Regimes... Paul Gosselin
Jordan Peterson's Maps of Meaning: A Review. Paul Gosselin
Edward Veith's Modern Fascism : A Review. Paul Gosselin
Mattias Desmet's The Psychology of Totalitarianism: A Review. Paul Gosselin
Yuval Harari and the Marquis de Sade. Paul Gosselin
A Brief Note on Universities as Propaganda Machines Paul Gosselin
Thomas Nagel's Mind and Cosmos, A Review. Paul Gosselin
A Forgotten Issue with Evolution and Mutations. Paul Gosselin
Sad Shapiro: Neo-Darwinism at the Crossroads? Paul Gosselin

Christian Life

Great is Repentance. Mario Bergner
Survival Guide for Evangelical Divorcees. Gary Hitch
Censored Facts on the Gay Marriage Debate. Roger Richards

The Covid Files

Four basic assumptions about Covid19... REVISITED. Renton Maclachlan

Videos in English

Author Paul Gosselin discusses his book Flight from the Absolute: Cynical Observations on the Postmodern West. Vol. 1. (Interview on William Ramsey Investigates - audio-only - 41 minutes - 19/6/2021)

Book Reviews

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